Friday, February 27, 2009

Gaurdian Monarch

This guy is Arsenal Summoner.
Wind, Spellcaster, 1600/1600/Level 4

Effect? Heres where we get broken.
FLIP: Add 1 card that includes "Guardian" in its name from your Deck to your hand.

Hmm. So WHY Is this broken, Rau?
Whats so good about the Gaurdian cards? Whats worth searching out? No really. What you going to bring to your hand? Gaurdian ELMA???
DCK on Steroids.
Its 10 times easier to summon, 20 times better in effect, 30 times easier to search out, and most of all, 100 freaking times easier to get.
NOT a Shounen prize
NOT a goddamn book promo

Core Chimail Gaurdian
The controller of this card sends 1 "Core-Chimair's Steel Core" from their hand to the Graveyard or reveals a Rock-Type from their hand during each of your End Phases. If you don't do either, this card is destroyed. When the effect of an effect monster is activated, you can tribute this card to negate the activation and destroy that monster.

I went ahead and made a deck around using Arsenal Summoner for getting advantage and beating down with Core Chimail Gaurdian.

Gaurdian Monarch!

Gorz, the Emmisary of Darkness

Raiza the Storm MonarchX2
Gaurdian SphinxX2
Caius the Wicked MonarchX3
Cyber Dragon

Core Chimail GaurdianX3
Arsenal SummonerX3
Spirit ReaperX1
Legendary Jujitsu MasterX3

Heavy Storm
Brain Control
Monster Reborn
Soul ExchangeX2
My Body as A SheildX3
Dark CallingX1

Bottomless Trap HoleX3
Mirror Force
Torrential Tribute
Mind CrushX2
Trap Dust Shoot

I might actually make this. Take apart that deck I was making a day before the new list, and make this.

All I need to do is get:
Arsenal SummonerX3
Dust Shoot
Mind CrushX2
My Body as A SheildX3

Some comboes, for those actually going to make this:

Core Chimail Gaurdian is a MASSIVE rock. MASSIVE. that means DARK GAIA with Caius. The 1 Dark Calling in here can be replaced or taken out altogether, but Ill test 1 in this deck, just because its always awesome to have a ridiculously broken topdeck.

Gaurdian Sphinx+Dust Shoot+Mind Crush
Hand Death FTW.

"Juju"X3 + RaizaX2: Major draw lock

Play tips:
Dark gaia is your LAST RESORT. Use it only if you are staring down a 4000 LP opponent with everything else in your graveyard and they have a Judgement Dragoon, an a blatantly set ryko, with you at 300 lp.

Save My Body as a Sheild for CCV. ALWAYS.

Dont rush.

Oh, and this isnt the deck being made from suggestions. Im working on that.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lack of new deck ideas.

Lately, I havent had good deck ideas. Im thinking of making a budget Neos beatdown, for both OCG and TCG.

So Im asking. What kind of deck do you want to be introduced/made for you?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A CLOSER look at Asmodeus

This card cannot be Special Summoned from the Deck or Graveyard. Once per turn, you can send 1 Fairy-Type monster from your Deck to the Graveyard. When this card you control is destroyed and sent to the Graveyard, Special Summon 1 "Asmo Token" (Fairy-Type/DARK/Level 5/ATK 1800/DEF 1300) and 1 "Deus Token" (Fairy-Type/DARK/Level 3/ATK 1200/DEF 1200). An "Asmo Token" cannot be destroyed by card effects. A "Deus Token" cannot be destroyed by battle.

Okey. Lets take a NEW look at it.
Level 8. Dark. Oh damn look at that right there. Trade in fodder and Allure fodder.

This card cannot be Special Summoned from the Deck or Graveyard.

Dont read this as "I cannot be special summoned." Read this as "I CAN be specail summoned from HAND, and RFG."
Thats right, RFG. Allure it off then DDR it back. Amazing stuff.

Once per turn, you can send 1 Fairy-Type monster from your Deck to the Graveyard.

To be honest, I totally missed this last time. I didnt even open the damn card and look at it. only listened to internet. Lesson learned: Internet leaves out stupid things.
This effect is nice, if you can line up an Asmodeus with an Athena right next to it, and grab to your hand an honest from your deck a turn. maybe this will help with hte last angel for Christia or DAD. But I dont see it being useful.
Okey MAYBE the Sky Scourges. Then, if you ARE running them, WHATS A DARK FAIRY doing in your deck?

