Tuesday, August 18, 2009


These two images correspond to a name of one YGO card.

Not directly though, since things like an up arrow, lightning and a diamond corresponds to "Raiza the storm Monarch".

So, it may be a play on words, direct meaning, or similar meaninged word to the object in the picture.

I have posted the same images on DGz.

Thus, it is a race between you and DGz.


Im willing to bet No, but try proving me wrong.


Apparently theres a face in the rock.
The face is irrelevant. Its cool though.
Edit again:
Apparently people think that this means Im treating DGz like a 5th grader(are you smarter than a 5th grader).
Edit again again:
BOTH Correspond to ONE card.


  1. I'm gonna take a stab in the dark and say "end of world"

  2. you have the days saturday and sunday circled. They are considered the weekend. Since no yugioh card I know of has the word WEEK in it i assumed you wanted us to focus on the end.

    The cliff, or bluff or whatever that is is the end of the earth before the ocean...the end of the world as sailors called it.

    Yeah im reading into that VERY hardcore but it still my answer...I'm probalby wrong and I havent even checked DGz to see what they are guessing, though i guess i should.

  3. Im going to call you smarter than Pojo, and a good part of DGz, but not all of DGz.

    Amazing thought processes.

    No its not THAT complex.

  4. Off topic.

    erm rauzes?
    ur information box got error?

    Favorite food:
    Favorite Wine: Rose
    Favorite Card: Jack of Clubs
    Favorite Yugioh Card: Archfeind of Gilfer

    the archfeind? or archfiend?

  5. Is it Time Seal?

    Time being weekend etc and Sea with an l

  6. My bet is with Absolute End and Cold Wave.

  7. hmm could it Covulsion of Nature??
    Sat and Sundays are usually days that people go crazy and turn things upside down and unable control action of themselves. While Sea related to nature. Therefore I think its the cont Magic Covulsion of Nature

  8. Sanity'sEclipseAugust 18, 2009 at 9:28 PM

    Cliff the trap remover for the second picture...not sure for the 1st one though..

  9. Sanity'sEclipseAugust 18, 2009 at 9:30 PM

    oh and my guess for the 1st one would be Freed the matchless general? refer to the arrow pointing at Friday

  10. i'm guessing Trap Hole.

    cause the circles on Sat and Sun are misleading when there is a pointer pointing to friday, therefore a Trap.

    and u know u drop into a hole. and you drop from a cliff.

  11. my guess is Armageddon Knight ...

    According to the japanese name of Armageddon Knight [終末の騎士]

    終末 [Shuumatsu] has the same pronnounciation of Weekend [週末] in japanese...

    And since JasonMB has said something about the cliff being the end of the world,...

    Armageddon Knight [終末の騎士] makes sense as the answer....


  12. Boltizar on Pojo
    -The Ritual Spell "End of the World"?
    That's my guess.

  13. http://duelistgroundz.com/index.php?showtopic=105575&hl=

    Thats the web address of where the thread he posted on DGz is. Its actually a lot of fun to do. Very challenging with some of them.

    most people just post picutes of what is word for word the card name. Others make thiers a bit more thought provoking. Either way check it out.

    Oh and no one on DGZ has figured it out yet either, so the race is still on.

  14. my guess is for "the beginning of the end."

  15. I'm thinking Necroface.

    Necro because of the arrow on Fri. and circles on Sat. and Sun. Jesus supposedly dies on Fri. and is resurrected on Sun. Also to "necroing" or resurrecting a forum thread.

    Face because I can't seem to come up with something for that 2nd picture without your edit barging in.

    inb4 too late/try again

  16. ...Hmmm, tough one. The thing that throws me off is the Calendar..

    Also, about the Raiza thing, it was an: Up Arrow, a storm and a butterfly (a monarch butterfly to be exact). Just sayin'...

  17. How many times do I have to say:

  18. At first I thought it was Rock Fossil Release (Release from Stone in TCG) because its a cliff, and on the calendar there seems to be a arrow that points to Friday, which is when most companies release their workers (fire them).

    But I doubt it's that complicated. At all.

    Then, randomly I thought it was Drastic Drop Off or Demise of the Land, but neither of them correlate with the calendar.

    So I'm going to guess that it is The Beginning of the End.
    Saturday and Sunday are circled. And it seems to be that the 'arrow' is pointed at Friday, which is considered to most as the beginning of the weekend--The end of the week.
    The cliff is just the end of the land, into the ocean.

    So yeah, I'll go with "Beginning of the End"

  19. yeah i agree with that guy-i think its also the "begining of the end." friday being that begining of the weekend.

    the cliff is the end of the earth-thus the begining of the end of the earth and transitions into the sea.