Monday, July 6, 2009

Deckbox giveaway : Results

Hello everyone

Today is the day you all have been looking forwards to, somewhat.

Compared to the 36 people who submitted to greed for the deck, only 19 were up for the deckbox.

Just a reminder, these are the prizes you are fighting for.


Before we start, something has occured! Due to the roll of the dice being 15, this causes a random someone to get a random second entry!

15 corresponds to the Altruism award.

This time around, TYKS wins this award for his overflowing altruism and self sacrifice exemplified in his application. You get a second entry, double the chance of winning than everyone else.

And now, the moment of truth.

was used to determine the number corresponding to the winners.

Your lucky numbers are:

Runner up:


The winner is: Misa's and Miso's Deviation

The runner up is: shadowzero09

The winner is you!

To the winners: send me an e-mail after you have read this, and I will reply you with what you need to send me.

Thanks everyone for your constant support. I hope you all keep reading my blog in the future.

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