Wednesday, July 29, 2009

All of You are Idiots #4!

Hello everyone

Welcome to the fourth episode of ALL OF YOU ARE IDIOTS!

Also, the duel challenges are significantly tricky to an extent, so you all can feel good even if you do not get it.

Today, I will answer Duel challenge #4

Heres a quick reminder of the situation:

Deck: Contains any card you want, but must follow Tournament Limitations/Forbidden cards.
Life: 8000
Field: None
Hand: Brain Control, Armageddon Knight
Graveyard and RFP contain nothing.

Life: 4200
Field: Messenger of Peace, Mystical Plasma Zone, Dark Strike Fighter, Powertool Dragon.
Graveyard, Hand and RFP contain Nothing.

It is the Standby Phase of your turn. Reduce the opponent to 0 Life this turn.

Note that this wasnt a particularly difficult problem, but rather a display of variability various cards have, as well as to give an idea of what some challenges should look like.
On the difficulty scale this would have been about a 3.5. If the deck had one copy of every dark monster and three copies of every equip spell, 3.

This is how its done:

Brain Control on Powertool Dragon. Use its effect to pick three Falling Down, then bring one to your hand
Summon Armageddon Knight. Send to the graveyard Gilfer Demon/Archfiend of Gilfer.
Use Gilfer's effect to equip to Armageddon Knight, reducing its ATK by 500.
Cast Falling Down on the enemy's Dark Strike Fighter.
Attack with Armageddon Knight.
In Main 2, use Dark Strike Fighters effect to shoot off Powertool Dragon, and itself, in that order(anything else wont give you game).

I hope you enjoyed this duel challenge.

That is all for today.

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  1. Damnit...SO CLOSE. I screwed up that last one by forgetting Falling Down is destroyed when you lose Gilfer. >_<;;