Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Gaadian obu Oodaa

Is amazing.

Rai-Jin is interesting. Id like to see how Light beatdown decks change, especially in the light of the loss of JD reliance for Lightsworn.

Personally, I think the Gragonith Beat variant of Lightsworn might have a chance. A beatdown based deck running Glorious Illusion to rip out a giant Gragonith. Rai-Jin might have a nice role here.


  1. Rai Jin and Rai mei...their name is urber cool XD

  2. Boltizar on Pojo
    -Guardian of Order was amazing when we got it but it quickly faded into the background. I think the most use it got was in Batteryman decks (at least in my area).
    I think Rai-Jin seeing play anywhere is questionable.
    He's not searchable. He has very little support. His effect is manditory.
    But he is immune to Skill Drain in a way and isn't hurt by the virus cards.
    If the OCG can make him playable, I might just be able to get rid of mine.
    Rai-Mei is the better card in my opinion.

  3. Yesh! Finally others shall see the light of Gragonith power. A 4000+Piercier is much more fun and fair than a dropped nuker X 2 IMO.

    Will have to think about Rai Jin. I like that it has the Highlander clause on it.

  4. I am guessing you have information I don't which is cool.

    They really haven't done much in the TCG, but I have thought about some interesting uses for them, especially Rai Mei.

    Its a 1400 3 star, making it almost perfect stats for stall type cards; Example: Bind, Limit, Messenger, etc. As well it is a great searcher for said decks as well, grabbing heralds to prevent mentioned stall cards from dying. Its a graveyard effect so the ever amazing Skill Drain can be packed in to help defend those stall cards in a continuous way.

    Not to mention it being a light monster allows for it+Honest stall. I know it makes no sense because of its name, but it would be amazing if it was a fairy, imo.

    Rai-Jin is a bit harder to come up with versatile situations, seeing as it is merely a beatstick. The most fun thing I thought of was a lightsworn deck running these and mystical shine balls/venus. Play an avarice to return the shine balls on the turn you have jin+Venus. Then swarm for a bunch of light where near consistent or good. Jin is a little difficult to come up with things it can do that other things can't do better though.

  5. I'd rather just run 3 Celestia.

  6. Well, true, but Celestia doesnt make a 4000ATK beatstick when pulled out by a 4th call of the haunted.

  7. Okay, just so you know, no one wise ever reacted in all that lively a way when we got Order over here.

    This is because, for all intents and purposes, it never performed up to anyone's expectations, even those of the skeptics.

    Essentially, it's a 2500 beater that does nothing but be a beater; this is not enough for today's game, especially in the face of how we can forgo the Special Summon and 200 ATK to instead get the right to mill cards, destroy cards, and have a separate name for JD.