Saturday, July 25, 2009

Duel Challenge #4!

Deck: Contains any card you want, but must follow Tournament Limitations/Forbidden cards.
Life: 8000
Field: None
Hand: Brain Control, Armageddon Knight
Graveyard and RFP contain nothing.

Life: 4200
Field: Messenger of Peace, Mystical Plasma Zone, Dark Strike Fighter, Powertool Dragon.
Graveyard, Hand and RFP contain Nothing.

It is the Standby Phase of your turn. Reduce the opponent to 0 Life this turn.

This challenge does NOT involve cards from SOVR, nor any TCG or OCG exclusives.

Might I point out that Mystical Plasma Zone in conjunction with Messenger of Peace does NOT allow your Armageddon Knight to attack.

Also: This is a duel challenge, and the situation would not normally occur, but since its a duel challenge, some rules are ignored to set up the situation.

For those without an imagination: Youtube!

Coming soon. Courtesy of Neuxcharge


  1. May I ask what the battle positions of each card are supposed to be?

  2. Are Ancient Prophecy cards allowed for this challenge?

  3. All ANPR cards, though you dont need them.

    It doesnt matter what battle position they are in. Brain control and you can change their position afterwards.

  4. how can your opponent not have an equip spell card with powertool dragon XD

  5. @anon: because this is a fictional situation in which I cut out everything that isnt related directly to the puzzle.

    Seriously. Imaginations. That or he didnt have a BRD or something/forgot to search.

    Less questioning more thinking.