When this card you control is destroyed and sent to the Graveyard, Special Summon 1 "Asmo Token" (Fairy-Type/DARK/Level 5/ATK 1800/DEF 1300) and 1 "Deus Token" (Fairy-Type/DARK/Level 3/ATK 1200/DEF 1200). An "Asmo Token" cannot be destroyed by card effects. A "Deus Token" cannot be destroyed by battle.

Key Word: Graveyard.
IE: Nothing will work if its Bottomless'd.
As for the 2 tokens, I see Asmo being run over VERY quickly, but Deus lasting for quite some time(2-3 turns)
I actually think these two tokens will be, 70% of the time, tribute fodder, or blown up VERY quickly.

Okey. now you see all 3 parts of the effect.

No, not really.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Are you in loss for a TCG deck for that Tournament on March XX?

Are you in loss for a TCG deck for that Tournament on March XX?

Well, look no further. Thanks to a request, I've designed a decklist thats simple and easy to use for you TCG players while you wait for your BF decks to be made, with your COMMON Sirroco! BFs are cheaper in english now!

Anyhows, meet Dragon Beatdown, for march 09.

Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon X3
Dragonic KnightX1
Cyber Dragonx1

Sapphire DragonX3
Morphing PotX1
Mirage DragonX2
Red Eyes WyvernX2
Masked DragonX3
Bomber DragonX1
Magna DragonX2

Heavy Stormx1
Monster RebornX1
Card of Safe ReturnX1
Smashing GroundX1
United We StandX1

Solemn JudgementX3
Dark BribeX3
Dimension PrisonX3
Mind CrushX2

How to play:
Summon Massive monsters
counter enemy's CCV and Mirror

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Dimension MAGIC

So, you bought that Lord of Magician Structure deck and harvested all the good cards from it. What not?
Today, I bring to you Dimension Magic, a new deck, based around, well, as the name suggests, Magicians. Another thing is that this deck is ridiculously cheap. In TCG it should cost 50 USD tops, if you replace the Mirror Force with a Terraforming.

Now to decklist! The following decklist is for TCG budget builders. The Above picture is for people who are in OCG. The TCG build has taken out everything that can be considered "Expensive" and replaced them with things that work for this deck.

2 Holy Magician King Endymion
1 Dark Red Enchanter
3 Royal Library
1 Skilled Dark Magician
1 Broken the Magical Warrior
2 Defender the Magical Knight
3 Apprentice Magician
1 Old Vindictive Magician
2 Crystal Seer

3 Dimension Fissure
3 Magical Dimension
3 Mana Seizure
3 Magical City, Endymion
2 D.D.R.
3 Mage Power
1 Brain Control
2 Terraforming
1 Scapegoat
1 Heavy Storm
1 Swords of Revealing Light

Heres how you play:
Use all sorts of Magic to accumulate counters.
Use Dimension Fissure + DDR to special summon Endymion
abuse the large amount of cards hanging around your backrow with Mage Power
Additionally, Apprentice Magician is not hurt by Dimension Fissure at all, allowing them to have some synergy.

The total cost of this deck in the OCG was around 25 USD.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Playing at Konami #2

I was ridiculously bored today, so I went to konami and played a bit.

I ran up against a Final Countdown deck, using Elysium. There were some moments where I really wanted a side deck. If I had one, I would pack 3 Dust Tornadoes, 1 MST, 3 Twister, and 2 of Each Cyberdark Part, just because against some decks, some are better than the other. And 3 of something like Burial from Diff Dimension. Kycoo=major pain.
Wow. 3 Set bottomless's really help when the only thing the enemy SUMMONS is, well, Nothing, considering he only sets indestrutable monsters.
Game 2:

Him: "I win after 20 Turns"
Me: "Im sorry, your not going to last even ten."
And alas, he didnt. 3000 ATK peircer flying at you every single turn is NOT pretty.

Undead Metabeat VS Lock Burn
Lock burn won. The Undead Metabeat guy is more or less FAIL. Lrn2Yugiohs, whoever was playing that.

I couldnt get more pics, but heres BFeathers VS BFeathers
What BFs are weak to: Indestruable by Battle. Therefore, syncro summon your Armored Wing/Collosal Fighter/Set your Mashmallon ASAP to win. I also think you should pack 2 pots of avarice when playing BF. It helps in the long run.
The guy on the right is a better player in general. He won.

