Thursday, December 31, 2009

Poseidon Ookabuto

Mist Body + Sacrifice Lotus + Poseidon Ookabuto = OTK

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Respect Duel: Practical Applications

Someone in the anime had some weird philosophy about "Respect Duel" or something.

Most people would watch, think "awesome cards", and sweep this bit into the "random crap spouted by the anime" category.

I'm here to tell you today about the practical applications.

Since its near to the new years, it would make a great resolution, right next to the "laugh at people who shelled out 20-30 USD for a starlight road because of its reprint" resolution.

So, what IS respect duel?

Most of the time, it isnt applicable because the good bulk of people who play the game have a heart and are considerate(until it comes to trading)

Respect duel is exactly what its titled, respecting the opponent and always seeing the opponent as equal footing as you.

So what?

Does that change what cards I draw?

Does that change the fact that Mirror Force will still ravage his field?

No, but I'll tell you what it DOES change: How you think.

It does change what kind of decisions you make.

Emotions get in the way of all sorts of decisions, and Yugioh is not exempt.

For example: Everyone hates to be on the receiving end of Neo Spacian Grand Mole. Thus, most players will overextend JUST to get rid of it(which makes sense, until you run up against Junk and Debris which doesnt care what happens to mole(or for that matter, any other monster))

By respecting and seeing the opponent as of equal or higher than you(not referring to skill level, just respect), you can eliminate many of these misplays or "bad decisions" made almost entirely on

How this works is because you are looking down upon the opponent, you dont think they can pull of a certain combo or trick, meaning you dont set things or play around it, even if you could.

Conversely, if you do look up to your opponent, you realize what tricks are valid plays, and you ready yourself for them.

Yes, some decks get affected by this more, but its mainly due to the amount of decisions that need to be made(GBs)

Despite many players to conciously try to mimic this, it is near impossible to consciously quantify the thought processes that go though your head as you feel a certain emotion

Of course, there's the obvious: If your an ass, nobody wants to play with you, and thus you dont learn.

And of course, the feeling of winning. Shooting a dragon out of the sky with a slingshot is MUCH more fulfilling than killing an ant with a hammer right?

The same goes for Yugioh. If you look down upon your opponent, you also shut out the fun of winning. Veiwing the opponent as of equal or higher respect simply gives you a better feeling of playing and winning.

Moral of the story: The second you look down upon your opponent, you more or less have lost.

Long story short:

Respect Duel doesnt change the fact you drew mirror force, nor the fact that mirror force will rip apart the enemy's field. What it DOES change is the fact that you set it.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Junk Blader

Has anyone else noticed you can trigger its effect as many times as you want in one turn?

Yes. It CAN go up to 7400 ATK.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Devil Guy Beat.

Devil Guy beat works so well.

The only problem is necro Gardnas are slow.

DNA Surgery

Open DNA Surgery!

Declare Psychic!

Tribute 3!

Summon RA!

Pay thirty thousand life!

But instead put one counter on Brain Exploitation Lab!

30000ATK RA!


Summon RA! Pay 7900 Life! Equip Unstable Evolution! 10300 ATK Ra!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Latest Craze: Full Monster

There are many decks around the world that use little backrow, with almost no cards set during the game.

But what about absolutely none?

What about ZERO Spells and ZERO Traps?

Yes, I am talking about All Monster decks.

Commonly known as "Silk and Milk", the deck capitalizes on the fact that most decks pack counters and destruction for your traps and spells.

While it might not seem so good on paper, it effectively locks other cards, such as Gorz and Treeborn Frog, indirectly.

Recently, all monster decks have become a ridiculous craze in Japan.

Of these decks, some variants have become much more successful. Namely, the all dark build, known as Chocolate Milk and Brown Silk, or similar wording.

So, what monsters should we put?

There are 40 card slots, all of which will be used by monsters.

Even so, some cards are much more oriented than others for this decktype.

The most important condition is self special summoning.

Since you are only runing monsters, it is important that the one normal summon be not the only summon you have.

Cards that special summon themselves include Gorz and Tragoedia, as well as Battle Fader, all of which come from your hand on the opponents turn, but also monsters such as Dragon Ice and Phantom Dragon.

Other examples are cards that are special summonable based on the opponents field, such as Cyber Dragon and Alector, and the Fiend Gigacyber.

Not to be ignored are monsters such as Chaos Sorcerer and Dark Simorgh, powerful monster which special summon themselves.

Monsters also in this category are monsters such as Slipheed and Inferno, which are summoned by removing your owwn monsters in your graveyard. Gigantes especially gives you the much needed backrow removal.

The Dark Counterpart monsters are also good examples of cards to be used, but not all of them.

While The Dark Creator and Dark Nephtys, as well as Dark Grepher are great examples of good cards to use.

However, Dark Armed Dragon and Rainbow Dark Dragon are not. Whilst Dark Armed Dragon might be a good choice on paper, the deck lacks good maintenance of the dark monsters in the graveyard, and as such, the difficulty of getting Dark Armed Dragon while your graveyard has exactly three dark monsters is heightened.

Also, since you have many hand cards, it is not uncommon to use cards that allow you to discard cards from your hand.

Since this deck also runs many cards that trigger in the graveyard, it is possible to run many cards like this.

Examples include Snipe Staker, The Tricky for destruction and Special Summoning, but also revival such as Lightsworn Summoner Lumina and Zombie Master, or salvage through Herald of the Creator.

Other cards that might be used less often(but more in the DARK version), would be Dark Crusader.

Magoushin Beast Cerebral and Ganesha must also be considered, as they allow you to supplant the advantage "lost" through discarding.

Discard isnt limited to monsters that have to be on the field. By using cards such as D.D. Crow and the Heralds of Light, you can play some disruption on the opponents turn.

Destruction of opponents cards come from all manner of sources.

Magoushin Beast Cathy comes to mind when destruction is needed, but other choices such as Lightsworn Puppy Ryko or Lightsworn Sorceress Lyla can be used.

Destruction must come from all manner of sources. Thus, cards such as Grave Squirmer and Gigantes, which trigger when your monster is destroyed by battle can be used.

Mobius the Frost Monarch, as well as other monarchs can be used as well.

Other cards that capitalize off of all monsters such as Dimensional Alchemist and Black Rose Witch should also be considered.

The latter of which allows you to draw 1 per summon.

Another important thing to consider are where cards trigger.

If cards are triggered away from the field, they give you significant advantage without eating your summons.

Examples include Necro Gardna, Vayu, D-Hero Dasher and Treeborn frog or Plaguespreader Zombie, which work in the graveyard(or need to be there to work)

Other choices include Kalut and Honest, which are triggered in their hand.

Lesser choices include Level Stealers, or Cross Porters.

Cards that allow not only swarming and special summoning but give even more advantage are by far, the most used choices.

Black Feather Dragon, The Dark Creator, and Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon are the top three examples, but there are many more.

Need I point out that many Blackwings tend to also fufill many of the above criteria?

Many all DARK all monster decks run many blackwings, because of how well they work together, and the sheer amount of synergy with themselves and other monsters, with no other spells or traps to help.

Also usable are Jinzo and Jinzo Returner, due to its synergy with aforementioned Grepher, in the full dark variant. Negating more traps only helps the deck.

Of all the full single type all monster decks, DARK is by far, the best, due to how it capitalizes off the graveyard.

There are, however, many cards to NOT choose.

Vice Dragon. While being special summonable by itself, is in fact, a bad card choice, due ot its lack of ATK points.

In all monster decks, it is important to be able to destroy monsters by battle, somehting low ATK doesnt allow.

Anti-Meta Cards, such as Banisher of the Light, or Kycoo, shouldnt have space wasted on them, since they lack the backing of the backrow that comes well in Anti-Meta.

Raiou is a choice that may be chosen, due to its high ATK points, and it functioning as a beatstick, something very imporant for the deck.


Just dont. 1400 or less ATK, regardless of what advantage it gives you, doesnt help.

That more or less concludes the guide for building an all monster deck.

I look forward to seeing some All monster decks being posted all around the internet.

The DARK variant and Simorgh based ones are good.


Junk and Debris Dark(World)

Junk and Debris Water/Ice(Zero)

Junk and Debris Fire(BURN)

Junk and Debris Wind(/Dark but meh).

Junk and Debris Light(sworn)

And now,

Junk and Debris Earth

Summon Machiner Peacekeeper and let it search out Megaheavy Weapon. Everything else is self explanitory.

Might I also point out that equipping union monsters to Catastor is awesome?

Friday, December 25, 2009

Deck Concepts: Draw Go Monarchs

I've stumbled upon a rather intersting deck concept recently, involving the utility of some commonly used card to a different level.

Instead of playing on your own turn, it tries to play on the enemies turn.

