Thursday, July 23, 2009

Coming Soon To A Blog Near You:

Duel Challenge #4.
Complete with Youtube for those who cannot imagine cards.

Yugioh Blogs: A comparison.
A comparison between Yugioh Blogs made by Japanese people, Westerners, and the people in between.

Rauzes: A History.
My history in Yugioh, like when I started, and why I still use the first card I ever got.

Fantasy Earth Zero:
People have MSNed me about the MMORPG Im playing and sometimes post Screenshots, so Ill make a post summarizing it a bit, for those who want to start/Those interested.

In between are the usual deck discussions and other meaningless random comments, starting with this one:

It makes no sense to have a souless, mindless mass production machine WITHOUT AI aim a pistol at a range of two miles more accurately than a battle hardened, successful commander with over fourty years in battle, cybernetics, a giant mecha aiming an enhanced sniper rifle.

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