Friday, July 17, 2009

Combating the Fortune Lady-gasm: Stopping the legacy of the Carly Fanboys

Good day, everyone

As you know, in SOVR, Fortune Ladies have become a strong decktype.

In addition to their Stand Without Syncro(SWOS) decktype, they have various comboes and such, making them a strong decktype.

The surge of people to use this decktype due to various reasons I like to call the "Fortune Lady-Gasm".

Now, everyone already knows how to run this deck, and its comboes, since theyve been around for a long time.

What not many people know right now, is how to combat the Fortune Lady-Gasm.

Today's post will hopefully help you with combating against Fortune Ladies.

The first choice is the most obvious: Skill Drain. Fortune Ladies become 0/0, with some support. But honestly, A horde of 0/0's with tons of support wont help in a duel.

Bloo-D/Plasma, and Angel 07 also perform similar tasks, to the same effectiveness.

For referance, see Yugioh 5D's Ep 37. This is what happens when you use Skill Drain against Fortune Ladies.

Of course, Skill Drain is a dangerous card. If your vulnable to Skill Drain yourself, you definately DONT want to be taking up side space with it.

If you are a Carly Fanboy and/or A Fortune Lady player, pack Manevolent Catastrophes.

This is where Disruption comes in.

Raigeki Break. Pheonix Wing Wind Blast. Karma Cut. Your Discard Target Disruption Trap (DTDT) of your choice.

Fortune Ladies need comboes. Comboes take more than 1 card. They get off that combo and youve got something big, bad and possibly green staring directly at you.

Your DTDT will take care of these comboes, or at least hold it off for some time. Giving you the chance to win.

For Fortune Lady Users: Pack Kuribohs. You live for 1 turn, and you can turn the tides.

Lighty is one of the best special summoning engines in existance, which is a reason why Fortune Ladies are so great.

That is also one weakness one can exploit.

By special summoning from the deck, you open yourself to problems posed by the already popular Mirror of Oaths.

So, for Fortune Lady users, be sure to keep your Twist of Fates for when you really need them.

Of course, you could also abuse some rulings:

Shrink, as of June 2009, will turn ANY fortune Lady monster into 0 ATK until the end of the turn. Be sure to keep this in mind, especially GB players. Any card that changes ORIGIONAL attack will work the same way.

Forbidden Chalice will negate the effect of the fortune lady, reducing its attack to 0, then up it to 400. Another thing with Forbidden Chalice is that it WILL PURGE THE LEVELS OFF A FORTUNE LADY. Casting Forbidden Chalice will make a level 12 Lighty into a level 1 again.

A rather fun card to remember rulings for. Not only will it cause the Fortune Ladys' Level to drop, but once it is destroyed, as of June 2009, the Fortune Lady's level will revert to its ORIGIONAL Level.

Yes, I know Demotion and Shrink make no sense, but thats how Konami has ruled them.

For people against Fortune Ladies: Pack said cards.

For Fortune Lady Users: Pack spell Negation, and Dark Bribes and Solemn Judgements.

Our next card to use against Fortune Ladies are two VERY different cards that can be used for the same use:

Imperial Iron Wall
Macro Cosmos.

The strong point of the Fortune Ladies is that they draw their support from all available places: Deck, Field, Hand, Removed From Play, Graveyard, Back Row, Front Row.

This is also their biggest weakness.

For Carly Fanboys, pack Manevolent Catastrophes, as stated.

By shutting off one of these sources of support, the deck suffers a blow that most other decks wont. Imperial Iron Wall is the most effective, because it shuts off Lighty comboes, as well as several support cards that need Removed From Play to activate.

Beware, however, for Twist of Fate. It becomes a free Solemn Judgement with Imperial Iron Wall.

Another important part of the Fortune Ladies is the ability to Special Summon big monsters.

Each individual Lady is weak, but the deck uses a very United We Stand type structure, meaning its important for each Lady to lead into another, mainly by Lighty.

The card that shuts this down completely is Vanity Fiend or Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo .

By laying a blanket of Special Summoning stopping, the main out to this, Darky and Earthy, are cut off, as well as many of the other comboes involving Magical Dimension and Lighty.

For Fortune Lady Users: Pack Ice Cream, so you can make a joke when you scoop.

This concludes our session for combating the Fortune Lady-Gasm.

Everyone, be sure to pack your side deck, because this weekend, there is a forecast of low clouds and lots of Fortune Ladies.


  1. Been seeing ppl trading for ladies... personally i think that fortune inherit is one of the killer card that cause these ladies to be this extreme strong

  2. one thing
    u can't activate twist of fate while imperial iron wall is face up.
    check imperial iron wall ruling on allure of darkness/common charity

  3. Very well. Imperial Iron Wall is STRONGER against Fortune Ladies.

  4. Boltizar on Pojo
    - I've been toying with the deck for Anti-Meta but I'm mostly using Counter Traps (and I make sure to Side Twisters and Trap Eaters).
    One of the key things to remember when actually playing the decktype itself, Lighty's effect activates whether she gets removed from play, sent to the graveyard or returned to the hand, so long as it's an effect.
    I have my doubts about this becoming a big deal here in the States, at least if it doesn't take off, Fortune Ladies being such a combo oriented archtype and the American Meta seems to prefer the straight and simple.
    Those who want to see the deck and maybe offer some tips, I have the deck on my Pojo signature. (Boltizar)