Whilst decks such as this have been around in the form of Counter decks, this deck doesnt strive to counter much,

By running Gorz, 3 Tragoedia, 3 Battle Fader, and 3 Bloody Teared Ogre, you can easily special summon some monsters on the enemy turn.

Then, with the utility of several traps such as Ultimate Offering, summon your Monarchs on their turn, during their battle phase.

Thus, you effectivly play not on your own turn, but instead pull off your comboes on the opponents turn instead.

Thursday, December 24, 2009


Because its almost Christmas!


1 Lightsworn Monk, Ehren/ライトロード・モンク エイリン
2 Lightsworn Sorceress Lyla/ライトロード・マジシャン ライラ
2 Lightsworn Summoner, Lumina/ライトロード・サモナー ルミナス
2 Necro Gardna/ネクロ・ガードナー
1 Dark Armed Dragon/ダーク・アームド・ドラゴン
1 Snipe Hunter/スナイプストーカー
3 Infernity Mirage/インフェルニティ・ミラージュ
3 Infernity Beetle/インフェルニティ・ビートル
3 Infernity Necromancer/インフェルニティ・ネクロマンサー
3 Infernity Archfiend/インフェルニティ・デーモン

2 Pot of Avarice/貪欲な壺
1 Heavy Storm/大嵐
3 Charge of the Light Brigade/光の援軍
2 Allure of Darkness/闇の誘惑
1 One for One/ワン・フォー・ワン
1 Lightning Vortex/ライトニング・ボルテックス
1 Giant Trunade/ハリケーン
1 Scapegoat/スケープ・ゴート
1 Mystical Space Typhoon/サイクロン
3 Infernity Gun/インフェルニティガン
1 Solar Recharge/ソーラー・エクスチェンジ

2 Bottomless Trap Hole/奈落の落とし穴
2 Raigeki Break/サンダー・ブレイク

Tommorow, expect a long post, a Make it yourself guide on the latest hit decktype from Tokyo: Black Silk and Chocolate Milk!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Cards to Hold Together

Some cards work well on their own, but work especially well with certain others.

For example: Cyber Dragon and Caius the Shadow Monarch.

People have a tendancy to hold both of these cards in their hand together, instead of playing them separately.

Which isnt so bad an idea, since Cyber Dragon wont be fielded if you do have something on your field, and Caius simply adds to that contingency plan.

What about other examples?

Giant Trunade, the Dark Creator, and Dark Armed Dragon come to mind.

So does Battle Fader and Raiza.

Holding some cards in your hand as a contingency plan isnt such a bad idea.

Any other examples people care to share? Comboes that can be held entirely in your hand and serve as a possible backup plan.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Trending Upwards:

Trending Upwards in the coming months:

Dark Salvo

Fiend Diety Roar Beast Cathy

Alien Anmonite

For the same deck?


Did I mention Buster Mode? To a much lesser extent due to its reprint.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Oh the Irony

Oh the Irony.

The reason Paralell World Fusion is going to be expensive is NOT because of Fusion based decks, but SYNCHRO based decks.


Now Konami had better NOT release a "Hero + Dark" Fusion

For those who dont get it:

Activate Paralell World Fusion. Return to the deck D-Hero Malicious and Deep Sea Diiva. Salvage and return Fenrir and another Deep Sea Diiva. That, or be holding Miracle Fusion.

See it yet?


Sunday, December 20, 2009

Tragoedia, Gorz, and Battle Fader

Everyone hates having their OTK swing being interrupted by these guys.

Thats why we have Holy Light

Whats this?

It works with One for One? AND Black Feather Dragon?


Not to mention its totally in the holiday season.

It should be wearing a santa hat.

For that matter, so should you.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Black Feather Dragon

Black Feather Dragon
Level 7/Dragon/Earth.



Friday, December 18, 2009

Lock VS Stall: How TO play Countdown

Lock Cards are everywhere.

Level B Limit, Gravity Bind, and Messenger of Peace. If the enemy doesnt Main Lylas, then theyll be stuck forever, letting you win with Countdown eaily.

But what if they do run some removal?

The problem with utility of Lock cards that prevent attacking by staying around is the fact that they have to be around to work.

In a removal-rampant format that we have nowadays, that just isnt possible.

But what about Stall?

For Countdown, It would be much more effective to not run any lock at all, or very few lock, but instead run a LOT of Stall.

For example, running 35 Stall cards, 3 Countdown and 2 Gold Sarcophagus might not look so nice on paper, but in practice, its totally different.

Since every turn, you are ideally drawing into a card that prevents the opponent from dealing battle damage, thus giving you another turn to draw one more, it essentially gives you near infinite turns.

Since stall cards tend to be one time use, and effectively end the turn(Waboku, Threat Roar, Zero Gardna, Battle Fader, etc), you survive to the next turn, every turn.

Whilst with Lock, you survive to the next turn, given the lock card still is around, leaving the switching of turns up to your opponent, not to you, as with Stall.

The advantage Lock has over Stall is that it doesnt consume as many cards. One card usually stalls for about 3-4 turns, in a regular game, depending on the opponent, which sure beats three or four cards that Stall requires to do the same.

Hence why it is the way of game slowing chosen by Burn decks.

What most countdown decks dont consider is how easily these lock cards are broken through, as well as how many monsters can just slip under them.

Whilst theyre not much of a problem most of the time, sometimes, a onslaught of 1200 ATK monsters DOES hurt, especially after you have no other stall because of the deckspace taken by the Lock type cards, and you have played Countdown.


Countdown should focus much more on Stall type cards, cards that are one shot turn enders(almost), instead of Lock cards, which work for longer, but are more vulnerable.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Limited VS Semi Limited

As we all know, one of the main reasons several cards get limited or banned is either to curb or completely stomp out an endless loop or instant-win combo.

You know, like Twin Headed behemoth(Old ruling), Transmigration Prophecy(This actually merits near Semi Limited. Its amazing), or Night Asailant.

The other reason is obvious: Being absolutely broken, or almost absolutely broken, or absolutely broken in 3s but not in 1s.(Usually landing them in Semi Limit Land)(Examples include Malicious, and Dewloren)

Yet, in the past, cards such as Breaker, Nobleman of Crossout, and Malicious have danced between Limit/Ban or Limit/Semi Limit

Why is this so?

As for the environment/meta decks of the time, Malicous can be justified, but what about Nobleman of Crossout?

The more variable Sheild Crush nobody ever cared about is still the equal 1 for 1 trade, with the face up monster being valid targets(Dark Creator)

Is it just one of those cards nobody runs in 1s, but people do run in 2s?

What is the big difference between what determines Limited and Semi Limited Cards?

Another good comparison to be used could be DAD VS JD.

Just a reminder, but the christmas giveaway is still open to those who have yet to apply!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Paralell World Fusion


I see Stardust Dragon.

Do you?

On another note, will this card be the bane of Dimensional Eatos, or something to benefit it even more?

Lets wait and find out.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Price VS Practicality: Some decks just arent worth it.

I saw a decklist today for some guy.

Burial Sin Macro Synchro. (Yeah, I was >.> also.)

3X Burial From a Different Dimension
3X Return from a Dark Dimension
2X Allure of Darkness
3X Sin Red Eyes Black Dragon

Its great you want to play around with new concepts and all, but decks like this shouldnt have money wasted on it.

On a side note, Ragnarok is fun.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Mirror Match Choices: Dimension Eatos

In the mirror, it is often hard to side into cards efficient against the enemy without being destroyed yourself.

Today, I will be introducing a side deck choice to use against Dimension Eatos, but particularily effective in the mirror.

Is that?

Yes. Its THAT card that we all thought "Oh wow what crap, a -3 At least waiting to happen", then threw away or hid somewhere in the bottom of our common boxes.

Dimensional Eatos keeps Big monsters backed with Skill Drain and Macro(/Fissure in some builds) to play an anti-meta style beatdown.

But by looking at their monster lineup, it becomes clear that

This guy clearly is usable.

But what about advantage?

Lets see:

-1 Super Polymerization
-1 Cost
+2 Fusion Materials ( Alius + Stratos, Crusader, etc)
+1 The Shining on your field

Ending with a +1 In the end.

But wait! They have Gemini Spark to turn the tables against you and change your +1 into a -3!

Not to mention Oppression, just waiting to negate it, and cant be touched because of their Oh-So-Troublesome Starlight Road!

Nothing can be chained in response to the activation of Super Polymerization. Super Polymerization has a rule effect that states so, the first of its kind(Obelisk Says 'Sup)

Whilst simply getting rid of some of their weaker monsters for some advantage might seem so-so, you are forgetting about Gemini Spark.

Dimension Eatos players tend to play their Gemini's quite leniently, since they are backed by Gemini Spark for sacrifice escape.

