Monday, July 27, 2009

Floater Concept: J&D in: Da Red Wunz Go 'Aster

Floater Concept: Junk And Debris In: Da Red Wunz Go 'Aster.

Basically, a Junk and Debris build based off of the space variant, maxing out on as many draw cards as possibly imaginable.

Inclusive of:

3X Convert Contact
2X Allure of Darkness
2X Pot of Avarice
Running Aqua Dolphin for Moray of Greed spam
Gold Sarcophagus's
Possibly many more draw engines that could possibly be included.

Pretty much your going to drop the little things like Dandylion, Treeborn Frog, and Raigeki Breaks, Grand Mole, etc included for control, stalling, and overall making the deck run well, for draw cards, and LOTS of them.

Also red sleeves are compulsory to use this deck.

Ideas? Comments? "That wont possibly work/win consistently"?(Please remember your dropping everything that sets up your plays nicely as well as multiple targets for Debris Dragon, etc for DRAW DRAW AND DRAW SOME MORE).

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  1. What will be the win condition in such a deck? Synchroing for control until you win?