Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Duel Challenge!

It is the World Championships, FINALS, Match 3. You have lost one and won one to this point.

You take a moment to review your current situation.

Life: 2100
Deck: 30(Anything you want)
Hand: Light and Darkness Dragon, Reinforcement to the Army, Mind Control, Terraforming
Field: Blackwing - Gale the Hurricane(Face-up Atk)
Graveyard: Mystical Space Typhoon, Heavy Storm, Blackwing - Vaayu the Large Banner, Crush Card Virus, Compulsary Evacuation Device, Mystic Tomato.
RFP: None
Extra: 15(Anything you want)
Home: 1 dog waiting to be fed
Bladder: Just emptied

As you wonder HOW DID YOU MAKE IT THIS FAR, you look at your opponent's field.
Due to your Crush Card Virus, you know all of the Enemy's cards.

Life: 8000
Deck: 35
Hand: None
Field: Doomcaliber Knight(Face Up Atk), Spirit Reaper(Face up Def.). Book of Moon(face down)
Graveyard: Breaker the Magical Warrior, Dark Bribe, Doomcaliber Knight, King Tiger Wanghu, X Saber Airbellum, Royal Oppression, Sangan, Gold Sarcophagus
RFP: Plaguespreader Zombie
Extra: 15(Unknown)

The Judge gives you a warning for "staring at a bystander's chest", creating an air of akwardness, due to the fact that there are no women around, snapping you back into the game.

It is the end of the draw phase of your turn. Win this turn.

The deck you use(since you can have anything in it), must follow tournament Rules.

Look out for that Doomcaliber Knight.

Special thanks to Neuxcharge, Panda, Jinhao, LSJJ, and Firebot for being guinea pigs and perfecting this challenge.

Hint #1: LaDD
Hint #2: Vaayu
Hint #3: Mystic Tomato

Update: 7/2: Challenge FIXED again...

People whove figured it out:
Panda: 90 Minutes 13 Seconds
Lauren: 72 mins 2 seconds

On a side note,
Awesome armors is awesome.


  1. ... how bout i RoTA for don zaloog. use mind control on Descalibur Knoght. use gales effect on spirit raeper. syncro with Des and Gale, G destroys the syncro. don just shoots one of the card down?

  2. Mind Control spirit reaper. It's effect activates that destroys itself when it is targetted. Deathcalibur negates the Spirit Reaper AND destroys it, tributing itself in the process.

    Activate Arms Hole, overturning Lightsworn Beast Wulf and searching for Megamorph. Beast Wulf is special summoned. Equip Megamorph to the Beast Wulf, increasing it to 4200. Terraforming Masoleum of the Emperor, pay the life to summon LADD.

    BF Gale + Megamorghed Wulf + Ladd =
    1300 + 4200 + 2800 = 8300.

    GAME! Though I don't think this is the actual answer you initially had, was it?

  3. I'm sorry for seeming like an offtopic n00b here... but what game was that screenshot taken from? D:

  4. @Rakstar:
    Fantasy Earth Zero.

    @ Anon:
    Spirit Reaper's self destruct is a cont. Effect, which means that DCK wont trigger. So your plan is flawed. Besides, if you Arms hole wulf out, and equip it, you CANNOT summon LaDD even with Masoleum.
    Good try though.
    Use the hints more.

    That doesnt OTK, but your on the right track


  5. is there any LV 1 or 2 warrior monster that can be sp summon from hand? If there is.

    mind contol Des Calibur, blow up reaper with gale. Sync for DDB, RoTA for that warrior. tribute it and blow a 200 or 400. RFP vayu lv 1 or lv 2 and tomato for arms wing or armor wing. 2600 + 2500 + 400 + 1400 +1400 =8300 or 2600 + 2800 + 200 +1400 +1400 = 8400.

    well, that's what in my mind since G is gone...

  6. Vaayu needs another BF monster to Miracle Syncro, and can only syncro with ONE BF monster.

  7. oo!! really. damn i tought its only that he can sp summon a BF monster only

  8. This is my current thought, which i am stuck.

    Step 1: Mind control that Doomcaliber Knight
    Step 2: Use Reinforcement to the Army to get out Armageddon Knight, then summon it, throwing a Sirocco of dawn.
    Step 3: Use Gale to half Spirit Reaper Def (200 -> 100)
    Step 4: Get Arms Wing (vayu and Sirocco), and DDB (Gale and Doomcaliber Knight)
    Step 5: Attack, Arms wing effect hit 2800, then using DDB to tribute himself, Arms wing and Armageddon Knight.

    But the result, 2800 + (6+7+4)x200 =6200,
    is not enough. Still figuring out how to use LaDD

  9. Thats why I aint that happu when i pulled a vayu

  10. @Anon:
    Arms Wing Will NOT have a piercing effect if you use Vaayu. Effect be negated.

  11. just a question, will doomcaliber knight negate the effect of armageddon knight?

  12. If its on their field, Yes. If its on your field, yes.

  13. erm,how about like this :
    1)Use reinforcement to search for armageddon knight.
    2)mind control doom caliber and uses gale's effect,synchro into DDB.
    3)summon armaggedon knight and throw elfin the raven.
    4)activate dual summon
    5)activate terraforming and search for mausoleum then call out LADD.
    attack at once dmg will be 8800. wonder it works ?

  14. Another suggestion here,not su whether it works=P,
    1)use mind control on doomcaliber and synchro into black rose and uses its effect by excluding tomato and target spirit reaper.
    2)reinforce to seek for armaggedon knight and throw away elfin the raven,synchro into armored wing.
    3)terraforming for mauoleum and call out LADD after using dual summon.
    4)Hit ur foe at once .

  15. Only A: you dont have dual summon, and B: they have a book of moon.

  16. i don't want to be picky, but....
    u can't use vayu at worlds yet, as it's not available in the tcg
    with that aside, let's see if this works
    1. mind control doomcaliber
    2. sync with gale into brd
    3. use brd's 2nd effect, rfg mystic tomato, target spirit reaper, thus destroying it
    4. play rota, search and summon armageddon knight, send bw elphin to the grave
    5. activate vayu's effect, rfg elphin and itself to ss armor master
    6. play terraforming, search and activate mausoleum
    7. ns ladd by paying 2000lp
    8. attack with brd (2400atk), armor master (2500atk), ladd (2800 atk), and armageddon knight (1400atk) for game. 2400+2500+2800+1400=9100, even if opponent activates BoM, 8600 damage total
    The only problem is that someone who can reach the world finals will use BoM on gale before u can sync, therefore ruining the otk

  17. You summoned Armaknight. Therefore, you CANNOT masoleum for LaDD