Monday, August 31, 2009

Duel Puzzle #5

Youtube Link!/ユーチューブ

Courtesy of Neuxcharge.


I know I can.

Also Colin, Baha, DSummon, DONT SHARE THE ANSWER


  1. Yep, I got it.

    Of course, I'm not going to spoil ya ;)

    But I'm serious, I got it.

    EDIT: nvm, Scattershot got banned, he said.

  2. WAAAAA, Rau i think this one too easy, Must go make a new one.

  3. ARG with Scattershot banned I can't solve it :(. I have NO idea how to solve it. I feel like an idiot.

    I keep thinking the graveyard is important, but its not. Then i focus on NS BP but its effect wont save it from the whooping it'll get if it attacks anything.

    Also it annoys the crap out of me that I don't know if the opponent Enemy Controller will activate if I am able to attack.

  4. @Neux: This guy just showed the world the normal person reaction to this puzzle.

  5. @Jason: the Graveyard being irrelevant means that it doesn't matter what's already in it. Nothing else than that.

  6. I got it... It's easy now...

  7. Am I allowed to answer it?

  8. @Rauzes.....normally id consider that a considerably burn aimed at me. Sadly since im still racking my brain over the answer and still cant figure it out.

    A hint other than TRA and PMD....I realize just to be safe i should spin the Enemey Controller but not knowing what card to use makes it difficult to figure things out.

    And on a personal note I'd like to be more than "normal" any clues as to how to do that would be helpful, i mean other than "figure out this puzzle on your own"

  9. @Jason: Im just trying to show Neuxcharge that people DO have problems solving this puzzle. Doesnt mean your bad or anything, and I doubt that you are. Its just Neux hasnt seen many people admitting working on it.

  10. I found the answer on youtube and feel incredibly stupid. I was on the right track when i posted my last comment. I wont mention WHAT the answer is in case someone wants to figure it out themselves.

    I must say Neux...i had a hard time with this puzzle but LOVED every second of it.

  11. @Jason: Its ok, I still love your articles on TCGPlayer though XD, that is if you are the Jason i know from TCGPlayer lol ( Morphtronic deck hint hint)

    lol, i hope everyone enjoyed themselves! =D
    Thanks for posting this on your blog Rauzes!!

  12. haha Neux online i'm confused for that Jason A LOT but its fine. I'm not in the acclaim of that Jason but I'm trying to work my way up the ranks.

    Sadly I need to start PLAYING again. A forced hiatus from the game doesnt even help the standings :P