Meaning if you hit an Alius + Crusader of Endymion, you are possibly forcing two more of their cards into worthlessness temporarily, maybe forever, since they usually only run 5 Gemini's total, and zero recursion for them.

The big beater that is The Shining may be taken down easily, but at least it gives you enough swing in momentum to hopefully give you time to set up your opponent for doom.

What really makes this a good card in the mirror is being able to use your own monsters, possibly for game.

Lets not forget that its a Quick Play.

Thats all for today.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Miracle Fusion VS Dark Calling

Lets see:

Uses E-Hero as fusion materials for the most part

Summons Hero Monsters

Both are Graveyard fusions, so neither have an advantage gaining edge

So, which is better?

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Game Enders: Caius the Shadow Monarch

Hello everyone.

Today, I will be discussing some things about Caius the Shadow Monarch, and what allows it to be a game ender, but also whats keeping it from doing so.

First off, Stats.

Like all other monarchs, Caius is level 6, has 2400 attack, and 1000 Defence.

What sets it apart is its Type and Attribute.

Like all Monarchs, Caius has been one of the defining factors of the "Monarch Line", 2400 Attack, something that most deckbuilders take into account almost subconsciously when selecting cards. 3 Swings will give you nearly game, and its definitely bigger than most single card monsters can handle by themselves.

The 1000 DEF means that Monarchs are weak to Ojama Country, Level Limit B, and other forms of shifting monsters to DEF. Well, your forgetting that Monarchs tend to get rid of these really well.

Being Dark means that unlike other monsters of its caliber, Caius can be fed to Dark Armed Dragon and other similar monsters, as well as being able to pull upon Allure of Darkness. Meaning that Caius, unlike other monsters, is suprisingly available to many decks.

Fiend: More of the Above. Means Feind Decks can run this too! Wow!

Now, onto the effect.

Monarch Effect: Remove from Play one card on the field. Deal 1000 Damage to the opponent of the removed from play monster was DARK.

So, what makes THIS monster a Game Ender?

A game ender does one or more of the following, often some better than the others:

Paves a way for a massive swing
Puts some huge damage on the field
Ensures the enemy has no way of fighting back
Secures your special victory(very rare)
Gives you great presence on the field.

Like I stated before, most "Game Ender" class monsters tend not to care about their own future.

Whilst compared to other possible Game Enders, Caius tends to not do the things very well, but he does it very well for his relatively low cost.

While removing cards on the field that stand in your way and fight for the enemy, he deals a potential direct 3400 Total Damage, all by almost himself, leaving a 2400 Beater on the field.

With the utility of one card alone, you put a 3400 Damage wedge in the opponent's life. In many situations, this 3400 Damage is enough to end the game, or effectively end the game.

Caius's effect isnt only for getting direct attack, though.

Caius can end games effectively by breaking the combo before it finishes, with his ability to target any card on the field, with few cards capable of stopping him.

While RFP is a place where you can still pull upon for resources, it is significantly less beneficial than being in the graveyard most of the time.

The last part of the effect, the 1000 Burn, is really something that sticks out, compared to other cards.

Most 1000 Burn cards are looked down upon, but this 1000 burn coming as a bonus is really something to be reckoned with.

While 1/8 of one's life isnt usually something people care about, towards the end of the game, 1000 Damage is something that will eat out more than half of your life.

What is the real thing that makes this the game ender is the ability to use this to your advantage, in main phase 2.

If the opponent is below 1000 Life, simply pulling this out and targeting itself is one way to rip out 1000 damage.

Whilst most people never consider it, Caius can be seen as a 1000 Burn card.

I hear the phrase "Wow I never saw Caius as a 1000 Burn Card Before" too often

It is important to always open your eyes to various ways to play different cards.

So why isnt it used more often?

The thing with very splash able cards is that they are also the type of cards to be cut first for space.

Look at Swords of Revealing Light, or maybe Giant Trunade. Both are considered highly splashable cards, yet, when building decks, to cut down on size, it is not uncommon to cut these.

Caius falls into a similar spot.

Whilst drawing Caius as a topdeck to end the game is not unheard of, Topping a Monarch type monster is next to horrible, in most people's opinions.

Teching one or two into an already DARK based deck would be great, but most either already use three, or cant find the space to do so.

There are people who pack one into every deck they can, just for the potential.

But then again, Caius at that stage simply boils down to a personal choice.


The thing thats keeping this from being a more widely used card?(Not that it isnt already. Sales show that the Monarch structure deck is one of the most sold.)

The fact that 2400-3400 Damage simply isnt enough in all points in the game.

While 3400 is painful in late game, in early game, it can be shaken off.

And when you tend to get your 1000 Burn + Direct Swing is usually in the early game.

Thats all for today.

Friday, December 11, 2009


I realized an error with my last post.
The Dark Creator is a SEMI nomi.

Yes, that means its BETTER.

Another update:

The Deck I will be giving away is Guilty Beat - NEMESIS mix-

I didnt put it in the last post. My bad.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Game Enders: The Dark Creator

Hello everyone.

Today, I will be discussing some things about The Dark Creator, and what allows it to be a game ender, but also whats keeping it from doing so.

This will be one of a few articles on "Game Enders" that arent used quite as often as the obvious ones (DAD, DSF, JD, Gyzarus, etc)

Lets take a good look at its stats before anything.

While 2300 ATK isnt something thats going to make a big impact, it DOES hurt when it comes in the form of direct damage.

His 3000 DEF is a stat to behold. Whilst most monsters dont usually care about their defense in the "Game Ender" class, since theyre usually supposed to do exactly what they say, end game; The Dark Creator benefits from having something to keep him around for a couple turns, should the swing for game get ugly.

8 Stars and DARK. Trade In, Allure, Grepher Food, Armageddon knight dump target, we all know the drill.
Use Allure to Draw, Grepher to load up graveyard, Drop Creator, Go Crazy.
Might I also note that many more game enders tend to be Dark and of High level?

Any support for this bit you EVER going to use?

Its effect:

Remove from play 1 Dark Monster to special summon 1 Dark monster from your graveyard.

Once a turn.

Nomi. Meaning Only from Hand.
Have 5 or more dark monsters in your graveyard, and a field empty of monsters.

Note that in its summoning condition, it doesnt note that the enemy has to have Anything at all.

And we all know what that means ;)

So, what makes THIS monster a Game Ender?

A game ender does one or more of the following, often some better than the others:

Paves a way for a massive swing
Puts some huge damage on the field
Ensures the enemy has no way of fighting back
Secures your special victory(very rare)
Gives you great presence on the field.

Like I stated before, most "Game Ender" class monsters tend not to care about their own future.

What makes The Dark Creator a great Game Ender is his ability to Single Handedly spring HUGE damage as well as Great Presence out of nowhere.

Its effect is complementary to its Special Summoning Requirements, that it not only requires you to have space to summon something from thin air, but it also requires you to have something(preferably of equal status or Boss monster status) to summon.

Assuming you summon something of around 2500-3000 ATK from your graveyard, That puts, with one card from your hand and no other effort, upwards 5000 Direct damage in the form of two big beaters.

5000 Damage is huge. 5000 Damage is a problem. And most of all, 5000 Damage is game if they have used solemn.

This is before even taking into account the summoned monster's effect.
By reviving monsters such as Darklord Zerato, you can use his effect to wipe out the enemy field, and try to go for game.

What really makes The Dark Creator a high class Game Ender is that each individual Dark Creator play doesnt hold much value for yourself.

In a deck that runs Dark Creator as support for the theme, enough cards are devoted to salvage and draw that losing one The Dark Creator simply means you have to draw into one or salvage it.
But In that deck, it has to be noted that there are many MANY more boss monsters and game enders. Losing one means you just gotta use a different one. Assuming they got rid of all the momentum you gained last turn.

In a Dark Creator centric deck, not only do you run three, but you run enough recursion for the big guy that your aim is to drop them so often, the enemy cant keep up with the constant hammering of 2000+ Attack monsters.

Long story short, The Dark Creator bears such a low value for yourself most of the time that it is not uncommon for people to summon it, line up some firepower, hammer the enemy, and not care if it dies.
Your dropping some big firepower to let the enemy waste some cards on, while paving the way for better cards to come. Why not?

From Game Ender to Game Over:

The main problem with a Black Rose Dragon followed by The Dark Creator summoning something is Gorz.

Gorz, Tragoedia, and now Battle Fader and Bloody Eyed Ogre all have the ability to mess up your big swings. Heck, some decks use ALL of them.

So, how do you get game?

The answer lies with the monster you choose to summon.

Whilst the obvious choice would be something to stop special summoning like Vanity Fiend, those kind of monsters tend to not have quite enough firepower to give game.

However, there are ways to get there.

If we summon something like Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon or Fallen Angel Superbia, it allows you to line up even more firepower.

Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon summoning Core Chimail Drago or Superbia into Christia will both prevent the messy Gorz/Tragoedia/Battle Fader plays, while providing enough damage for game.

Especially in the latter, where even if your play got messed up somehow, and your field wiped the next, you simply need to get back your Dark Creator to re-do it all over again.

Thats all for today.

Coming soon: Boss Monsters VS Game Enders: Whats the Difference?

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Getting in the Spirit: Christmas Giveaway

Hello all.

I apologize for lack of any updates on monday and tuesday. Life was a shitstorm as always.

Anyhows, I will be conducting a giveaway for this december!

This time, there will be only one prize(due to some problems last few giveaway times)

This is how the giveaway will work:

1: Anyone interested in receiving or participating in the giveaway will Email me, asking to join.

2: After a set date, a lucky draw will be held, and the winner announced on this blog, as well as have an E-mail sent to them.

3: The winner will send me their address and any other details, and I will send the prizes.

4: There is no step 4.

How to Apply:

- Email me the request at: "". Make sure that you didnt copy the quotation marks.

- The words: Christmas Giveaway, or words to that effect must be included in the SUBJECT.

- With your request, include your INTERNET NAME

- This offer is FREE OF CHARGE.

- The closing day for this offer is December 25th Japan time. The drawing will happen on whatever day I feel like it.

- Although I have no control over this, please, NO DOUBLE applying. IE: Using more than 1 email address to apply more than once.

Thats all for today

Monday, December 7, 2009

Guilty Beat - NEMESIS mix-

Guilty Beat -NEMESIS mix-

1 Gorz the Emissary of Darkness/冥府の使者ゴーズ
1 Dark Armed Dragon/ダーク・アームド・ドラゴン
3 Gaius the Shadow Monarch/邪帝ガイウス
3 Archfiend of Gilfer/暗黒魔族ギルファーデーモン
3 Raiza the Storm Monarch/風帝ライザー
1 Cyber Dragon/サイバー・ドラゴン

2 Armageddon Knight/週末の騎士
2 Mystic Tomato/キラートマト
1 Spirit Reaper/魂を削る死霊
1 Sangan/クリッター
3 Necro Gardna/ネクロ・ガードナー
3 Battle Fader/バトル・フェイダー
1 Morphing Pot/メタモルポット
1 Mashmallon/マッシュマロン
1 Plaguespreader Zombie/ゾンビ・キャリア

3 Falling Down/堕落
2 Foolish Burial/おろかな埋葬
1 Pot of Avarice/貪欲な壺
1 Brain Control/洗脳ーブレインコントロールー
1 Heavy Storm/大嵐

1 Mirror Force/聖なるバリアーミラーフォースー
2 Malevolent Catastrophe/邪神の大災害
2 Bottomless Trap Hole/奈良くな落とし穴

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Unexpected solutions to the puzzle

Because you guys really know how to win, but dont know how to think outside the box, which is good, I guess.


Your Full extra deck: 15 cards
3 Stardust Dragon
2 Majestic Star Dragon
2 Road Warrior
2 Drill Warrior
2 Junk Warrior
2 Nitro Warrior
2 Turbo Warrior

Yes, the deck that was being used when I saw how to pull off that insane combo which I'm trying to show you via a puzzle was a Yusei Fandeck(honestly couldnt bother typing it up last time)

Just so you know, the reason I publish puzzles is so people open their eyes to different ways to use cards.

Countering Junk Blade decks/対ジャンク・ブレイド系ワンキル

Lately Junk Blade decks have seen an increase in play/finally being recognized as a cancer to the game.

So, Im sure your all wondering how to beat it.

1: Main Board Prohibition.

Of course, the only person out there who bothers to do most of the time is me, but calling Magical Explosion means a dead deck.

Obviously, you cant play it on turn 1, so...

2: Herald of Orange Light

Negating Junk Collector's effect (assuming just one or two will cut it), might save you.

Which means that against FTK decks, gives you game.

Of course, the only reasonable way to run both cards in the same deck, and still have a win condition which compliments these cards would have to be a backrow heavy deck with some Fairies to mess around with in the first place, and already pack some nice meta cards to this FTK.

Hmm. I wonder where I could find something like that.


Duel Puzzle Update.

Since you all arent seeing what I made the puzzle for people to see, I've changed it so you have to deal PRECISELY 5600 Damage.

Just to clarify, you CANNOT depend on ANY chance for your solution.

Other than Starlight Road, all other cards related to the solution are available in the TCG.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Duel Puzzle Hint!

Since nobody seems to be getting what I'm trying to show you people with this puzzle

The hint is:

"Impossible! Synchro Summon!?"

Friday, December 4, 2009

Duel Puzzle #11!

Life: 2000
Deck: 28
Hand: Heavy Storm, Phantom of Chaos, Foolish Burial, Level Stealer.
Field: Face Down Starlight Road, Faceup Treeborn Frog
Graveyard: Foolish Burial, Level Stealer, Reinforcement of the Army, Allure of Darkness
Removed from Play: Plaguespreader Zombie

フィールド:裏側 スターライト・ロード、表側 黄泉ガエル

Life: 5600
Deck: 26
Hand: Anti-Crow, Delta Reverse, Blackwing - Sirroco the Dawn, Blackwing - Blizzard the Far North, Blackwing - Vayu the Great Banner, Hanewata
Field: Facedown Blackwing - Vayu of the Great Banner, Dark Armed Dragon, Face down Icarus Attack, Face up Black Whirlwind, Face Down Treacherous Trap Hole
Graveyard: Blackwing - Shura the Blue Flame. Mystical Space Typhoon, Allure of Darkness
Removed from Play: Blackwing - Gale the Hurricane, Blackwing - Armor Master, Blackwing - Blizzard of the Far North

手札:デルタクロー アンチリバース、BFー暁のシッロコ、BFー北極のブリザード、BF-大はたのヴァ―ユ、ハネワタ
フィールド:裏側 BF-大はたのヴァーユ、ダーク・アームド・ドラゴン、裏側 ゴッド・バード・アタック、表側 黒の旋風、裏側 狡猾な落とし穴

It is currently the draw phase of your turn.

You have just topdecked:

One for One!

Even though you just yelled "HEART OF THE CARDS! ANSWER ME!!!", your deck gave you this crap.

Reduce your opponent to precisely 0LP this turn. Standard Duel Puzzle conditions apply(All cards, unless stated, can be anything you want, as long as they are within rules, your win doesnt depend on the opponent's misplay, etc), unless otherwise stated.

The opponent is NOT dumb enough to blindly open Icarus Attack to try to blow up your cards without a good reason to do so.
Keep in mind that with Icarus in the graveyard, you cannot activate Trecherous Trap Hole, so he will probally try to activate Treacherous first.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Core Blast

In case you havent realized, it doesnt destroy only monsters.

Yes, that means you can absolutely ravage the enemy back row every turn

Because with Core Chimail, you arent going to be feilding any more than one monster at a time.

Absolute Power Force indeed.

And if we chain something to get rid of that one Core Chimail on your field to this guys effect...

Whats more is that Starlight Road Rulings dont let it activate in response.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

United We Stand

I think Whirlwind BF decks ought to run United We Stand

Doesnt it work right into the strategy, combat advantage and swarming?

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Dimensional Eatos Tech...

I just faced off a Dimensional Eatos deck today.


Not really.

Was Starlight Road a problem?

Only barely in Game 1

Was Treacherous Trap Hole completely unexpected and decisive?


Also, I suggest packing 1X Treacherous Trap Hole in decks which dont use any other trap cards. Its a card people tend to overlook, but can be decisive and unexpected.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Lets Low Level!

Its been a while since I've posted a new deck concept...

Level 1 Monsters are vastly looked down on.

Yes, there are those cards like Disk Commander or Treeborn Frog or Level Stealer,

But what about the rest? Theyre almost nonexistant in the competetive scene.

Thus, I have built a deck to use level 1 monsters as a deck engine.

Today's key card is:


Water Spirit?!

Lets Low Level!

1 Sangan/クリッター
3 Kinka-Byo/金華猫
2 Water Spirit/ウォータースピリット
2 Copycat/ものまね幻想師
1 Grave Squirmer/グレイブ・スクワーマー
3 Battle Fader/バトルフェイダー
1 Gorz the Emissary of Darkness/冥府の使者ゴーズ
1 Cyber Dragon/サイバードラゴン
1 Treeborn Frog/黄泉ガエル
1 Mother Grizzly/マザーグリズリー
1 Mad Reloader/マッド・リローダー
1 Morphing Pot/メタモルポット

1 One for One/ワン・フォー・ワン
2 Dark Eruption/ダーク・バースト
3 Creature Swap/強制転移
2 Creature Seizure/鹵獲装置
2 Foolish Burial/おろかな埋葬
3 Symbols of Duty/戦線復活の代償
1 Brain Control/洗脳ーブレインコントロールー
1 Mind Control/精神操作
1 Scapegoat/スケープゴート
1 Heavy Storm/大嵐
1 Giant Trunade/ハリケーン

3 Legacy of Yatagarasu/八汰烏の骸
1 Mirror Force/聖なるバリアーミラーフォースー
1 Torrential Tribute/激流葬

As you can see, this deck runs off of Kinka-Byo reviving monsters, and you utilizing those monsters to an ends.

