Saturday, August 15, 2009

Tournament Report 8/15/09

Tournament report today.

I didnt bring anything good to the place because I didnt expect a tournament.

Anyhows this is quickly how it went:

Format was something random, but resembled a swiss round.

I ran: Junk and Debris(Space)

Round 1: VS SalvoDAD


First game had me thinning my deck by 15 cards on turn 1. Then ending with 5 cards in my hand and Synchro on the field.

Second game synchro spam reigns. I could have DDB burned him to death, but I didnt.

So why is it called a top tier deck in the TCG? Im baffled. But then again first impressions.

Thoughts: They spelt my name wrong. My name isnt "For I Am Veda".
Though, that would be damn badass name.

2nd Round: VS Elemental Hero(LimGQ)
Opening hand: Debris Dragon, Pot of AvariceX2, Convert ContactX2. Would be great if my next draw was a foolish burial and not heavy storm.

2nd game was just bad topdeck into CoSR.

Good game LimGQ

3rd Round: VS Six Samurai Turbo.
It was suprising to see a deck such as Six sam run as fast as Junk and Debris. All 3 rounds finished before others
had finished their rounds.

Allure gambit is stupid. Dont do it. Even for the lulz.
Solemn Judgement is a pain.
Unity of Family + Six Samurai United + United We stand + Mage Power + Nisashi = Ouch
Crush Card Virus was win. Revive Porter dont synchro shoot CCV.
Good draws on both parties. Last round was a close call. Should I have survived to the next turn I could have topdecked out a Red Dragon Archfiend. But I didnt.

Round 4: VS Geminis

First round: Applied beatdown with Synchros was fun. Super fast synchro summoning drew quite some attention. Topdecking into Chaos Sorc and then DAD was sure fun.

Second Round: Applied Beatdown until he was at 1000 life. He topdecks a Brain Control and uses it, even though he cant win.
Good spirit.

Mist wurm is the solution to al your Gemini problems. Bouncing them to hand is real fun.


  1. About the Salvo Dad, people seriously do not understand the concept. I am not sure if your opponent did, the deck is suppose to be around 80% stall. Drawing cards with Valleys to obtain your copy of dad (Through Sarc or just getting lucky and drawing it.) Then follows up with Dad+Dsf for game with heavy/trunade/cold wave to push it through. It can easily BRD a couple of times while stalling with Roar, Valley, Dekoichi, Scapegoat.

    As well the rest of the deck should be synergistic draw (Machine Dupe, D Hero's, D Draws, Allures, Sometimes Reckless)

    Most people I know netted Adam or something and played the deck horribly. Trying to gain advnatge early and win with synchros. Its a losing strategy imo, the goal is to not die...using as few resources as possible and then pull of the 2 card combo for game.

    Other than that, fun fun. Nisashi winz games. =P

  2. Rauze did you know your Six samurai opponent told me he was freak out and he is really impress on your J&D deck build . As he(Shaun) quoted in cantonese: omg his deck combo is crazy, its like fast and synchro without cost and lots of drawing that speeds up.

  3. the SalvoDAD u faced 1st round wasn't salvoDAD at all. he don't have DDB and more importantly he doesn't have DAD. its just SalvoDADless.

  4. Ermmm i'm confused lol... i tot Hdlam and LimGQ are from Malaysia, so did you go to malaysia or did they come to Japan?

  5. @LGQ: Ok then. No wonder it didnt run well. I thought SalvoDAD because of the few cards I saw.

    @Lauren: Take a wild guess.

  6. Rauzes, u visited Malaysia is it?

  7. back@Rauzes : you took him out too fast!!