Friday, August 28, 2009

God Neos Turbo...

Packs Destiny DrawX3, Chaos DrawX3, Card Destruction, Hand DestructionX3, Common CharityX3, Allure of DarknessX2, Pot of AvariceX3, Moray of GreedX2, Trade inX3...

Wait why am I the only person who sees God Neos Turbo?

It can use all those insane draw cards. Why hasnt it been made yet?

Not even including the deck thinning madness that is Cross Porter, Emergency Call, etc.


Convert Contact should be totally be called Chaos Draw. Broken draw card is broken. Un-broken'd by most of the spacians having crappy stats and only so-so effects.

Yeah go ahead and run Bubbleman too.


  1. mind telling me what is chaos draw? can't find it on the net, eg: yugioh wikia, or do u mean chaos greed?

  2. He meant convert conact

  3. BTW, rauzes can u make a version of the said deck and post it?? I really wanna se how issit like

  4. allan: read it again. -.-

    That many draw cards with unshared targets would give horrible hands often =/.

  5. He said it himself in the post, it's Convert Contact, since it can instantly send a light/dark to the graveyard and you draw 2.

  6. there's no point in playing that guy. where's his advantage?

    durp durp 500 atk pump?

    durp durp shitty effects?

    i dont get it.

  7. @Derek: THats the thing. You would build the deck so that each monster could work with 2 if not 3 targets.
    Moray and Contact for Aqua Dolphin
    Common CHarity for Neos types.
    DDraw+Allure+Trade in is obvious.
    You see it yet?

    @Fireowners: No.

  8. @Rauzes:

    I obviously got that. But you just showed yourself how those draw cards need different targets. With that many draw cards in your deck, and mostly useless targets, you'll get mismatched, unplayable hands. This happens even with the old trade-in dad builds, and they only played 3 different draw cards, with lots of targets for each.

  9. @ Chris. It's not AS bad as you think. Black Panther lets you copy anything, D-Heroes have a few decent effects, Voltic+God Neos effect is just NASTY in a few ways. If you made a working method for fusing the necessary cards, you just might be able to bring it up to "fun playable" tier.

  10. thanks people, yea i saw tat rauzes edited his post and knew that it was convert.

    Hahas, why dun we rack our brains and try to form this deck instead of depending on rauzes x:

  11. @allen...
    Sad to say, most players are sheep that need someone to shepard them in the ways of using cards. It does not help with the fact that 98% of people will read a yugioh card, think they know how the effect works, and then get a ruling later that kicks them in the teeth for thinking. I think it would be a good deck but I am currently working on Bubble Trap again. I never realized how easy it is to fill graveyard with E-Heroes before. WHERE ARE YOU ABSOLUTE ZERO (TCG)!!