Friday, July 3, 2009

Junk and Debris, and Puzzle Progress

Junk and Debris, playtest Ver.
I threw in one transmigration prophecy for more free-chaining and slight disruption.
Also helps with the G's.

As for the puzzle, I hope everyone is going well.

Heres another hint:

REGARDLESS of when the enemy activates book, and its target, you should be able to win with the exact same method.

Also, my friend Neuxcharge is making a Youtube version of the same puzzle for all of you whom have bad imagination. Link will be up when the video is uploaded.

For those who want to know how they stand with timing, here are some names and their times for comparison.

Jinhao: Give Up 50mins
LSJJ: Give Up 45 Mins
Firebot: Give Up 31 Mins
Lauren: 72 mins Solved
Panda: 90 Minutes Solved
PJ: Give Up 51 Minutes(but got VERY far in 8 minutes. Further than most of YOU people are now.)
[HD]: Give up 120 Mins

Also, Awesome armors is awesome part 2

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