Friday, July 24, 2009

Random Developing Concept: Disco Inferno FTK

Hello all.

I've decided to try to design a burn based FTK/OTK deck.

The difference between this and most Magical Explosion based FTKs is that this deck will try to burn the enemy through quick activate burn cards, such as Secret Barrel, and Inferno Fire Blast, for Red Eyes Black Dragon.

So, what do you think of the concept, and are there any draw engines you would suggest?


  1. The usual allure will do i guess? Im still remembering my bad experiences with dark dive bomber, that guy is just too rigged, burn away~

  2. how about a gigaplant burn?

  3. Like Asuka said, Allure of Darkness is a no-brainer. You could run Swing of Memories and Foolish to spam REBD I suppose, or Fires of Doomsday to generate tribute fodder. Thought about Red-Eyes Wyvern and REDMD? They might work to some degree. o_o;

  4. @Rakstar: Which kinda causes a probelm with Wyvern and REDMD and Fires of Doomsday because its no longer a FTK.

  5. FROG 1TK FTW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. You're not going to *consistently* FTK people with a Kokuendan build; it requires not only the easy Special Summon of REBD (which should eat about one card from your hand at least), but having the named Spell nearby, and other burn tactics.

    Let's think; an FTK should have six cards to start with. On average, each of those cards must do a set amount of damage overall in order to end the game.

    8000 / 6 = 1 and 1/3 thousand damage each.

    Now, let's assume that we have an REBD able to be summoned from the Deck (and that this eats 1 card from the hand although it's an unrealistically easy idea), and Kokuendan near.

    REBD eats 1 card for its Summon - that leaves 5 in hand, meaning the remaining cards must do an average of 1600 now if REBD can't attack.

    If REBD can attack, then Kokuendan becomes a dead card; and if Kokuendan is used, REBD won't be attacking.

    So one way or another, REBD's going to inflict 2400 on its own. Kokuendan just makes it more costly to do that, but more likely.

    A situation with 1 single Kokuendan is inferior to an REBD attack - the Kokuendan could instead be burn support to accompany the attack.

    2 and 3 Koku are even more unlikely, but make the victory all the easier.

    So, I get concerned.

  7. Very well. It was a fun floater idea, but clearly isnt working.