Friday, July 31, 2009

For you people coming to worlds: A Rauzes Q&A.

Since I live in Tokyo, Play Yugioh, and speak English, some people coming to worlds have said hi and such.

So, to shoot down your questions before you ask them: a Rauzes Q&A

Q: What are some card stores you would reccomend while Im in Tokyo?
A: Go to Akihabara, Go to Roppongi. Akihabara for the cards. Roppongi because of alcohol. Most of the other well priced shops in Tokyo are a bit far off...

Q: Where is a good place to go play?
A: Clicky here. Good open space for free.

Q: What are some places you would reccomend visiting on a tour of Tokyo?
A: Follow Konami on their tour. Then dissapear from the tour and go to Ginza, Akihabara, The Imperial Palace, Roppongi, Shibuya, and Omote-Sando. Bring money. In Any order.

Q: Hai Lets Meet up and play YGMonz.
A: No. Mainly beacuse I couldnt be bothered, just dont like you because youre you, have better things to do, probally busy that day, I just dont like you, not in Tokyo that day, or a combination of a few or all of the above.

Q: Can all of the reasons for not meeting with me be put off by anything?
A: Yes. Either come with Enough Dakka, or come dressed as a bananna, and I will consider it.

Q: You are an ass.
A: Thats not a question, but sure, if you want me to be one Ill play along.

Q: Whats a good place for food?
A: Depending on where you are. I would suggest you drop by Yoshinoya, due to it being cheap, fast, a chain store, and so its a good suggestion no matter where you are. Sushi is damn expensive and a POSSIBLY DANGEROUS choice in the heat of summer. However, Cooked fish or Eel makes a nice meal. Soba or Udon is great, but you can often find that outside of Japan. Ramen is a waste of a meal in your time in Tokyo for several reasons.

Q: I dont have much spending money. Where can I eat a meal for cheap?
A: Dont play Yugioh is my first answer. My Second answer is: Convenience Stores. A cartoned drink and a few rice balls could make a meal for as low as 300 yen. a Good meal would be around 500 yen-700 yen.

Other questions are welcome via Comment.

Just a note: The voting will end in a weeks time. Still can vote. Please keep the voting comments to the 30k hits post.

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