I forsee Black Whirlwind being Semi'd and Gale being Semi'd come sept 09.

Black Feathers VS Crystal Earthbound God
Black Feathers, needless to say, absolutely ran over the earthbound gods.

Not many other pics of my own games.

Memorable Moments:
I have 50 life left, and the enemy has 8000. Nukes feild with JD, and hits Winged Kuriboh.
Next turn:
Does the same thing, hits winged Kuriboh, again.
Me: Cards in deck?
Him: *counts* Nine. Five now. If I dont kill you in 2 more of my turns, I lose.
Me: *Looks at hand of 3 Kuribohs and 1 Winged Kurbioh* Yeah. I agree.

Draw 5: Tounge TwisterX3, Ultimate Offering, Mashmallon. Draw into Caius. Use your imagination.

Oh, and I got 3 Asmoedus today.

Fallen Angel Asmodeus

Cannot be Spec.Summoned from Grave or Deck. 3000/2500. Dark/Fairy. When destroyed, Special summon 2 Tokens, one of which is indestructible by battle, and 1 of which is indestrutible by effects.

Rau's rating:
While this is really good in valhalla beatdown, its ONLY good in valhalla beatdown. Sure, its got a good effect, but the effect has too many requirements, and not being able to be special summoned from the grave can really hurt, especially with Athena schenanigans. Theres no reason to use more than 1, other than Trade in -fueled Valhalla beatdowns. If your using a Valhalla beatdown, use 2 if you have trade in. 1 if you dont.
8/10. Its hard to come by good art for cards these days, but the art is pretty damn good for this card.
Chaos Ring FTW.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Playing at Konami

Today, I went to Konami Card Game center and met up with some friends and played random people.

When onlooking a game of Meta Dragon(Fail) VS Sea Serpent ZERO, the one playing Meta Dragon was like whining: "This guys always using stuff that Core Chimail Drago wont stop!!!" to me.
I was like: "Dude then your just stupid for making back card choices."

I met a group of Uni students from my local. They were nice. I think they were team dueling as they all ran the exact same Rescue Syncro

I was going to get some Asmodeus, but the Bookstore I usually go to was closed. Will get tommorow and do reviews on the card.

Rescue Syncro VS Guilty/Plant, both March 09 List.
I managed to get "Teh Immortalz Powertool" running and supplying me with constant Snatch Steals for about 3 turns, as you can see, tides were turned. The 8200 of that pic is me. I think I won that duel, despite a blind call on Mark of Rose taking out two Marks.
Twas good Yugioh-ing. Especailly since the actual player was good enough to completely read all my moves, and I could read all of his, something onlookers commented on.
Him: "2 Set"
Me: "Yeah CCV and Summon Preist."
Onlookers: "What how can you tell?"
My turn:
Me:"Draw, attack w/ MagiAnd"
Him: "Open CCV tribute SumoPrei."
Onlookers: "EHHHHHHHH"
Him: "CHAIN! Mind Crash. Declare: Mark of Rose."
Onlookers: "EHHHHHH"(He didnt see my hand yet, at the time.)
It was a really, really good game. This is why I want a video camera.
It was a duel that made you, and others go: "Wow. THIS is why Yugioh is fun."
Yeah kinda like that.

A pic of Rescue Syncro VS Rescue Syncro mirror Match. Kinda a bad shot of the action.
The Chaos Sorcerer is RFPed on the left guy's side. the girl on the right lucksacked DAD and won, IIRC.
Sometime during the day, I went and bought 3 packs. Above are the "Good" pulls.
"Good" because nothing there is really worth anything except Chaos Sorcerer.
Oh. And I played Elysium against Skill Drain Plants. w/ Chalice.
In case you havent realized, Everything in Elysium is TOO SMALL to take down ANYTHING. What makes them good is their effects. Skill Drain Kills the deck. I was running like 4 different feild magics that would destroy plants, so it was kinda anti-anti match.
Bringing back Dandy while Black Garden on the feild=BAD IDEA.
In case you were wondering my hand:
Cyberdark Horn
Cyberdark Keel
Terra Forming
Dark Eruption

Meet the hand that says: "Cyberdarks are Broken". The Set card was Armageddon Knight. Pefect "Game over" situation if it were not for Skill Drain. Top decked into Heavy Storm.