For example, you can revive a Mad Reloader or Grave Squirmer, and creature swap it off, then destroy it by battle to trigger their effect.

Copycat can also be revived by Kinka-Byo to destroy by battle any monster on the enemy field, by copying their attack and them slamming them together.

But where the real powerhouse lies is in Water Spirit.

By reviving Water Sprit, you can not only steal enemy monsters to syncro summon,

But also you can use Symbols of Duty, giving you access to three copies of Monster Reborn!

Whats more, is that by running Normal monsters, you instantly have access to two more copies of Creature Swap.

Of course, if you use your Water Spirit that turn, you can swap off Kinka-Byo itself, only to have it run back to your hand the next turn to be used.

But before that, be sure to draw 2 off of Legacy of Yatagarasu!

Such to search out Water Spirit quickly, many of the cards, such as Mother Grizzly and One for One were used.

Being a Spirit based deck, you usually have nothing to cover you on the enemy's turn.

Thats why you have Battle Fader and Scapegoat.

Thats all for today

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Blogger Interviews: Day Final

Hello Ladies, Gentlemen, and Rabid Fans, and welcome to the final installation in our continuation of a series of interviews with bloggers around the world.

Since there are some people who want to know a bit about myself, Ive decided to undertake the interview myself.

Thus, today we will be interviewing Rauzes, from the Gaijin Duelist. You can find his blog right in front of your eyes.



Can you give a brief introduction to yourself, including some Yugioh background, such as how long you've been playing?

I'm Rauzes, known on the Yugioh forums of Pojo(some subforums more than others) and Duelistgroundz, and own the popular Yugioh blog The Gaijin Duelist. I am currently 17.
I've been playing Yugioh for about two years now. I started shortly after Phantom Darkness was released in Japan, November 2007. The first deck I owned was the Curse of Darkness structure deck, starting me in the game with Crush Card Virus, Spirit Reaper, Dark Armed Dragons and Dark Creators.
Contrary to most people's beliefs, I do not watch and have not watched any of the Anime fully. I just know the few episodes I happened to watch on TV. I have read, however, the Yugioh R and Yugioh GX manga(Promo Cards)

Is this your first interview?

On the receiving end of Yugioh related interviews, this is my second. The first interview I was in was about the Organized play here in Japan, on JaeLove's blog.
On the interviewing side, however, this is my eighth.

What, in your opinion, makes a deck a tier one deck, as opposed to just another combo deck/theme deck out there.

Well, In my opinion, the most deciding factor is Speed.
While Anti-meta decks try to slow down the game, bringing the opponent to a speed they can manage, most decks tend to try to get out their OTK/Lock/Win Condition as soon as possible.
GBs do both sides of this, which is why they were successful, back when Beastiari was at 3. Limiting Beastiari has hammered the decks speed, by forcing their Into-Gyza plays to be much more conservative.
Of course, there are those decks out there(SDRider), which have unmatched speed. The reason those decks are still not topping is that they dont have a win condition.

How often do you play, in hours, per week?
Inclusive of the DS/PSP games.

In actual cards, I play about 1.5 hours per weekday of the week, on average, meaning that some days I play 3 hours and others I dont play at all.
On weekends, most of the time I get to play around 8 hours per day, going only about once per week.
On DS/PSP games, I only test new ideas. However, I do use Duel Online(Browser based emulators), to test. Around 1 hour a day.

I see.
For you, what inspires blog posts?

When I started blogging, there were a few other blogs I read regularly. Of them, one blog would update daily, without fail(that being said most of the time the posts werent so good). When I started blogging I wanted to update as often, with as good a quality posts as my other influences.
And recently, Ive been able to somewhat uphold that ideal. For me, I try to update daily, so daily I spend around 15 minutes to an hour looking around the wiki or other places to find something interesting to blog.
Other influences are new deck concepts I've come up with. I try to post the deck post as soon as I've finished developing the concept to wholeness, and the decklist working.

Most other bloggers spend time developing new deck concepts and ideas. How much time do you spend developing new decks and deck concepts?

Well, it definately depends. Sometimes, I can crank out around ten unique deck concepts with decklists that work in a week, while other times I dont bother with new cards for months.
Also, if I can find someone who is actually making the deck in real, the amount of testing and development definately sees an increase.
Before posting, however, I spend around half an hour developing the preliminary decklist, followed by around two hours of actual testing on the games and online. After hammering the decklist yet again after this, I post it to the blog and Pojo, and, if its sufficiently significant in my eyes, to DGz.
Only a few of my concepts I actually build in real.

How many decks do you currently own, and what are they?

To be honest, I've recently demolished quite a few decks of mine. The ones that a currently remaining are:
Junk and Debris (Lightsworn version), Skill Drain Zero, Guilty Monarchs, and a newly built Destiny Hero Turbo X The Shining deck.
I'm currently gathering cards to build another Junk and Debris variant, but havent made it yet.

I see.
Were nearing the end of the interview soon.

I know

Anyhows, for you, what is the number one reason you still play Yugioh?

To be honest, I've been considering quitting lately, but some of my fans reminded me that I maintain this blog, and that the ideas I post here are helping people and influencing builds across the world, so I guess you could say that this blog is the single number one reason I still play Yugioh.

since you know that these interviews are a series, when do you want to be posted?

Since Im doing this interview right now, after everyone elses is posted, I dont have much choice do I?

Final question: What is your all time favorite card of all time, and why?

Archfiend of Gilfer. It was one of the first cards I put into my starting deck, and simply put, it opens far too many doors in a Dark based deck than other cards do for one slot.
And that I find that its the one card in my deck that others would shrug off but brought me to victory many times; that its a card that very few people have known the power of.

Okey. That wraps it up for the interview.
Any closing comments?

Well, first off thanks to everyone whoes reading this interview right now, and to all the other interviewees for taking part in the interview. It has really be quite interesting for people to take a look into other peoples backgrounds. Do follow other peoples blogs as well, they prove to be equally as interesting.

Okey well thanks for the interview today.
Ladies and gentlemen, just remember, if you want to ask him anything, just call our operator, and he'll patch us through
Well, that wraps it up for our blogger interviews this week. I hope you have enjoyed them.
This is 77.7288, RAU.FM,
and until next time,

You say it too


Well, Thats it for our blogger interviews. I hope you have enjoyed them.
Tomorrow, we will return to our regularly scheduled program.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Blogger Interviews: Day 7

Hello Ladies, Gentlemen, and Rabid Fans, and welcome to our continuation of a series of interviews with bloggers around the world.

Today, we will be interviewing a rather new and uprising blogger, Gambitto, who compared to the other players, has been both blogging and dueling for far less time.

Gambitto owns the blog Duelism, which can be found at


okey lets try this again

Hi Rauzes

Is this your first interview?


Can you give a brief introduction to yourself? Such as how long you've been playing the game, and any credentials

I'm Gambitto, a Malaysian duelist. I started a bit more than half a year ago, in march.
I started playing in Japan, where I went to high school.
I qualified for Japanese Nationals this year, but couldn’t go.(To attend Japanese Nationals, you have to be a Japanese national.)
I currently own the Yugioh blog Duelism

In your opinion, what makes a deck a tier one deck, instead of just another second rate deck with some comboes?

GODLIKE boss monster, with EASY ACCESS.

Well, for example, AKB could line up its boss monsterS in less than one turn, since their boss monsters were in the extra deck.
And currently, Lightsworn has crazy ways of drawing into Judgement Dragon or salvaging it from the graveyard.
Both boss monsters are devastating.

How often do you play? Inclusive of DS/PSP games?

Gambitto: When I was in Japan, around 1-2 hours a day, but on weekends around 8 hours, so 18 hours a week. I barely play PSP and DS

For you, what inspires blog posts?

Now, in Malaysia, I play around 3-4 hours a week, on Saturdays.
As for blogging, I post whenever I have a Yugioh related thought.
All my vague thoughts about comboes or anything goes on my blog

Many bloggers like to show off their new ideas and concepts for decks.
Do you spend any time developing new deck ideas and concepts? If so, how long a week?

I just netdeck or get ideas off you people
and maybe just tech in things left and right

How many decks do you have? And what are they? Of them, how many of them were built to fight in tournaments?

