Monday, August 31, 2009

Best deck to counter the new format...

Skill Drain + Necrovalley/Gravekeepers + Oppression

With burn as your win condition.

Kills Vaayu, GBs, LS, Undead Synchro, Light Undead, Junk and Debris, Absolute Zero Variants, Plants, Monarch variants, Superbia Turbo, and Chaos Recruiter(not the recruiter part, more the Chaos and what IS recruited)

Loses bad to Drain Neos Beat and Another Neos Beat variants.
That is, IF you dont run any Hero Blast and Oversoul spam.


  1. Im curious why everyone is overlooking Plant decks as a true Teir 1 deck in this new format. In truth all you need is 13 cards in a deck to have it classified as a "plant deck"

    2 x Tytannial
    2 x Lonefire
    3 x Botanical Lion
    3 x Black Garden
    3 x Pollinosis

    I mean its the only deck that now offically has a solid "solemn" card effect in pollinosis. Why is everyone overlooking this??

    I do agree that Necrovalley will probably be one of the most powerful decks if constructed probably. I do need to go find some spys and such. The overabused part of this deck will be its dark attribute and the fact that here in the US dark decks are plentiful with ideas.

  2. Boltizar on Pojo
    -I like this idea, but I feel the hype of X-Sabers will "cut" this deck's chances early on, at least in the TCG.
    Yes, Skill Drain negates many of the effects including the handless combo. As does Necro Valley and Oppression.
    But Saber Slash bypasses all three Spells/Traps and can be run in threes.
    Many burn decks seem rely on a Continuous backfield, and at least a few cards in the hand.
    X-Sabers may "cut" right through whatever this deck can dish out while keeping pace with the other decks in the format.

  3. The burn theme doesn't really need to be present in the is format. Burn is an inopperable idea considering breaker is at 3, Raiza, and all the other S/T removal/returners that can be run at 3.

    Also burn takes FOREVER to set up properly even if your burning them for almost 1000 a turn.

    I've heard rumor that X/XX sabers can swarm. I've yet to see it myself but im sure its there. As for Gravekeepers, its still a good idea but with tweaking. I think the major focus of the deck would be the Feild Spell. It shuts down so many ideas. LS cant Necro your attacks, DAD cant even activate its effect, No CotH for anyone. I realize that everyone that reads this blog realizes this but I still feel its worth saying.

  4. From what I've gathered, many people practicing X-Sabers aren't using Saber Slash because of the swarm capabilities and the fact it requires you to destroy a specific number of face-up cards.

    I've always liked Gravekeepers, the format right before Synchros arrived won me a regionals with a Gravekeeper Dark World deck abusing Royal Tribute as early as possible and running Deck Devastation Virus with it to help with the control element, but sadly with the ease of synchroing now, I doubt the deck would hold up.

    Running Skill Drain though would be an interesting option to add to that deck, with the general lack of S/T removal being played and Solemn practically out of worry...

  5. Yes, Double-X Saber can swarm, but WITH SPECIAL SUMMON. Royal Oppression say Hi.

    And I personally do not like Lock-burn, too dangerous
    and with Skill Drain how am I going to burn? Just with 3 Wave Cannon?

  6. petqwe:

    wave motion cannon is a powerfull card my friend had always played burn and that card is one of those i fear most.

    i havent played yugioh in like 2 months and with 3 breaker who knows

  7. I want a Deck build for this...

    I was thinking on using Cards like Card Guard to add counters to Necrovalley and Skill Drain on top of using the new Trap card called Imerpial Custom to keep my Continous Traps safe while I am able to use Heavy Storm, MST, Twister, Nobleman of Extermination...

    Need a General Deck Build I had one but it consisted of like 18 traps which Royal Decree says Goodbye to.

    The General idea is to use Card Guard to add Counters to Necrovalley, Skill Drain, Oppression, and Wave Motion Cannon and with Pot of Avarice x2 I can replenish my Card Guards.