Saturday, July 4, 2009

Tournament Report: 7/04/09

32 People, Locals.

Used: Junk and Debris In Space

1st Match VS AKB

1st Round: Had bad starting hands, and couldnt set up well. I almost got the game, but got DDB burned at the end.

2nd Round: Quick setup with Foolish->Porter->Convert Contact->Second Convert Contact->RoTA->Armaknight->Dump Sangan, and set Limit Reverse. Constant pressure with Catastor and Chain Dragon made for a quick match

3rd Round: Starting Hand: RoTA, Junk Syncron, Raigeki Break, Debris Dragon, Dual Summon. Prohibition was the next draw. PERFECT hand, if only I didnt get FTK'd.

Tournament Pack: Ojama Red, Ojama Country

Also happy independance day for you American Patriots out there.

Decks that were used today that caught my eye:

Curan Burn X Lily Beat X Pikeru+Big Bang Girl Cure Burn... With lock.
(2-0'd last time with Kuriboh Monarchs. Lock doesnt work on a horde of 300 ATK level 1 monsters, and Monarchs just clear the way)

Deformer X Ancient Gear OTK

This. Was. Amazing. OTKed 2 times VS Macro Monarchs. An attempt at re-making this deck will be up tommorow or day after.

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