Thursday, July 30, 2009

30000 Hits!!!

Greetings my readers.

It seems that I missed the fact that I recently got 30000 hits!

SO. Commemorative post.

From 20000 hits to 30000 hits, it took this blog 31 days.

I managed to get 30000 hits in 198 days of existance.

0 to 10000 hits: 119 Days

10000 to 20000 hits: 49 Days

20000 to 30000 hits: 31 Days

Some stats:
25% of my readers are from Singapore, and 23% from the U.S. of A. The rest of the world makes up the rest of my readers.
The blog averages around 170 Unique readers daily, with an average of 1.4 page loads per person a day.
The day of the week that gives the blog the most hits is Sunday, with about 30% more than other days.

In celebration of this event, I WAS going to give out Three(3) packs of Limited Edition 15(Guardian Eatos, etc), BUT seeing as they havent arrived yet, as I got to 30000 hits MUCH faster than I expected, I wont be able to do so.

My back-up plan for this was, to be honest, Saviour Star Dragon playmats, BUT for SOVR, they did not print any playmats, so that plan has kinda gone down the drain.

SO, to commemorate this event, I will be asking from the readers.

You, as the readers, can select from one of three posts for me to write next/soon.

These options are:

1: Yugioh Blogs: Japan and the Rest of the World - A Comparison
2: Rauzes : A History.
3: Fantasy Earth Zero Introduction

The first option will be a rather long post comparing Japanese and English Yugioh Blogs, including their writing style, their focus, as well as links to several posts and blogs that exemplify how different locations in the world and their blog posts fall on the scale between Japan and Western Blogs.

The Second will be another rather long post about myself, and my history in Yugioh. While it may be interesting for some people, others might not be interested.

The third, as said, is about an MMORPG that I play, and think its rather interesting.

In addition to this, I will also be writing up a history of development, including inspirations, cards that were in the deck, etc, for ONE deck featured on this blog. (EG: Lets say you vote Junk and Debris. I will reveal the various concepts that didnt make it, what event caused me to think of the concept, what I was doing, etc).


One person my vote once and once only.
Your vote may include one vote for the long post, one vote for a deck history post, Or one of either one.(IE: No vote for Long post, but yes for Deck History, or the other way around, or one vote for both.)
Your votes my be via Email, Blog Comment, Pojo/DGz PM, but NOT by MSN Messenger or other IM service.


Thank you everyone for the constant support.

Please continue to support this blog in the future.

Thats all for today

Oh wait I guess I have to say something about yugioh today, so:
Against any Cat based builds, Maining 3X Prohibition for Airbellum works wonders.



  1. Vote
    1. Yugioh Blogs: Japan and the Rest of the World - A Comparison

    2. Your main deck: Absolute Zero

  2. Vote
    Rauzes history

  3. Vote: Blog Comparison! ;)

  4. Definitely Yugioh Blogs: Japan and the rest of the world-a comparison

    And yes your main deck absolute zero.

  5. Rauzes' History.
    Gratz for 30k hits.

  6. Yugioh Blogs: Japan and the rest of the world - a comparison

  7. I pick option #1: Japan with the rest of the world. For the deck, Junk & Debris And the Lord of Ice, Absolute Zero, as Absolute Zero IMO is a bomb and the card doesn't have a TCG counterpart yet.