Ill take more pics next time, with better scenes, I promise. Yes, most people were playing March 09 List, already. Sept 08 has too many OTKs.

March 09 Simple BFs + Korean PP3.

Today, we will see what BFs look like in the upcoming banlist. Note that what you see below is not perfect. I built this deck because one of my friends suddenly wanted to start Yugioh, for certain reasons. (inside joke). Ive decided to give him Black Feathers, as an inside joke as well. Long story. BUT WHO CARES! ITS A DECK!

Yugioh for beginners.
1 Gorz
2 Elfen
2 Sirroco
3 Shuura
3 Blast
1 Spirit Reaper
1 Sangan
3 Gale
3 Qalat
2 Blizzard

1 Dark Eruption
1 Against Wind
1 Monster Reborn
1 Dark Zone
1 Heavy
1 Allure of Darkness
3 Black Whirlwind

1 Torrential
1 Mirror Force
1 Ultimate Offering
1 Fake Feather

2 God Bird Attack
3 Delta Crow

Note that again, this deck was to introduce a bunch of concepts to a new player, so its got some rather random card choices at placed. for Me, I would take out Fake Feather, 1 Delta Crow, and 1 Against wind for 1 Dark Zone, 1 Ultimate Offering, 1 Dark Eruption.I cannot think of what to take out for 2nd Allure. Its pretty close to perfect though.

Extra Deck:
1 Goyou
2 Armored Wing
1 Arms Wing
2 Magical Android
1 Stardust
1 Collosal Fighter.

Thats what I'm giving him anyhows

How to play!
activate Black Whirlwind
Rape enemy with Broken syncro(S!) and Delta Crack, Anti Everything.
Oh did I mention?
Swarm some more!

Seriously this deck needs a: "Pay 1/2 your life: Replace 1 Spell/trap zone with Monster Zone."

Black Feathers=Cheap and Easy. Come on, FIVE foils at most for the most basic? 6 if you count Gorz?
3 Sirroco
2 Allure
1 Gorz
And nothing else is needed.

I also opened another 5 packs of Korean PP.

Eh. No Prisma. Good thing 2 Raiou, an Athena, and a Valhalla

OOH! Whats this? THE SECRET RARE???????




No really.

I should make Neos beat.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

March 09 Kuriboh Monarchs + Korean Premium Pack 3

Today, a box of Premium Pack 3 in Korean came by mail. Thanks to my cousin in Korea.
5 Packs were opened.

Ive also built my deck, which will probally stay like this for quite some while.
Now, with E.Tele limited, it kinda forces me to find a new form of easy Tribute fodder. In the form of Ultimate Offering at 2. Ive started using the Twister Turbo gimmick I made back in December in this deck.

Side Deck

And Extra:

The one you cannot see due to the blur is Magical Android.

Decklist(For those too lazy to click the damn pictures)
Kin-Kuri-Yomi-Tan-Tei GACHI Ver.
緊クリ黄泉タン帝 -ガチver.

1 Gorz
3 Caius
2 Raiza
3 Tounge Twister
2 Vanity Feind
1 Cyber Dragon
1 Mashmallon
1 Spirit Reaper
3 Krebons
3 Kuriboh
2 Winged Kuriboh
1 Treeborn Frog

1 Emergency Teleport
3 Kuriboh Summoning Flute
2 Allure of Darkness/アリュール・オブ・ダークネス
1 Pot of Avarice
1 Brain Control
1 Monster Reborn
1 Heavy Storm
1 Giant Turnade
1 Mystical Space Typhoon

2 Ultimate Offering
1 Mirror Force
1 Torrential Tribute

2 Jinzo
1 Vanity Feind
2 Mobeius
2 Trap eater
1 Fissure
1 Smashing Ground
1 Transmigration Prophecy
2 Graveyard of SuperAncient Creatures
3 Manevolent Catastrophe

2 Stardust Dragon
1 Mist Wurm
1 Mental Sphere Daemon
1 Red Daemons Dragon
2 Black Rose Dragon
1 X Saber Urbellum
1 Goyou Gaurdian
1 Gigantic Fighter
1 AOJ Catastor
1 Chain Dragon
1 Frembel Ulkizas
1 Magical Android
1 Chimeratech Fortress Dragon

Replies to previous comments:
I cannot comment on how hard Japanese was to learn for me. I was raised to speak it at a young age. English was similar situation for me.
Also, Firebot, you are the resason singapore is on that list on previous post.]