I currently own two decks.
However, one of them uses an Adaptive Side Shift concept,
so it is more or less about four different deck types shifting between one another.
Its current state is Another Blade, a combination of Alius Beatdown and Air Blade
The other deck is Junk and Debris (Spacian)
I guess both of them are tournament worthy.
since I have a side for Junk and Debris and about two sides for Another Blade

What is the Number one reason you still play Yugioh?

I started less than a year ago.
Its a fun game and Im not going to give it up after just a year

since you know that these interviews are a series, when do you want to be posted?

I dunno? Tomorrow?

Just to spite you I’m goanna post you last.


Final question.
What is your all time favorite card of all time, and why?

E. Hero Voltic.
Because it has an awesome effect, and it looks awesome, controlling Lightning.

Okey. That wraps it up for the interview.
Any closing comments?

Well, thanks for the interview.
Come visit my blog!

Okey well thanks for the interview today.
Ladies and gentlemen, just remember, if you want to ask him anything, just call our operator, and he'll patch us through
Tune in tomorrow to 77.7288FM for an interview with another blogger.
Until next time,

You say it too

What the fuck?

Oh yeah.
I want my zombie carriers back.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Blogger Interviews: Day 6

Hello Ladies, Gentlemen, and Rabid Fans, and welcome to our continuation of a series of interviews with bloggers around the world.

Today, we will be interviewing Bahamut84, former Singapore champion and world renown for his horrible luck, wholesome crossdressing, and his collection of Crush Card Viruses.

Together with his friend, DSummon, he maintains a very long running blog, Dueling Days, which you can find at



Can you give a brief introduction to yourself, and some Yugioh history?

My name is Michael, people know me commonly as Bahamut (or baha). I am the author of Dueling Days and my most recent achievement is representing Singapore last year. I've been playing for about 7+ years now.

Any other topped tourneys? Big ones?

Hmm, I think I got 3rd for 2007

What, in your opinion, makes a deck tier one and not just some other random scrubs deck?

Tier one decks should one that is able to perform moves that gives you massive advantage and doing it consistently.

How often do you play?
How many hours a week
And how many on video games

I play about 2 or 3 days per week, where I play almost the whole day.
I rarely touch them now as playing with CPU is quite dumb, it can be a useful tool to test out if your deck engine works though.

What inspires blog posts for you?

New cards are usually my main source of inspiration for a blog post. New potential cards will lead you to search for combos and I usually share them through a post.

How many decks do you personally own?
And of them, how many are considered "high tier"?
What decks are they?

I own 2 main decks now
1) MGS (Fiend Deity Roars)
2) Undead Lightlords

What’s the #1 reason you still play Yugioh?

It’s fun and addictive and you get to hang out with your friends.

You know these interviews are a series right?
Which place do you want to be posted?

any place is fine lol

Final question
What’s your favorite card of all time, and why

I used to like airman a lot but Brionac is now occupying the spot for favorite card of all time. Awesome effect awesome art, everything about it is awesome.

That’s all
Any closing comments?


Okey, well thanks for coming to the interview today.
Ladies and gentlemen, just remember, if you want to ask him anything, just call our operator
And he'll patch us through
Tune in tomorrow to 77.7288FM for an interview with another blogger.
Until next time,
You say it too


Thursday, November 26, 2009

Blogger Interview: Day 5

Hello Ladies, Gentlemen, and Rabid Fans, and welcome to our continuation of a series of interviews with bloggers around the world.

Today, we will be interviewing Neuxcharge, the well known duelist from Singapore, famous for his Youtube Channel,

He also owns a blog he updates often, located at

lets start.

Neuxcharge :
thats a cold response.


First off, can you introduce yourself?

Neuxcharge :
I am Neuxcharge:
and i do Videos
of Yugioh =D
And get hounded to do different decks X_x

Also I think you should be aware that everything you say
Can and will be upped onto my blog
Is that ok?
t also can and might be edited to make you sound funny
Is that ok?

Neuxcharge : yea
its ok XD
Off course!

Any other credentials you care to state?
like any tourneys youve topped

Neuxcharge :
well i'm more of a Top 4-er than an actual Topper XD

for any asia tourney or nats?

Neuxcharge :
yea, those Creds do stink X_x
i didnt join the Asia Qualifier on 15 November this year
the recent one
im more of an insight filmer
to me winning doesnt really make Yugioh for me =D

Just curious, what, in your opinion, makes a deck a tier one deck.

Neuxcharge : Hmm
a deck that you grew alongside with
and a deck that your can believe in
cheesy stuff, i know

Rauzes: tier one boy, not "good".

Neuxcharge : hmmmmmm
on a competitive scale
a Tier 1 deck to me is something that can be on 2 ends
Skill and Luck
For every format , it tends to shift
so this format
we can use Zombie Synchro as an example
but that decktype is different
its more Synergy
and that means that the scale im using is too small XD
Every deck has a form of Synergy
Rota,Cotlb, Gladial proving ground etc
all help the deck in a way
and a Tier 1 deck
tends to have powerful support for its engine or type
But since we are only talking about decks, to put it in the following mindsets
Mindset 1: More Gay or Broken = best
Mindest 2: More Gay or Broken = I must take this deck down ( Rarest mindset) Makes deck that tops constantly and gets placed on the map ( Even rarer.)
Mindset 3: Too Broken .......Must avoid this deck
2 and 3 are similar
n the end , you could say that it boils down to Which deck can be "discovered" to be Tier 1
because in my honest opinion
the cooler Tier 1 decks
are the ones that people consider as Underdogs
But they adapt into something more
also, to discover Brokenness in a combo and eventually make a deck around it could make it Tier 1, but this kind of thing is very rare
done lol

ok lol.
next question
how often do you play Yugioh?
Also, how long do you play the video games

Neuxcharge :
i played nearly everyday during my holidays
I used to play the video Games like tag force 1,2 and 3 on my psp
until it got stolen X_x
But now i tend to moderate my playing time
due to school and stuff
but i do go to locals
to film

how many hours you play actual cards then?

Neuxcharge :
actual cards with my friends usually takes alot of time
he day just goes by without us knowing lol

What inspires you to make blog posts?

Neuxcharge :
i felt that blog posts and videos can be 2 different mediums that can say the same thing at times
but blog posts can do what videos can't and vice versa
it helps to let my subscribers know what ive been up to if there is a lack of video updates XD
next qns lol

do you spend time developing new deck types or concepts
if so, how much time do you spend?

i don't really make new deck types
but i do help others test out their ideas with their permission

ok cool
how much do you play/test your new decks per week?
in hours

at least 4 to 6 hours if i have a full day at locals
or i use a test deck and include side decking in the rounds

how many decks do you currently own
and of them, how many are "for winning
or built to be for tournament winning use

this will be a very hard question
could i skip?
because the number of decks i have is preferred to be hidden XD

that will be posted.


what, in your opinion, is the #1 reason you still play yugioh

because i like how the future of the game constantly shifts
new sets makes new decks
while the new cards inside
enable an older card to gain newfound usage
E.g. rescue Kitty
because the game is seeing more players here =D

since this is a series of interviews
would you like to be published first or last?

last =D

ok just to spite you ill publish you first

lol XD
i see

final question
favorite card of all time, and why

Dark Magician of chaos
i always thought of him as the higher form of Dark Magician
and he was pretty cool in the previous formats were he was not banned =D

Okey. Thats all
Any closing comments?


well thanks Neuxcharge for coming to the interview today
Ladies and Gentlemen, remember if you want to ask him anything
just call in, and our operator will patch you thought.
That concludes our interview for today
Tune in tommorow to 77.7288FM for an interview with another blogger.
Until then,
You say it too.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Blogger Interviews: Day 4

Hello Ladies, Gentlemen, and Rabid Fans, and welcome to our continuation of a series of interviews with bloggers around the world.

Today, I will be interviewing LGQ, a Malaysian duelist who owns the frequently updated blog Its Time To Duel!/The Soul of a Duelist

You can find his blog at



Can you introduce yourself?
and give some Yugioh Background?
Have you topped any large tournaments?
myself? chinese guy that goes to college and travels about 1 hour to school?
ygo background? started at 13, never stopped till now.
never really topped anything
the closest was 9th, a place from top 8

How long have you been playing?

6~7 years
since powers of the guardians booster pack

What, in your opinion, makes a deck tier 1, as opposed to just another themed deck
powerful big ass boss monsters
with really good back ups
basically, I feel that the deck has to be one with the boss

Okey, intersting perspective.
Is this the first interview youve had?

i'm not the kind of guy that people have any interested in

How long a week do you usually play?
DS/PSP games included

once or twice, excluding testing by myself

and how long each time?

a few hours i guess. depends on what time I go to my locals

On average?

3 ish?

