Sunday, July 19, 2009

All of You Are Idiots #1!

Hello everyone

Welcome to the third episode of ALL OF YOU ARE IDIOTS!

Also, the duel challenges are significantly tricky to an extent, so you all can feel good even if you do not get it.

Today, I will answer Duel challenge #1

Heres a quick reminder of the situation:

Life: 2100
Deck: 30(Anything you want)
Hand: Light and Darkness Dragon, Reinforcement to the Army, Mind Control, Terraforming
Field: Blackwing - Gale the Hurricane(Face-up Atk)
Graveyard: Mystical Space Typhoon, Heavy Storm, Blackwing - Vaayu the Large Banner, Crush Card Virus, Compulsary Evacuation Device, Mystic Tomato.
RFP: None
Extra: 15(Anything you want)

Life: 8000
Deck: 35
Hand: None
Field: Doomcaliber Knight(Face Up Atk), Spirit Reaper(Face up Def.). Book of Moon(face down)
Graveyard: Breaker the Magical Warrior, Dark Bribe, Doomcaliber Knight, King Tiger Wanghu, Royal Oppression, Sangan, Gold Sarcophagus
RFP: Plaguespreader Zombie
Extra: 15(Unknown)

It is the end of the draw phase of your turn. Win this turn.

This is how its done:

1: Activate Mind Control, Targeting Doomcaliber Knight
2: Activate Gale's Effect, targeting Spirit Reaper. Doomcaliber Knight will not be tributed because of the effect of Mind Control
If the enemy used Book of Moon to prevent Reaper from being destroyed:
3: Syncro into Powertool Dragon, and use its effect via Priority to fetch ANY equip spell.
4: Activate Terraforming, searching Black Garden, and activate.
5: Activate RoTA, and search Armageddon Knight, summoning it.
6: Black Garden will activate, as well as Armageddon Knight's. Send Summon Priest to the graveyard, and use the created token to summon it back via Black Garden.
7: Throw away the equip spell, summoning Rescue Cat, and lead into 2 Airbellums.
8: Syncro into Dark Strike Fighter with Armageddon Knight, and Arcanite Magician with Priest.
9: Use Arcanite's effect to destroy the face down reaper, and swing and shoot for game. ( 2300 + 2600 + 1400 + 1400+ 1400 + 1400 = 10500 Damage)
If the enemy did NOT use Book of Moon:
Follow steps 3-7 as normal.
8: Attack with all monsters. The enemy will try to stop Powertool Dragon(he has no hand remember), leaving him with 700 + 800 + 1600 + 1600 = 4700 Damage
9: In Main 2, Syncro into Dark Dive Bomber(and another level 7 for the heck of it). Shoot all 3 Monsters ( Face down Powertool, Face up Level 7s X2), and deal 1400 + 1400+ 1400 = 4200 Damage
4200 + 4700 = 8900 Damage

And this was the answer to the duel challenge many of you lost days of sleep to.

You can facepalm or smash your head into your desk now.

I hope you enjoyed this duel challenge.

That is all for today.


  1. for step 2: doomcaliber knight will still be tributed right? it's tributed when an effect monster's effect is avtivated, not your opponents....(Source :wiki)

  2. What if opponent uses Book of moon on Gale =D

  3. @ Baha: you FLIP IT UP.

    @ Anon: Mind Control. Read it.