Monday, August 24, 2009

The SD to buy for the new format...

Is SD13.

Trade In, Call of the Haunted, Foolish burial, all in the same box.

AND MORE!(Morphing Pot)


  1. Boltizar on Pojo
    -Too bad it's out of print, at least in the TCG (its equivalent anyway).
    Oh and Herald of Creation, Night Assailant (for Spy and Guard), and Malevolent Catastrophe.

    This Structure was so much better than it was given credit for.

  2. Deck is hard to find and is expensive in the US. Most stores sell it for like $15-$20. I ended up trading for my Morphing Jar/Pot, bought my Foolish Burials online with some birthday money, bought Call of the Haunted a few months ago in a common bin, and Trade-Ins I can get with the new Turbo Pack.

    Those are all still very good cards though. Makes the deck worth buying but it's hard to find. But why specifically for this format?

  3. When will you post your latest build of your Junk and Debris Deck? I know Sept 1st is around the corner but I want to see the decklist that you used in this video and explain some of the combos. Why Cross Porter so much? I understand he gives you a unlimited supply of tributing monsters to ss Neo Spacians but please explain. Crush Card Target is obvious as well.