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

So who reads this blog?

Hello all. First blog post from school but who cares about that right? Later today Ill put up a decklist of my deck for the upcoming banlist. Guilty/Plant March09 will have to wait a bit.

Im just curious where people come from that read this blog. can Everyone comment in the comments section below, as anonymous if you want, and tell me what country you are from.
Dont worry I cannot track you. I dont want to track you even if I did.

So far, thanks to the people whove added me on MSN, I kinda know I have many readers in South East Asia(Indonesia, malaysia, Singapore, Brunei).

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tier Ranking predictions come March

Tier 1:
OIC What u did thar.
Tier 1.5:
Rescue Syncro
Demise Bomber
Tier 1.75:
Lightlords w/ Really really good tech
Tier 2:
Guilty/Plant(yeah I wish)

New Banlist Thoughts.

Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Boundary, Card of Safe Return, Chaos Sorcerer, Dark Armed Dragon, Emergency Teleport, Gladiator Beast Bestiari, Goyo Guardian, Mezuki, Plaguespreader Zombie, Reinforcement of the Army

Allure of Darkness, Destiny Draw, Destiny Hero - Malicious, Goblin Zombie, Gold Sarcophagus, Green Baboon, Defender of the Forest, Mind Crush, Raiza the Storm Monarch, Ultimate Offering

Book of Moon, Manticore of Darkness, Nobleman of Crossout, Phantom of Chaos, Twin-Headed Behemoth

Hello all. Today I will review the NEW banlist. A deck that Ill probally use will be up tommorow.
Brionac Limited: I didnt expect this so soon, with Gold Series and all but yeah. Broken card needs to be limited.
COSR Limited: It had it coming
Chaos Sorcerer: I saw it coming
DAD: Same deal
E. Teleport: This isnt a limited card. it should be semi.
Beastiari limited: Now we wont have a GB dominated format. RGBT+ This limited=dead GB.
Goyou: WHAT???? That was random.
Mezuki+PSZ: Way to kill Zombie syncro. Awesome stuff.
RoTA: Just return it to Semi, konami.

Raiza the Storm Monarch, Ultimate Offering
I LIKE. Monarch dominated format, coming right up.
The rest I have no comment.

now unlimited was wtf.
Book of Moon, Manticore of Darkness, Nobleman of Crossout, Phantom of Chaos, Twin-Headed Behemoth
Manti is no longer semi material with COSR limited. Nobleman of Crossout? That was supposed to go back to limited.
PhanChaos is understandable

Most WTF of all:
Twin Headed Behemoth.
By its very NATURE it should be limited.

Comments on banlist in general:
Okey there goes my new deck.

Monday, February 16, 2009

What Plants need to become tier 0

Remove this card in your graveyard from play. Special summon 1 Plant-type monster in your graveyard.

Then Weed will move up the tuner tier.

Tuner tier:
1: Krebons/Zombie Carrier
2: Psychic commander/Weed.
3: Everything else


Life is a love comedy. The only difference between people is if they are the leading characters, or the (homo) side characters.

My school's internet firewall blocked Meebo now. NO MORE MSN AT SCHOOL = MAJOR FAIL.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bad time to make new decks.

Happy Valentines day to everyone, one day late. How was your special day with your special someone?

Anyhows. Rumors of new banlist are floating around. Just a reminder to everyone, the official one is out "officially" on next friday, and so the official one will be out next weds or so.

Despite the risk of everything going banhammer'd, Im making a new deck right now. Chances of this new deck getting smacked hard by the banlist is low, due to the lack of reliance opn DAD. UNLESS they do something stupid and limit dark grepher or something. Hopefully this deck will be my new tournament deck.

Also, forbidden chalice=freaking win.

Is everyone else holding back on making decks until next weds?

Friday, February 13, 2009

Raging Battle GETS

Today, Raging Battle goes on sale "officially"
Is what I bought today.
In Raging battle, my chase cards:
Power Tool Dragon, preferably Hologram.
Trident Dragion
Core Chimail PowerHand
Core Chimail Drago
Graveyard of Super Ancient Creatures.

