Monday, August 17, 2009

Allure Gambit

No other cards in your hand, just allure.

You could survive for one more turn thanks to Necro Gardnas set Threat roar, or your opponent is just messing with you.
But only one turn.

Meaning that your top deck means everything if you dont do it.

But you have no idea what your topdeck is.

You could just as easily pull a tide turning card and a dark monster, as you would a full hand discard.

Keep in mind that the one turn that they leave you means they could possibly get an out to your "solution".

Also, by taking the allure gambit and it failing, you draw a card you normally wouldnt have/would have discarded if you didnt.

Would you take the Allure gambit?

Dont comment like: whats the situation. The situation is any time you topdecked allure on an empty hand/field.


  1. So, wait, you tell us that we can either take a gamble right now w/ 2 possible outcomes

    or we wait

    and either expend the Gardnas to survive to the next Draw Phase, and draw a DARK monster thereby making Allure a certifiable play

    or expend the Gardnas to survive to the next Draw Phase, and draw something else thereby making Allure no more a risk than before


  2. Edited to actually make sense.

  3. Now THAT is better.

    It's a simple matter of thinking - who actually NEEDS the extra time more, you, or him?

    If you're in this "Allure Gambit" situation, you are PROPER FUCKED. This is just about the worst thing that can happen to someone. Extra time for you is "time not spent dead on the ground bleeding out".

    Extra time for the opponent, in most cases, is "I win by more LP than before" time.

    The concept of not waiting for fear of their drawing an out neglects the shittiness of the present situation.

    The proper answer is a round, solid NO to the gambit.

  4. It really does matter on what my opponent has/ has played, but most of the time no.

  5. Don't gambit, but use the Gardnas, next turn try Allure if you drew a DARK monster. But either way means you lose, since you got no advantage and the opponent can wail at you all they want.

  6. The only way you should use Allure is if you have a Dark Monster in your hand, not hoping to draw one (unless you need to survive).

  7. Gamble ftw... Have faith on your next draw

  8. Ok after reading this it sort of all depends on the scenario in which you are in.

    If check your graveyard and do a quick count of Monsters vs S/T and remember how you had drawn in that game the stats could probably work for or against you depending on your count of whats in your grave.

    In the scenario that your s/t count is more than your monster count it would probably be best to go for the allure just to dig deeper into your deck with the better chance of drawing into what you need.

    If your s/t is lower then you're better off waiting becaus there is a chance youd draw a defensive s/t to help you survive yet another turn while you wait for a dark monster.

    Thats how id handle the situation if it were me.

  9. I'd have the number of Darks in my deck memorised before the duel even started, then count the number of Darks I've already gone through in this game. Then count/estimate the number of cards in deck, whether I need a Dark to top out of the situation or a spell/trap.

    Basically, I'd initially weigh up the odds of if I'll have a Dark to remove. If the odds are high enough I'll play it.

  10. playing allure with no had is a very situational event
    like if i have 8000 with a good feild im not going to bother playing it
    where as if im in the red zone with no feild and im going to lose regardless of what i draw with allure then obviously im going to play it
    theres a fine line between how desperate you are for if your going to play allure with no dark
    but im most cases if i can survive the turn i wont play it so i can see one more card so the odds of having a dark are beter

  11. Taking the "Allure Gambit" is usually for desperate situations. I personally, if I could live one more turn and I am nearly 100% on it that I can, I'd wait one turn to see what I draw then take the gambit if the card I drew was not a Dark variant monster. There is also another gamble I can take within the "Allure Gambit" and that is that even if I do not draw a monster, it'll possibly help mill my deck out to the card I need, assuming I don't mill the card I need in the first place. Usually you'd have to put on a % ratio for this, knowing what's already been in the grave and what's left in the deck, also how many cards left. So, probably trying to figure out the % of the certain card you need to appear within the possible next 3 cards (Two card draw from Allure and one card from the next draw phase).

  12. I should say Yes when my opponent is 100% sure to win next turn if I do nothing or set the Allure.
    If not, why gamble

  13. I don't understand why we can't ask for the situation. It's VERY important, when you have nothing but Allure in hand, to know the rest of the situation. There's a huge difference between, let's say, an Allure in hand after a Norleras Nuke, and your opponent using Airbellum and Gatoms to discard all but 1 card in your hand, while he still has strong field presence and 3 cards in hand.

    Also, the percentage of Dark monsters in your Deck counts as part of the situation as well, and is almost equally important. If your deck contains nothing but Allures and Dark monsters, I would obviously activate Allure.

    In other words, not enough information to decide.

  14. I will just gambit. Its my style. Hahaha