Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Card Of Safe Return

To get used to playing in the new format, I took it out over the weekend.

Makes me question why I even included it. >.>

Reduces so many bad topdecks, etc.

Functionality is great without it, Treeborn is free, etc


Junk and Debris BAD topdecks:

Convert Contact when youve already used one.

Foolish Burial

Burakku Pansaa

Armageddon Knight

Card of Safe Return

GOOD Topdeck:

Pot of Avarice

Debris Dragon

Junk Synchron

Allure of Darkness

Chaos Sorcerer

Dark Armed Dragon

Cards Im considering Teching in the new format:

Mark of the Rose.

3rd Convert Contact + 6 Neo Spacians + 3rd Avarice Pot


Duel Vid I did while in Singapore

Coming Soon:

Blog Comparison essay, which was put on hold to write it Billingual

Duel Tour South East Asia Writeup

Junk and Debris for the New Format


  1. Impressive decks. I must admit I'm very jealous of the OCG players. They seem to be a step ahed of us US players.

    I must admit i've loved reading the Junk/Debris deck builds time and again. I've been tryng to think what would work for me personally in the new format.

    I'm a fan of GB and have been hearing rumor of Ancient Forest or D-fissure glads. I have a general idea of what those would be but like i've said before, im no deck building genius.

    But Junk Debris seems like a good deck i could try.

  2. I agree to a third convert and more neo-spacians. One problem i ran into was not drawing convert contact earlier enough for its main purpose of dumping synchro materials into graveyard and the problem of running out of spacians for convert later into the game.

    Anyway, I felt that one cross porter is enough. Just need one in the graveyard and at the rate of drawing now with 3 convert and 2 allure, drawing the increased number of spacians for convert should not be a problem.

    By the way, how does yr red eyes FTK works? Beat Burn? If its red eyes flare(2400dmg burn for red eyes), how about playing Serial spell(RDS)?

  3. Well Rauzes...I have been working on my version of the deck with some of your recommendations and so far this is what I got...
    x1 Dark Armed Dragon
    x1 Armageddon Knight (Might Run 2)
    x1 Dandylion (To good not to run)
    x3 Cross Porter
    x3 Debris Dragon
    x3 Junk Synchron
    x2 Neo Spacian Glo Moss (Amazing with Crush but now crush is banned)
    x2 Dark Panther
    x1 Chaos Sorcerer (Thought of two but one is good)
    x1 Neo spacian - Flame Scarab (Not sure on this)

    That is my so far monster lineup...Thoughts?