Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ball of Chaos.deck

I just realize I have 3 Chaos End Master, two Ball of Chaos, DEDs, LEDs, etc etc to make this that deck, sans a few commons, stuck in one of my in-development tins.



  1. Isn't the format too removal heavy to be relying on synchros?

  2. You have a tin in which you store your "in development decks"....why didnt I ever think to do that. I just store my banned/limited spares in them.

  3. Thats a good point, DM. I think I mentioned that somewhere sometime.

    One of hte viable options for synchroing is DrainDust, Stardust backed with Skill Drain.

    Keep in mind that your not just spending 3 cards to get a synchro on the field, your spending 3 cards to get a synchro on the field, for the enemy to spend 1-2 cards removing, and dealing X amount of damage in order to do so.

  4. I have been trying to build my Stardust Assault Drain Deck...Skill Drain with Stardust Assault Mode = Ownage it seems but trying to build the deck is quite hard. I have been thinking of many different ways to summon SD/AM first turn with a lot of draw but Monsters seem to be hard to think of using...

    I am using Black Salvo with The Tricky which nets me a free stardust first turn. Also using Junk Synchron and Gale. Sirocco and Gale was an idea I have been messing with but with Gale going down to One = No No...So Summoner Monk and Rose Warrior for the win.