Friday, August 7, 2009

For people new to blogging.

Greetings my readers.

Ive noticed recently, in these two months, Ive seen an increase in Yugioh blogs.

But In my history of blogging/reading blogs, Ive seen many blogs been born, and die out.

So, in light of my newfound fame(see previous post), Ive decided to give a ten bits of advice to you new bloggers.

1: Make friends. Know some people on an IM/Email basis before starting your blog. This gives you a few people to give constructive criticism, as well as a few people to be your first followers.

2: Dont rush and get a banner/fancy layout. Too much focus on that will offset the focus on your blog. In the earlier weeks/months/years of the blog, dont worry about a fancy personal look. A Blogspot template is just fine.

3: Make your posts appealing. Pictures. Banners. Colors. Maybe not so fancy but colors really help. A wall of text, especially with one of your first posts, is almost certain to cut off readers and followers. I use card images, color my decklists. PJ uses pictures. JaeLove has a blog for people who will read it all anyways. Claudio keeps things short(well, most of the time.) Visual appearances mean a lot.

4: No comments doesnt mean nobody cares. It means most of their questions are answered, that you did a good job. It doesnt automatically mean they arent interested.

5: Keep communications open. MSN, AIM, whatever you use. Readers will contact you via this and ask questions. Also a good way to know your readers.

6: No Ads. Especially if your going to put card/anime/fanart images on your blog. Fanart maybe with the creators permission, but the others might bring with them less viewers because theyre offset by ads, or just people there to sue you.

7: Dont be discouraged. Not many people will read your blog in the beginning. Its OK. Not many people will comment. Its OK. People will troll your blog and hack it. This is NOT OK, but dont be discouraged anyhows. You'll probally have about 3 to 5 people reading your blog when you start(Unless your someone with a name for themselves like PJ or JAELOVE) . This will increase.

8: Good spelling, Good grammer. It goes a long way. If you arent a native english speaker, like myself, try your best.

9: Popularity aint instant. It took 100 days to get 5000 page hits for me, personally, and even that is on the VERY good side(for yugioh blogs).

10: Talk to other bloggers. Advice, criticism, ideas, etc are best given from someone who knows what your doing.

Also, Coming Soon: Playing Junk and Debris, the expanded version.(because a lot of people who are playing it are probally doing misplays/illegal moves left and right)

Also, keep in mind the voting ends soon. Vote and have your voice heard.

Thats all for today


  1. Good article :)

    If you want to interview me with regarding stuff I know about blogging, please go ahead :)

  2. If you could post a tip or two for the new bloggers it would be great.

    Blogs need to take individual pathes, so the best/most you can do is start them off, and make sure they go.

  3. Its actually "grammar." hee.

  4. Reading your blogs have influenced me to write my own, I hope I can take in more inspiration from you guys!

  5. Yes. Your blog I saw and It inspired me to write this post.

    Yours and about 5 others started this week.