Thursday, August 6, 2009

Skyrocketing popularity.


Yeah this is at 10:30 AM.

Head over to for a two part interview between JaeLove and myself, which might shine some light on Japan and its OCG for you.

Go-YGO is a Strategy site written by JAELOVE, and basically go there if you wanna win.

So yeah. Thanks for dropping by, all those linked from the interview. I feel honored.

For those who are linked by Go-YGO, please give me your opinions via the link. Details will be after the link.

@Skyline: No fc2 because the blogs that I drew inspiration off of to make this blog were on blogger? Other than that I dont know. Blogspot gives a nicer URL or something. Whatever floats your boat.

Edit: 6PM



  1. Boltizar on Pojo
    -In fairness, Mr. Jaelove does his share of advertising that site of his on Pojo. :3
    I guess many of us TCGers on Pojo, and more in Mr. Jaelove's circle, have been waiting for someway to keep better tabs on the OCG but hadn't found a more reliable source than Shriek (which only lists the decks but never goes into further detail) for a while now.
    You're on my toolbar so expect a new regular :3

  2. Hahahaha~!

    I knew that good things would've come of my telling you to go to DGZ, but who'd've expected Jae to make a blog around the same time and then find you?

    Don't you just LOVE how circumstances work, Rau?

  3. i see.

    are you going to visit worlds tournament?


  4. @Atem: Yes. yes indeed.

    @Skyline: Cant. Wont be in Tokyo this weekend