Sunday, July 12, 2009

All of you are Idiots #2!

Hello everyone

Welcome to the first ever duel challenge answer key, conveniently titled: All of you are Idiots!

Thanks to Pharoh Atem for giving me this awesome name for a duel challenge answer post.

While the title might suggest so, no, I do not think of you as idiots. Just some of you.

Also, the duel challenges are significantly tricky to an extent, so you all can feel good even if you do not get it.

Today, I will answer duel challenge #2

Heres a quick reminder of the situation:

Life: 900
Field: Ally of Justice Catastor(Def Position), Ally of Justice Catastor(Def Position), Red Dragon Archfiend(Def Position), Raigeki Break(Face Down)

Hand: Dual Summon, Chaos Sorcerer, Debris Dragon, Junk Syncron, Mashmallon, Brain Control.

Graveyard: Debris DragonX2, Pot of Avarice, Armageddon Knight, Magical Android, Neo Spacian Glow Moss, Crush Card Virus, Dandylion, Cross Porter, Heavy Storm, Card of Safe Return, Black Rose Dragon, Scapegoat, Mist Worm, Torrential Tribute, 2X Limit Reverse, Sangan, Junk Synchron, Treeborn Frog

Extra Deck: 1X Magical Android, 2X Black Rose Dragon, 1X Stardust Dragon, 1X Armory Arm, 1X Goyou Gaurdian,1X Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Boundary, 1X Chain Dragon, 1X Dark Strike Fighter.

Your deckcount does not matter.

Field: Level Limit - Area B(face up), Prime Material Dragon, Mirror Force(Face Down), Brain Exploitation Research Lab(Currently with 10X Counters)

Hand: Gorz, the Emissary of Darkness

Life: 17500

The opponent's graveyard, RFP pile, and deck count do not matter.

It is the end of the draw phase of your turn(You just drew Mashmallon).

Win this turn.

This is how its done.

Step 1: Open Raigeki Break, and discard Mashmallon. Target Prime Material Dragon
Step 2: Watch as the enemy discards his Gorz to protect Prime Material Dragon
Step 3: Summon Debris Dragon. Activate its effect, and due to level B limit, turn it to defence.
Step 4: Revive Dandylion.
Step 5: Syncro Summon Black Rose Dragon, slam your fist onto the table, calling "PRIORITY/優先権!", and destroy the field/ぶっぱ.
Step 6: Their Brain exploitation lab will be destroyed, dealing them 10000 damage, reducing them to 7500 life.
Step 7: Summon 2 fluff tokens with Dandylion's effect.
Step 8: Activate Dual Summon
Step 9: Summon Junk Syncron, and revive Cross Porter
Step 10: Syncro summon Dark Dive Bomber
Step 11: Summon Chaos Sorcerer, removing from play anything in your graveyard.
Step 12: Attack direct and shoot both for the game.

This concludes our first ever session of All of you are Idiots.

I hope you enjoyed this duel challenge.

Note: Yes, I did test Masmallon in Junk and Debris. No, it is not still in. Why? See the duel challenge.

Coming soon: All of you are Idiots #3, and Masoleum LaDD Turbo - "This is how its done"

Look forwards to it.


  1. That's not quite what it says.

  2. I saw your avvy and got an epiphany?

  3. Oi, and once again Atem shapes online YGO memes.

    When the hell is my tyranny going to end?

  4. Excuse me.
    BRD's effect is NOT Priority

  5. Right, but the same outcome happens regardless of your petty details.