Oh my. What booster promos did konami give us THIS TIME???
for CRMS we got a deck box. For Lord of Magician they gave us Magic Counters. For Gold Series they gave us crap.
What did they give us this time?
Then again dont we all shell out cash for peices of cardboard?

Now to opening packs.

First, We open Korean Premium Pack 3. Eah pack was 100 yen/1 USD.
The Good from this:
Remember, total cost was 3 USD.

Well, Terra Firma is just because I need it to use Prisma in my Absolute Zero deck, and I have to return my friend's soon.
I wanted from this: Prisma, Valhalla, Forestman. LaDD was nice, though.

Now for Raging Battle Opening.
Box 1:
The Rare:
Talk about bad pulls. The only saving grace in this box was 1 Power Tool Dragon as Ultra.

The Very Good and the WTF Broken(in no order)

Hopefully this time Ill get good pulls.

Yeah. Level 7 Tuner? Thats the normal rare.
1 Quallat and 1 Anti Reverse, AGAIN
Good: Trident Dragion, for its art, and Graveyard of Super Ancient Creatures.
Oh my god not another Explode Wing Dragon...

So anyhows:
The "Awards" for this new set.

The award for most WTF art!!!
A TIE!!!!
Between Over Dead Line, and Deformer - iPod!!!
Seriously Over Dead line has the most wtf art. I see a zombie form of a feind. NOT a plant
Then again plants=zombies.
Deformer - iPod just screams: "Hi, my name is Konami and I'm Apple's *****."

Lets move on.
Award for awesome artwork.
Goes to:

Trident Dragion!

Seriously thats some awesome looking art. Reminds me of Magic the Gathering.

Well, thats all for today. Now everyone get used to being absolutely raped by Black Feathers.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Power Tool Dragon is broken.

1 Tuner + 1 or more non-Tuner monsters
Once per turn during your Main Phase, you can select 3 Equip Spell Cards from your Deck. Your opponent chooses one at random. Add the chosen card to your hand and shuffle the others into your Deck. If this card would be destroyed, you can send an Equip Spell Card equipped to this card to the Graveyard to prevent this card from being destroyed.

This+Gilfer Demon=Broken Much?

Monday, February 9, 2009

Videos of Drama performance...

In case you dont know, Im part of the drama club at my school. We have like 3 Drama Rooms but theres only like 1 club.
We performed on friday. Thats why I havent been updating recently.

Ive been watching some of the videos of them today.
My thoughts:
Holy crap do I really talk with such an "epic" voice that all the time?
Holy crap how did we get 400 people watching. All I saw was a blurrr without my glasses.
My thoughts while on stage:
Dont screw up your lines dont screw up your lines

Anyhows. We had 5 plays. I was lead in 2, Jobbed in 1, and directed 1 and wrote the other.

Was fun. Back to wasting time with card games.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Super Draw Gilfer!

Today, I used Super Draw Guilty against my main deck. Its actually faring quite well. A couple of changes for more consistency and its running quite smoothly. Considering both decks have the EXACT same concept(Derp Derp Monarch DAD blow up feild otk), I dont think its a very good indicator, but oh well.

Newest version:

SDG- Super Draw Gilfer

->Monsters / 11+ 10
>2 DAD

>1 Gorz The Emmisary of Darkness
>3 Gaius The Evil Monarch
>1 Raiza The Storm Monarch
>1 Cyber Dragon
>3 Gilfer Demon

>2 Armageddon Knight
>2 Necro Gardna
>1 Sangan
>1 Spirit Reaper
>1 Morphing Pot
>2 Mask of Darkness
>1 Night Asailant

->Magic / 11
>1 Perfect Storm

>2 Dark World Dealings
>3 Allure of Darkness
>1 Monster Reborn
>3 Falling Down

>1 Foolish Burial

->Trap / 8
>3 Reckless Greed

>1 CCV
>3 Goblin Good Housekeeping
>1 Mirror Force

Comments: Mirror Force is a GODDAMN DEAD DRAW. Yell at me for saying this but ever since I started getting Mirror Forces and using them, theyve been total dead draws.
Dark World dealings is good. Though I only have about 6 Things I WANT to use with it.

Thoughts on Guilty/Metabeat

Remember THIS Post?
I said that Metabeat would work with Guilty.
Ive just realized how it wont work. With metabeat, your 5 spell/trap slots are taken up by:
Oppression, Solemn, Skill Drain, and maybe bribe. What this means is that you can equip gilfer, and nothing else will happen. you dont have the spell/trap slot for Falling down.

