Sunday, August 23, 2009

Skill Drain Zero

I played this for the first time in a few months...

I dont remember it being this good...

Dragon Ice is amazing.


  1. I'm curious how this OCG deck would fair in the TCG environement. Though I think the inclusion of Dragon Ice is rather ingenious considering all the special summoning abilities of a majority of creatures in decks.

    I've been thinking about getting together the cards neccessary for the Skill Drain Zero deck...well atleast what I think would be in it. I never even conisdered Dragon Ice before. It all revolved using Deep Sea Diva and D-heroes to try and force either Syhcros or fusions.

  2. D Hero + Diiva = Overused and Overrated.

  3. Never claimed it was original did i. I just went the logical step with going with the draw engine that would allow for the fastest way to get E-hero AZ out. As well as allow for some other options should E-Hero AZ be out of the question. Besides we still dont have him here in the i should be looking ahead at what BEATS him...not what hes used in, as im sure he is going to be appearing in quite a few Shonen Jump tournies coming up.

    I'll be the first to admit I'm not the world's greatest deck builder. I've been struggling for years to create some new deck idea, something powerful, anti-meta, or atleast something that will consistantly win. HAHA if they had a "deck building 101" class in college id take it.