Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Duel Challenge #2!

Hello everyone

Since everyone cannot seem to get the duel challenge, I have decided to make a second one, so you people can feel smart. The way of winning is very similar, but there is a different path of getting there.

This challenge is much, MUCH easier.

Yes, this challenge was based off a situation I have played in, hence the deck being Junk and Debris.

Life: 900
Field: Ally of Justice Catastor(Def Position), Ally of Justice Catastor(Def Position), Red Dragon Archfiend(Def Position), Raigeki Break(Face Down)

Hand: Dual Summon, Chaos Sorcerer, Debris Dragon, Junk Syncron, Mashmallon, Brain Control.

Graveyard: Debris DragonX2, Pot of Avarice, Armageddon Knight, Magical Android, Neo Spacian Glow Moss, Crush Card Virus, Dandylion, Cross Porter, Heavy Storm, Card of Safe Return, Black Rose Dragon, Scapegoat, Mist Worm, Torrential Tribute, 2X Limit Reverse, Sangan, Junk Synchron, Treeborn Frog

Extra Deck: 1X Magical Android, 2X Black Rose Dragon, 1X Stardust Dragon, 1X Armory Arm, 1X Goyou Gaurdian,1X Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Boundary, 1X Chain Dragon, 1X Dark Strike Fighter.

Your deckcount does not matter.

Field: Level Limit - Area B(face up), Prime Material Dragon, Mirror Force(Face Down), Brain Exploitation Research Lab(Currently with 10X Counters)

Hand: Gorz, the Emissary of Darkness

Life: 17500

The opponent's graveyard, RFP pile, and deck count do not matter.

It is the end of the draw phase of your turn(You just drew Mashmallon).

Win this turn.

Remember that you have a treeborn frog in your graveyard.


  1. Standby phase: Activate raigeki break, target Level B, discard mashmallon.
    treeborn frog return to field.

    Main phase:
    Change all monsters to attack mode.

    Grave count:

    5 DARK monsters (Plaguespreader Zombie, Armageddon Knight, Cross Porter, Sangan, Junk Synchron)

    Top deck Junk synchro, sp summon Plaguespreader Zombie.
    Sync Plaguespreader Zombie with 1 Ally of Justice Catastor into DARK DIVE BOMBER.
    SP summon Chaos Sorcerer, removing Sangan + Neo Spacian Glow Moss. rfg prime material for its effect.
    DDB shoots chaos socerer. (16300LP)
    SP Summon DAD, remove Armageddon Knight to destroy Brain Exploitation Research Lab(Currently with 10X Counters). opponent receive 10000 damage (6300Lp).
    Remove Junk Synchro to destroy mirror force.

    Currently on field: DDB, AOJ, Red dragon, treeborn frog

    Opponent field == Empty, Hand == Gorz

    Battle Phase:

    Attack with AOJ (4100LP). Opponent Jump Gorz (token == 2200attack)
    Attack Token with DDB (3700LP)
    Attack Gorz with Red Dragon (3400LP)

    Main Phase 2:
    Shoot all monsters with DDB for game.

  2. Read Prime Material Dragon. He can protect Level B by discarding Gorz.

    Lets say he does. Whatcha goanna do now?

  3. Any effect that would inflict damage to a player instead increases their Life Points by the same amount. When a card's effect to destroy a monster(s) on the field is activated, you can send 1 card from your hand to the Graveyard to negate its activation and destroy the card.

    It can only protect monsters...>_<

  4. Very well, DAD dropped from the hand.