Thursday, August 20, 2009

Answer to "Are You Smarter than DGz"


One of you is.

The rest of you are either stupider or somewhat on par.

In intellect, that is, not awesomeness(Mainly because DGz is a community, and you are one)

The Answer

That being said everyone who got it right had the totally wrong logic.

The two pictures, Weekend and Cliff, in Japanese, are 週末 and 岸

Which is read: Shuumatsu No Kishi

Which can also be written 終末の騎士

Which is Armageddon Knight.

To the anon who got it right: A Cookie for you.


  1. Well now I know why I could never figure it out. I dont speak/read Japanesse. So that put me at a HUGE disadvantage.

  2. Everyone was put at a huge disadvantage.

  3. Always up to Rauzes to counter a poor excuse.