3 hours a week?

something like that

What inspires you to write blog posts?

the things that pop out in my head I guess
i guess u can say that I write for the fun of it

Do you spend time developing new deck concepts?
If so, on average, how much time?

about an hour a day I guess, its mostly weekends now cause my grades are slipping
but i guess in the week ends it'll be about 2~3 hours
but I won't say developing concepts as I don't really have excess to a whole lot of cards

How many decks do you own?
And What are they?

One of my top two are my BF oppression
but thats not my ace deck thou
my main is E HERO but I can only run them in locals
as most of the cards are promos

what are your decks?

E HERO , oppresion BF, Gemini J&D, koaki meiru, fortune lady, deep sea diva syncro(in complete)


What is your #1 reason to continue playing yuigoh?

cause its the thing thats in my head most of the time.

Im sure
youve heard that these interviews are a series
is there any particular place you want to be posted?
first? last? second or second to last?

i guess I like things somewhere in front

just to spite you, ill post you as one of the last


Final question
what is your favorite card, of all time?
and why.

miracle fusion
saved my ass loads of times

For most people its a monster

since I played E HERO(5 years ago I think), u don't believe how many times I topped deck it
I almost always top deck this card when I'm in a pinch(is it spelled this way)

Okey. Thats all
Any closing comments?
Anything you want to say to your rabid fangirls?

err... I'm finally interviewed by someone?
i suck at making lines. so... I don't really know what to say. ha ha

well thanks LGQ for coming to the interview today
Ladies and Gentlemen, remember if you want to ask him anything
just call in, and our operator will patch you thought.
That concludes our interview for today
Tune in tommorow to 77.7288FM for an interview with another blogger.
Until then,
You say it too.

riding duel, acceleration...

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Blogger Interviews: Day 3

Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the next of a series of interviews with some Yuigoh-bloggers around the world.

Today I will be interviewing PJ Tierny, the man we all know as "The Irish Duelist".

You can find his blog at .

And now, on with the interview!


Hey Rau.

First off, is this your first interview?

No, I've been interviewed before. After the 2008 European Championship I was interviewed by 'Czech Cloud' for his website:
I had done fairly well at the event and it was nice to see that get recognized.

Can you give a brief introduction to yourself, and state some of your Yugioh background
and name a few events you’ve topped

Sure. I'm 23, from Limerick in Ireland, and currently studying Sculpture & Combined Media at Limerick School of Art and Design. I started playing YGO casually when it first came over to Europe, but secondary school (Irish version of high school) got in the way. Once I went to LSAD though, I found a local comic shop called The Gathering, and started playing in locals.
My full history is quite long (it's on my blog at the very start), but of note I was ranked #1 in Ireland back when Upper Deck controlled the TCG, finished Top 16 at the UK/Ireland Pharaoh Tour Finals in Manchester, went undefeated Day 1 of Euros 2008, and have done very well on the local scene. I also write articles for Konami's new strategy site, which went online last night.

How much time do you spend playing?
Including the DS/PSP games, if you play those

I spend a lot of time around YGO forums, but with college and everything I only get to play at weekends. My locals are every Saturday at The Gathering and I occasionally travel to Cork and Galway for locals if they're on. I don't have a DS/PSP, but I have played some of the World Championship games before.

Most people find it hard to maintain good technique and playing if they don’t play often
yet you can keep up a high win rate
with little time playing. Cool.

Another thing that contributes to winning is of course, the deck.
What, in your opinion, makes a tier one deck a tier one deck, and not just a tier 2 deck which has its share of combos and synergy?

A deck needs the right support; some draw power, a way to search its key cards easily, and that 'x factor' or big combo that can change the game at any time. Lightsworn is the best example of this as they have everything; speed, draw power, boss monsters, protection. Lightsworn is the finest example of how a Tier 1 archetype should be designed.

Okey. Let’s move onto blogging then

It started out as a project for LSAD, but I just feel that I have something to say, and people will usually take notice. Long before I started blogging people knew me online, and always seemed to like what I had to say. I remember Jae Kim saying that my Tournament Reports (which are usually very long and detailed) were the best he's ever seen and a fine example of good YGO writing. The blog has kind of changed somewhat in the past few months. it started out with me writing simple articles on cards and so-on, but that takes up a lot of time. It then moved on to just personal thoughts and so-on, but I felt that it was boring. Now, I just post stuff that I find interesting, or material that I know people want to read, like the recent interview I did with Vincent Ralambomiadana, the recent SJC Champion.

Okey cool
so you could say that unlike other blogs, which write what they want to say, you write for what people want to hear

I think that works better. You've seen from the average Twitter page the people post all sorts of crap like "I went to the shops today". Nobody wants to read that, you're just posting for the sake of it. Blogs are meant to be a form of media like newspapers etc., where people will take the time to read a good article. You can see that that's all I want to really do, since I don't have any Google Ads on my site, even though I could generate a bit of income from it. People like what I write, and the mat designs I post up, along with the things I find elsewhere and post up, so I'm gonna continue down that route.

A lot of bloggers tend to post their new ideas or concepts for decks
and tend to spend some time developing these new concepts
do you spend any time at all developing and discovering new concepts or decks?

I don't really have the time these days to do so, so I usually keep my ear to the ground and see what's doing well at events and such. Luckily I've made enough money from trades etc. to build whatever type of deck I want so I have a wide range of options available. However, if there's a big event on the horizon I'll find a deck I like and stick to it for a month or two. I did that with GB for Nats this year and finished 11th, and with LS ever since July. When I'm 'done' with a deck/variant I'll usually write about it, like I did with the LS deck a few weeks ago.

Oh so you’ve "moved on" from LS?

I love playing LS, and it's always there for me if I don't feel safe enough with any other deck. In the past month I've run Dragons, BW and tried out a few other ideas since playing LS for 4 months straight gets boring.

Playing a single deck gets really boring.
Most other players have around three to four decks, whilst others have upwards ten or so
How many intact decks do you have right now?

Outside of moving Synchros and staples like Mirror Force around, I've got 2 decks that I can consider 'complete' right now; Blackwings and Lightsworn. I haven't run BW since RGBT came out in the TCG, so I'm quite rusty with it and trying to make the most use of those Vayus.

Okey. I guess that kinda answered the next question too, how many decks you own that are "just for fun"

My Dragon deck was a fun deck to play with. I got a lot of help from Rich Clarke, who runs nothing but Dragons and has done well with them in big events in the US.

Just curious, in your opinion, what is the number one reason you still play Yugioh?

I'm hooked, simple as. It's a fun game, you get to meet a lot of cool people, and if you know what you're doing it's a hobby you can make some money from.
The only reason I stopped playing the first time was because I didn't know that tournaments existed in Ireland and everybody nearby had stopped too.

As you know, this interview is part of a series of interviews
is there any particular place you want to be posted in?

Like an order? It doesn't really matter to me so long as it's 'out there'. I'll be posting it on my blog anyways, and most likely on Pojo too. DGZ has an interviews section if you want to post it there.

Final question: What is your favorite card of all time, and why?

Brain Control: it wins games!
(props to Stephen Lynam, for the phrase)

Okey. That’s it for the interview
any closing comments?

Everything has been pretty much said already, but if anybody's interested in more, head on over to my blog at You'll also find me modding the and forums. Till then, goodbye.

Okey, well thanks for coming to the interview today.

Cheers, any time.

Ladies and gentlemen, just remember, if you want to ask him anything, just call our operator, and he'll patch us through
Tune in tomorrow to 77.7288FM for an interview with another blogger.
Until next time,
You say it too.


Monday, November 23, 2009

Blogger Interviews: Day 2

Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the next of a series of interviews with some Yuigoh-bloggers around the world.