So it wont work.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Guilty/Plant. Side into SIX Snatch Steals!

Upper: 11
Dark Armed DragonX2
Gorz the Envoy of Hades
Raiza the Wind Monarch
Gaius the Evil MonarchX3
Archfeind of GilferX3
Cyber Dragon

Lower: 14
Armageddon KnightX2
Mystic TomatoX2
Spirit Reaper
Necro GardnaX2
Morphing Pot
Copy Plant
Lonefire BlossomX3

Spell: 11
Falling DownX3
Mark of the RoseX3
Heavy Storm
Monster Reborn
Mystical Space Typhoon
Foolish Burial
Pot of Avarice

Crush Card Virus
Threatening RoarX3

Draw Lonfire:
Sac Lonefire for another lonefire, then that for another, then bring out dandylion OR Mystic Tomato in defence. Mystic tomato will open up into an Armageddon Knight, dumping Gilfer for you! Proceed to steal enemy monsters, and tribute summon your own monarchs.

Changes from the previous Guilty Control:
This deck is significantly slower than the old version. The OLD version had Reckless Greed AND Goblin Good housekeeping to fuel it and give it speed. This doesnt have much at all.
Thats why the 3 Threatening Roars are there. I've applied the same concept as my main deck. If you live, you can turn the tables. Threatening Roar keeps you alive for one turn. And with 6 Snatch Steals, you pretty much win EVERY topdeck war.
However, on game 2, you might want to side in Royal Decree.

A Paint.Net production. Awesome stuff.

I want to get a video camera sometime. I want to post videos on YouTube of these decks in action. What do you think?

Super Draw LaDD

since there was a request for the decklist of SDL, Ive decided to post it here. I personally dont think Super Draw LaDD works very well, but thats just me.

D-Hero PlasmaX3
D Hero DogmaX1
D-Hero DasherX2
D-Hero MaliciousX3
E Hero AirmanX1
Dark GrepherX3
Junk SyncronX2
Zombie CarrierX2
Psycho CommanderX2

Trade inX2

Monday, February 2, 2009

New Idea with Guilty.

After playtesting Super Draw Guilty, it turned out like the SDL. it can DRAW and it can DRAW really good. what it CANNOT do is Win. It was nice testing it out though.
I have realized that there is one deck that Guilty control can hold its ground against all odds.
That is metabeat.
Skill Drain + Oppression do NOT affect the Guilty Engine AT ALL(2 Foolish, 3 Falling down, 3 Gilfer).
Heck. If I didnt use DADs and Exodios I wouldnt be affected by Oppression(save reborn).

Fun things:
Steal Honest. Retreive honest. equip Gilfer. Steal Gokuen. Attack with Gokuen. Use Honest.

New project:
Putting Metabeat with Skill Drain Opression.

Big Problem: Skill Drains and Opressions cost a BOMB in OCG.
My backup tournament deck has Skill Drains though.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Draw Gilfer

Hello all. Today, I have a new decklist for netdeckers out there.
the name:
SUPER DRAW GILFER!!!(omigawds)

I saw Super Draw LiDa today, and it kinda failed. It basically went: "OMIGAWDS I CAN DRAW UP MY DECK IN ONE TURN!!!". and I was like: "Yeah and you cant do ANYTHING ELSE!".

So I came home and decided on making a new deck using the super draw idea and making fun of it. That day I was using Guilty Control, and it actually works(wow.) So I decided to work off the Guilty Control deck.


Archfeind of GilferX3
Dark Armed DragonX2
Gorz the Emmisary of DarknessX1
Gaius the Wicked EmperorX3
Raiza the Wind EmperorX1
Cyber DragonX1

Armageddon KnightX2
Killer TomatoX1
Mask of DarknessX2
Necro GardnaX2
Spirit ReaperX1

Falling DownX3
Heavy StormX1
Monster RebornX1
Pot of AvariceX1
Mystical Space TyphoonX1
Allure of DarknessX3
Dark World DealingsX3

Crush Card VirusX1
Goblin Good HousekeepingX3
Reckless GreedX3

Basic Playing:
Basically the gameplan of Super Draw LaDD except with a WIN CONDITION.