Thursday, August 27, 2009

Draw card Dilema

Okey while draw-testing Junk and Debris I realized quite a few dilemmas that can happen on turn one.

Lets say you open with Foolish Burial and a Convert Contact. Your other cards are Pot of Avarice, Junk Synchron, Torrential Tribute, etc. Cards that the draw cards will not directly affect.
Like no DAD, no Debris, no Allure, no Chaos Sorc, etc/

You foolish Burial Cross Porter, because thats the smart thing to do.

The problem starts there. If you activate Convert Contact at all, which two spacians will you send to the graveyard?

You can send two panthers, which will make you be able to drop out DAD if you draw into it, but reducing your optimum allure target. or you can send two Glow Moss, giving you debris targets, but not allowing you to drop DAD or Chaos Sorc.
Or you could send Panther Moss, giving you the possible dead draw of Moss, less Allure targets, and no DAD, but allowing for Chaos Sorcerer.

Im interested as to which choice people would take.

Of course, if you draw into Foolish, it doesnt matter thanks to Dandylion...

Another dilema is opening with a Panther, Convert Contact, and Allure. Your hand contains no other Dark Monsters, and no other spacians, no pot of Avarice, and no RoTA. A pretty crap hand, yes, but you can stall until your hand gets good, and you have two different draw cards.


Which draw card do you activate? Allure or Convert Contact?

Keep in mind that Black Panther is THE thing you want to off with Allure, with the exception of Armageddon Knight on turn 20+, after both Avarice Pots have gone off.


  1. I have had this problem to. How I handle it is:

    I send moss and panther. The reason cause I have 2 darks already for a soon Dad, I am Chaos Sorc. ready and have targets for Debris. I see that as a safer way to play it.

    The second one: I convert contact cause convert is a bad card to have just sitting there in ur hand being a dead card. While allure can be activated as a chance/last ditch effort.

  2. Panther Moss seems the most logical. It makes the most cards in your deck live, while giving the least bad draws.

    CC over allure. Sending moss. Sets up sorc, j&d early. You have far more dark targets than spacians, so you should be using that allure pretty soon. Depending on the rest of my hand though, and what my opponent's playing, I may wait and see what I draw before I start activating draw cards.

  3. For the first scenario, i will go for 2 glow moss: Reasons being
    1)I rather drew than glowmoss: cross porter would be more useful in hand, if u discard it for raigeki break instead of discarding glow moss, thinning deck at the same time (not mentioning that u are activating raigeki break for free while u maybe searching for a panther to be remove for allure.)
    2)If you are desperate, remove cross porter/junk if u have to get chaos sorcerer down.
    3)junk synchro is also a dark, so it counts for dad getting down, just need one more dark for dad to get down.(drawing another convert, foolish burial, armagedon knight, junk or cross porter itself or maybe the panther)

    For the second scenario, i will definitely go for convert: Reasons being
    1)It thins your deck more than allure,
    2)fills your graveyard with one panther and one moss.
    3)with cross porter, what's the difficulty of getting another panther for allure?

    Hope it doesn get too wordy, its just my point of view.

  4. For me personally,(I'm assuming that the first dilemma is referring to you having the first turn)I would definitely send out 1 Panther and 1 Moss.

    Reason is,it is the middle of the 3 choices,thus making the combos for Debris possible.Though you can't do DAD yet,at least you're getting closer to it.But I don't think it's wise to do DAD on the first turn.

    If you don't draw into anything that is particularly useful,at least you're setting up your Grave while waiting for the card you need.And you've reduced the number NeoSpacians in the deck,thus making bad topdecks less likely,especially Glow Moss.

    For the second dilemma,the one where you open with Panther,Allure and Convert Contact,I'd choose Convert,and the reason is the same as before.
    This is JD,so it needs cards in the Grave for Synchro.Though Panther is the main thing I want to get rid off with Allure,I'd prefer to have my Grave set up so that Debris Dragon and Chaos Sorcerer(woot on semi-restriction)can work it's magic.With less NeoSpacians in the deck,Cross Porter loses it's main function,so I'll just use it for Allure and Raigeki Break.

    Point to note,my decision on Allure with Cross Porter might cause some problems for easy Synchro of Chain Dragon with Debris.Oh well.

  5. Cool thoughts. I do more or less the same(panther moss and Convert Contact)

    Just saying. If you really think about it each choice has its pros and cons.

  6. I usually would go for CC to dump Panther + Moss, ultimately opens up more combos and one less moss being a possible dead draw.

    Chaos is at 2, which means you'll draw into it more often then DAD so, setting up for CS is the smarter play unless you already have DAD.

    Thats just my thought process. I have been testing this deck in the TCG and it works pretty damn well. I will try and run this deck for this format for awhile =)

    I enjoy reading your posts Rauzes, good insight on the deck is always helpful.

  7. Depends on the match up SOMETIMES. Most of the time, I will Panther+Moss on turn 1. If I believe panther could be a useful draw sometimes I will just Moss+Moss to get rid of bad draws and have possible panthers to do stuff.

    The second scenario, with my build, I would allure first almsot every time. I have a better chance to draw into a neo-spacian I want gone than I do of drawing into a dark I want gone. (remember,armageddon knight will net me a grave advantage and a dead draw remover if I allure than use its grab for CC when AK dies)

    Statistics wise, its an obvious choice to Allure and than CC with my J&D build. CC first would generally make me skeptical on whether or not activating the allure would be good. As well if I draw into a glow moss or something, I will no longer have a way to easily fill grave and not lose adv. from bad draws.

    I don't know about your other builds but you should really crunch the numbers really quick probably. My version of J&D would make CC a terrible first play in that scenario.