Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Snake(Video Game) needs to be re-named into: "I wanna be the Ouroboros".

It makes sense!

Also I sense a disturbance in the blogosphere... people are going to whine about something totally unexpected when the banlist comes out!


  1. I have to agree with you. As for the new ban list. This one is actually kind of hard to accurately predict this time around. Unlike previous formats[DAD Return,Tele-DAD,ETC...]

  2. When have they NOT complained about the ban list and how "Konami knows nothing about this game" comment. Just gotta wait to see what they new target will be.

  3. what do you think is going to get hit since the ban list goes by the ocg
    do you feal that dsf has been out long enough to be banned so do you think they will leave it at one until they reptint it and sell out of the reprint

    also, you dont think ls will get hit since their missing cotlb and aurkus which are the selling points of the pack that comes with our exclusives

  4. I personally accept 2 directions of the ban list:

    1. Diabolic, Kin-Tele, Carrier, Mezuki, Goblin Zombie, D-draw, Allure, Brionac, Goyou, Bestorourii, Judgment Dragoon, Rescue Cat, Summon Priest ALL at 3

    2. Ban Dark Dive Bomber, Rescue Cat, Airman (yes, it's Airman). Limit Gale.

    Would these help the current situation?