Today I will be interviewing Lam, the Malaysian blogger who maintains his Yugioh blog here

Okey. Interview starts now
Can you introduce a bit about yourself, and give some background on your Yugioh history?
I am 18, Started Yugioh About approximately 6-7 years ago. First deck I bought was the English edition Kaiba Deck
Any credentials you wanna state?
Any big tournaments topped?
No big tournament won actually, Highest I went was 16 with a RDD buster deck
Is this your first interview?
I think it’s a yes
Next question: What, in your opinion, makes a tier 1 deck a tier 1 deck, as opposed to just another deck out there?
Hmm, to make a tier 1 deck, all you needed is to focus on one of your fav theme or cards and mod it till the max. I believe Light Lords became that good is because of peoples time and effort to perfect it too
Interesting perspective
How often do you play?
If you Include PSP I think almost every day. Light If I have a month Holiday I might go to the card shop every week. But lately less due to ending of the semesters, there is lots of assignment coming up. Therefore I did not visit the card shop for about 3 months now. But I do play at least one time a week with my cousin.
How many hours a week, on average?
Yugioh on PSP I think 5-7 hours a week maybe?
Actual dueling is like 3-4 hours a week
Tops about 12 hours a week on the game.
I know people who sometimes go 12 hours at ONCE on the game.
What inspires your blog posts?
Inspire...hmm there is lots of things that inspire me on my post. Starbucks and New card series and driving maybe are usually the main factors that inspire me. Bloggers also inspire me on my post too. Among all of them, one of them is the interviewer himself Rauzes, Neux(charge) inspire me quite a lot too.... basically those who I follow or Link usually are the bloggers that are inspiring me on the blog post
Hmm. Okey.
I see from your blog that you create new decks every so often
How long a week do you spend developing new decks/new deck concepts?
Fridays and Saturday night only
and usually its midnights
Okey, so not much.
How many decks do you own, and how many of those decks are "high tier/built to win"
built to win would be LS, GB, BW, etc. those high tier stuff
High tier? Seldom... I don’t even know if My anti meta is considered as Anti meta or not... and I seldom collect cards light GB, BW , LS or etc. I am more to decks like MGS, Six Samurai, Dragunity or etc
And so how many decks do you currently own?
Which are?
Currently Ojama/ Six Samurai / Anti Meta / Archfiends + Earthbound God / Blue eyes
Interesting lineup.
What is YOUR number one reason to keep playing Yugioh?
Love the fun and social time hanging out with Yugioh players, and this game gave you the opportunity to think a lot...
Ok. Cool.
Just curious, since you’ve heard the rumors that these interviews are a series
When do you want to have your interview published?
First? Last? Or Second or In between?
And "I don’t care" is not an accepted answer
In the between then
Final question
What is your favorite card of all time, and why?
All time which since game started?
Dark Necrofear
And why?
Because it’s like one of the craziest card back then and its freaks kid out,
And is Usable in many fiend decks
Well, I guess that wraps it up.
Any closing comments?
Hmm not actually comment... But just a simple opinion
As always
Winning is not everything, the most important is the process of having fun
Well, thank you for your time Mr. Lam
Np same to you
Tune in tomorrow, ladies and gentlemen to 77.7288FM for an interview with another blogger.
You say it too.
It too.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Blogger Interviews: Day 1

Hello everybody and welcome to the first of a series of interviews with some Yuigoh-bloggers around the world.

Today, I will be interviewing Colin, the man behind the blog, Duel Society.

The URL Link to his blog is

Just tell me when you want to interview.

Ok ready

Hi Colin

Hi Rauzes

Is this your first interview?


Also I think you should be aware that everything you say
Can and will be upped onto my blog
Is that ok?

Yes no problem

It also can and might be edited to make you sound funny
Is that ok?

Sure no problem

First off, can you introduce yourself? Some of your Yugioh background, where you come from, and about your blog?

My name is Colin, age 20 this year, from Singapore.
I started playing Yugioh in the year 2004.
I was actually first introduced by a good friend of mine into playing the game on the game boy. After playing the game on the game boy for about 3 months, I got hooked onto the game and wanted to try the real thing. so yeap, I saved up money to buy the first deck I had, yugi structure deck 2.
So then I played till at around 2005
I became Singapore’s top 8 players at one of the Asia championship Singapore qualifiers when chaos soldier was still ruling around. Then in 2007, after seeing dueling days being set up, I felt inspired, with my best friend Kenneth, into making the blog, duel society.
Duel society is a blog where we will share our ideas and reviews about cards
Strategies and more

Ok cool
Any other credentials you wanna state?
Any other big tourneys you’ve topped?

Topped no but in the year 2008, I was top 8 again, in the Asia championships Singapore qualifiers.
Yeap that all for now

How often do you play Yugioh, DS and PSP games included?

For these days
I play Yugioh once a week at the card shop in khatib
Previously, I played Yugioh everyday
If including psp/ds I would be playing every day even now

How many hours per week on actual card? And for game?

On actual card would be 8 hours
On game would be around 15 hours

So about 2 hours a day? On game?

Around there

For you, what inspires your blog posts?

The cards that I see that are very interesting, or random ideas given by players when I play with them

Okey. I think the same goes for a lot of bloggers
Do you spend time developing new decks or new deck ideas?
If so, how much time?

Yes, usually around 3 - 4 hours or more
Depends if I have some real life activities going on or not

3-4 hours a week?

If a week
Around 5 -6 hours
But have been quite busy these days

Hmm. ok
You don’t usually post your new deck ideas on your blog, why?

I do
If u read previous posts of previous years there are quite a few decks
However before I post a new deck idea I tend to want to Photoshop a banner just for it first

I’m sure there are decks
You play just for fun
And others you build to have a high win rate.

That right

What is the ratio of the two deck types, approximately, that you own?

2: 2

Which decks do you currently own?

gladial beast, lightlord, wrath of neos, junkyard assault

Which one of those is your "main"?
The one you use and like the most?

Wrath of neos
I’m an E-HERO fan

Cool. Me to.
Okey. Final questions
What’s the #1 reason you keep playing Yugioh?

To face stronger opponents every major tournament

And your favorite card of all time?
One card only.
And reason why.

That’s hard
E-HERO Prisma
Reason? It’s a very versatile card
Plus it’s light

That’s all?
Not "it’s sparkly" or "it has high atk"?

I look for effects over attack
The art is really cool too btw

That’s all for this interview
Any closing comments?

Colin: alright
This is a fun interview Rauzes and
I really hope the ygo community in Singapore can continue to improve
For the major tournaments

Okey. Thanks for your time Colin

Colin: np
Thank you

Okey, well thanks for coming to the interview today.
Ladies and gentlemen, just remember, if you want to ask him anything, just call our operator and he'll patch us through
Tune in tommorow to 77.7288FM for an interview with another blogger.
Until next time,

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Into the Minds of Bloggers

This upcoming week, I will be interviewing some Yuigoh Bloggers.

These interviews will be posted throughout the week, one interview each day.

Look forwards to them!

Friday, November 20, 2009


Is the name of Shiva's Spear(Hindu myths)

Just random trivia yes, but if you notice, all Ice Boundary Dragons are named after legendary polearms.

But then, why are the Dragunity dragons named after polearms also?

Are the Dragunity monsters are lesser "copies" of the Ice Boundary Dragons?

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Macro Cosmos VS Dimensional Fissure, Revisited

Both do almost the same job, keeping monsters out of the graveyard, but each has its problems and weaknesses.

Heres another look comparing the two.

Macro Cosmos/マクロコズモス

Can remove from play Spirit Burner

Can be free-chained.

Can remove from play GB Chariot

Dimensional Fissure/次元の裂け目

Can be activated on the first turn you draw it

Wont be negated by Trap Stun

Cannot be negated by Oppression

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dark Valkyria Beat Playtesting

As you all remember, a while back I posted Dark Valkyria Beat, a Dark Valkyria based beatdown/destruction deck.

Quite a few players have picked this decktype up, and Ive managed to contact one player who picked up the deck and is currently running with it.

Here are his fixes he made to the deck, with reasoning.

FitzC. (on Pojo)

-3 shrink
-1 escape from the dark dimension
-1 Victom counter
-1 Sangan
I'll start with cards that I took out. The shrinks where very benefical at the beginning but a couple of test plays vs. Lightlords,blackwings, adn gladiator beast, I began to notice a pattern when they had card of multiply destruction I had a Valkyria and a set shrink which didnt do me any good so took them out. The same goes for the victom counters they helped stop solar recharges but Valkyria's Defense was to low to matter, so I took one out since it is still neccesary for the deck. As for the Escape two was just dead draw unless I went out of my way to remove it. Sangan Just so slow for my taste.

+1 Crimson Demon Fighter
+2 Krebons
+1 E-tele
+1 Future Fusion
+1 Choas Sorcserer
Now for those I added. Crimson Fighter- After a little bit a realized that two birthrights and a blaze wing butterfly werent enough special summon power, So I did wat any player does when there st***** for an Idea, I went to there I saw this card which at first i thought was a great solution but the special cost was a bit tough(a bought a day later I realized that i could just tribute summon him FitzC. Fail) and so he's in. Next is yet another tribute monster Caius He's in her because no with out shrink I was at a loss for monster desruction other valky so I decided since he can get rid of either back row or monsters. Now for the krebons and E-tele Just need more ways to get the powerful snychros there are ( got a couple after my Birthday) and krebons and E-tele where a favorite of mine plus he works with caius and crimson fighter. Chaos Sorc and Future Fusion These two are together beacuse they combo, plus F-Fusion always me to get Superalloy Raptinus and set my graveyard for both birthright plays and crimson fighter plays.

And I believe thats it for my changes If necssary I'll Pm you My current record. From 1 Duelist 2 another FitzC. Out

With all decks here, they merely illustrate concepts to happen, and have been initally balanced to fit testing, but if you want to take the decktype and run with it, it is important to make changes to fit to your meta and your own playstyle.