Saturday, August 8, 2009

Tallying up the votes.

Today is a quiet day,

The day the world stood silent,
as their crown jewels sat solemnly,
studying and being studied,
over and over,
to bring out their sheen,
until one broke the silence
and said:

"Draw. Final Turn."

Anyhows back to the tallying.

Needless to say, the two winners for the voting are:

Japan and the Rest of the World, comparing YGO blogs,

and Junk and Debris, a deck development history.

Exactly as most of you might have expected.

I am currently writing both, so expect them in a few weeks time(Yes, theyre going to be LONG, and Possibly BILINGUAL)

@A Perplexed Duelist: Your vote was extremely ambiguous. You effectively voted for two totally different decks at the same time. If your vote was some kind of tiebreaker, I would have probally blocked you.

You people didnt expect that to be everything right?

Of those whom voted, 9 were courageous/courteous enough to reveal their handlename, to give some name behind the vote. No, the Anonymous voters did nothing wrong, they just dont have a way to be tracked back.

Because I'm feeling incredibly generous, these lucky 9 people will have a chance to win a copy of One Hundred Eye Dragon, if they live in a TCG Region.


This guy.

So, to generate a winner, like always, a random number generator was used.

The winner is:


Congratulations PJ, do contact me via email about the card when you read this.

To all who didnt win the contest: Everyone gets an equal chance. Better luck next time!

For those who didnt see this coming: Neither did I.

Thank you again everyone for 30000 hits!

I hope everyone keeps reading this blog.



  1. By the way, I voted for Absolute Zero and not junk debris. Grats to PJ for that awesome prize. Congratulations to you for the 30k hits by the way.

  2. -r3skyline-

    i was wondering something. how much does it cost to ship something from japan to washington?