Saturday, August 29, 2009

Something I doubt many others have noticed:

Detonation can be activated without any Kuriboh or Kuriboh tokens on the field.

Multiply tributes Kuriboh as an effect, not a cost.

Kuriboh released for Multiply need not be on your field.

Kuriboh released for multiply need not be a monster.

You guys see it yet? Amazingly fun 3:5 Trade?

Yes, according to the OCG wording, this is all possible.

Makes no sense whatsoever why so, but you can.


  1. You're saying "Use TFoSK", right?

  2. would you be able to create a deck to demonstrate this idea?

  3. Original OCG Multiply text reads:

    Omotegawa Hyouji no "Kuriboh" 1-mai wo Ikenie-ni-sasageru. This makes clear that it must be face-up to be Tributed.

    For a card to be "face-up" or "face-down", it needs to be on the field.

    As for the matter of cost, the text patterns used at the time of Multiply's printing would consider the Tribute to be a matter of cost.

    As for Kiraika, you can't activate it under conditions where it can't already destroy what it wants to destroy. You allege you can. You are incorrect.

    What you mention would equate to someone having the right to activate something, let's say Fissure, while the opponent controls no face-up monsters - as long as the opponent is going to control a valid quarry at resolution.

    The general rule is that if the thing you want to do cannot resolve properly without some change in the game state occurring before the effect resolves, the thing you want to do cannot be done. This is why you can't activate Kiraika w/o first controlling a Kuriboh/K.Token. It's also why you can't use Koa'ki Meiru Drago as cost to SS REDMD.