Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Packing for a Tournament: What to bring, always.

Good day everyone.

Have you ever walked into a tournament, played one game, then realized that you would REALLY have done better should you have forgotten item X?

Maybe that item was something that you could have gotten disqualified for, but someone did or didnt let you slide.

Maybe that item was something that most people bring to kill time.

Nonetheless, it happens sometime to anyone.

So, Ive compiled a little list of what you should always bring to tournaments, big or small.

Handy picture too.

First off, in the top left corner, is your calculator, for keeping life, calculating Solemn costs, adding up how much your paying for a card, etc.

Directly below is your iPod. For those without an iPod, use your iPhone. If you have neither, then other forms of entertainment are also viable, such as a book or hand held gaming system, but a Book is by far better, mainly because they dont run out of batteries. Headphones/earphones for the iPod are a must.

Also makes for a good bargaining chip if someone threatens you, or you need to make a certain trade.

Directly below is your wallet. Your wallet may vary. Simply put, this wallet can contain contacts, money, be a bargaining chip, your transport, everything. Bring it not only to tournaments, but to everywhere you go.

As we move down, you may recognize juggling balls. These do not necessarily need to be juggling balls, but can be replaced with something cheap, yet functional as something you can use to spend time. Tennis balls work similarly. This is because, like juggling balls, they double as something you can throw at someone you dislike without destroying your more expensive cards.

Always. Always carry one with you. Its fun when you can say "READ THE DAMN RULEBOOK" and slap one onto the table.

Next to it is your knife. Doubles as self defence, so a stun gun or similar tool can be used, depending on where you live. Not entirely necessary, but can be used if you want to push a deal a bit further, by throwing it in, or grab transport back home/to the tournament. I prefer a knife because you never know when you have to emergency trach someone. For this reason I keep it sterilized and in a vacum pack(not pictured). Disclaimer: I do not support harming people with this tool.

Next is your dice. Keep at least 3 with you, 2 normal dice, for normal things, and a dice thats either weighted, or, as pictured, has only even numbers. The rules do not specify a "1 to 6 dice", but rather a "six sided dice". Use only when desperate with Snipe Stalker, or lend off this dice and call a judge.

Below is your deck. It may/may not include a Prisma. Bring it anyways.

Further down is your trade binder. Keep a good eye on it, or dont put many good cards in it, if you dont want it to be stolen.

Paper and pen(cil): Some tournaents require this to let you play. Some dont. Bring them anyways because if you get an epiphany or a new deck idea, you can write it down.

Spare sleeves: Reccomended, not required. Old sleeves can be called to be marked. You want to avoid this. Can be dropped if the place you go to duel sells sleeves that you like.

Side deck:
No explanation needed. bring it always.

Not entirely needed, but theyre nice. Card shaped ones are good because they show ATK/DEF position well.

Deck box: So your cards dont get mixed up during transport.

Extra Deck: This is, of course, if you have an extra.

This concludes today's post. I hope you all learnt something today. If you didnt, then you should be winning tournaments.


  1. lol whatever happened to the usual bottle of water? I think ill be need twice the number of sleeves since my cards have 2 layers of sleeves: my usual anime sleeve + transparent sleeve. Your ipod reminded me of my desire for an iphone :P