Monday, August 24, 2009

For the new format:

Activate Prohibition.

Call Zombie Carrier.


  1. And why is that? Reasons?

  2. New Format: MezukiX2 OTKs galore. again.

  3. I dont know about the OCG but in the TCG Zombie Carrier is splashed into just about any deck that uses synchros or darks....or um...anything.

    And if your going to play a card to stop OTKs with Mezuki wouldnt it just be easier to throw down D-Fissure so they dont even GET to have that reuse of cards. I'm sure someone is going to Anti Meta with a Macro deck.

  4. Just came aware of this Blog and I have to say Rauzes I love your Debris and Junk Decks...Effective and fun...I made a few of them in my World Championship 2009 game and they rule..

    Keep the Unique ideas coming...

  5. hmm prohibition .. interesting choice but even so i'd just go with Dyna / Oppression.. or better yet Divine Wrath...

  6. D. Fissure is good but not a solution to answer Mezuki. A BfaDD, ok 3 cards back to Grave, Mezuki effect, and then you continue with Brionac boom

    Surely BfaDD needs a ban

  7. I just built a junk and debris friday, did ok at a tourney sunday considering I only had a few duels of practice with the deck, but missplays cost me a few games and top 8.

    back on topic: dimension fissure + prohibition + thunder king=gg format

  8. I activate Heavy Storm, supposed I get Bribed or Solemned, then I special summon Cyber Dragon.

    That is, in my opinion, Big Burn may be better because it is a chainable trap, that means surprise for opponent.

    That's why I prefer Vanity's Devil