Sunday, August 2, 2009

Somebody Call NINE ONE ONE

Good day everyone.

Well, its been a while since I posted a deck, so I was trying to build a few decks, to little or no avail.

Well, long story short I heard this song on TV, and got half inspired half looking for the song to put on my IPod.

So, anyhows, burn decks.

The biggest burn cards out there are Chain Strike, Hidden Barrel, Just Desserts, etc.

So, why not throw in some token creation, to fill up the enemy's field with Tokens, half stopping his swarm moves, and at the same time feedin Just Desserts and Hidden Barrel.

Since Ojama Trio is limited, a similar card, Revival Gift, was what I chose to use.

And due to the synergy between Junk Syncron and Volcanic Scattershot I happen to stumble upon some time ago, and the nice burn it comes with, Ive decided to pick Junk syncron as the tuner.

To flesh out the rest of the concept, I included heavy burn cards, such as the 1000 damage dealing Meteor of Destruction and Tremendous Fire, as well as Fire Trooper.

This deck employs chain strike parts(of note is Fairy Wind, very effective in Chain strike builds), but due to the fact that Chain strike being semi-limited, has to employ spike burn cards.

The result is a full burn deck.

Somebody Call NINE ONE ONE

3 Junk Syncron/ジャンク・シンクロン
3 Des Koala/デスコアラ

2 Volcanic Scattershot/ヴォルカニック・バックショット

2 Fire Trooper/ファイアー・トルーパー
2 Solar Flare Dragon/プロミネンス・ドラゴン
2 UFO Turtle/UFOタートル

1 Mashmallon/マッシュマロン

1 Morphing Pot/メタモルポット

2 Meteor of Destruction/デスメテオ
2 Tremendous Fire/火炎地獄
2 Chain Strike/連鎖爆撃

2 Poison of the Old Man/ご隠居の猛毒薬
1 Reinforcements of the Army/増援

1 Heavy Storm/大嵐

1 Monster Reborn/死者蘇生

3 Secret Barrel/仕込みマシンガン

1 Ojama Trio/おじゃまトリオ

3 Just Desserts/自業自得

1 Magic Cylinder/マジカルシリンダー

1 Ceasefire/停戦協定
2 Fairy's Wind/妖怪の風
2 Revival Gift/リバイバル・ギフト

To answer your question, Yes, I really like the song.


  1. 119 since you live in Japan lol.

  2. Nine One One sounds cooler/applicable to more people.