Monday, July 20, 2009


AKB, Cat Syncro with Gravekeeper Spy's, is called so because the translations of Arcanite Magician was:

Arcan(arcane) Knight Magician.
Combine this with Beatdown/Beat, and you have ArcaKnightBeat, AKB.

NOT: Arcanite Kitty Beat.

Of course, whoever used this really felt stupid when the english name came out.

Cat Syncro is different. It revolves more around Cat and Airbellum to syncro summon Natural Beast and Balkion, and set up oppression for the evulz.

AKB was also used because it HAPPENED to be also the name of a popular group of idols: AKB48.

No, theyre not good.


  1. Either way, if Dark dive bomber is banned, the power,speed and efficiency of the deck would suffer greatly, causing it to lose its rank as the top deck therefore cat synchro / akb is not overpowered, its dark dive bomber that is overpowered.Not that it would be useless without dark dive bomber,it would just lose out to many other decks like Gb, lightsworn and BF

    Am I right?

  2. That's kinda cool, at first I thought AKB came from an amalgamation the Katakana spelling of Arcanite Magician and Beat, with the K being from the Ka in アーカナイト, and A and B being obvious. But Arcanite Kitty Beat... that's funny. xD

  3. LOL. Arcanite Kitty Beat was invented by Neuxcharge.

  4. You deviate. It doesnt matter.

  5. Diao, i think i only made the name lol
    Cuz we should give the Kitty some credit and screentime, i mean he/she/it is only on the field for like 2 to 11 seconds and then wolverine steals the show lol : D