Monday, August 31, 2009

So Xenocreative gets wind of Junk and Debris

The Eye of Truth Tries to Steal Junk and Debris

Cool right?


The Eye of Truth "features" my deck without bothering to consult me as to how to make it TCG friendly and for me to link to him on my blog

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  1. weak sauce. That sucks :(

    My little brother had been looking to build a new deck for a while and i showed him one of you junk/debris decks a few weeks ago.

    He's came up with a deck using the junk/debris engine with Tuningware, Treeborn frog, and Nimble Momongas. It synchros like crazy and even with BRD at 1, he uses it 2-3 times a game because of Pot of Avarice. It's a phenomenal deck. Truly unique, nobody in the local areas have seen anything like it before.

    Trident Dragion has never seen so much play before.

    Plus, he's having a BLAST using it. People have a blast playing against him cause it isn't a LS, BW, GB, PlantSD deck.

    The Junk/Debris engine is amazing. Kudos for coming up with and sharing it, even if some people don't give you credit.

    So despite these guys pulling the rug under your feet, know that the idea is stirring up new decks in Northern California.

    Pretty cool when you think about it.