Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Duel Challenge Progress 2 + "International Duel Challenge Day"

Hello everyone

I hope everyone struggling with the Duel Challenge.

This challenge has become quite popular, and I am going to delay the answer to it because of that.

I was origionally going to release the answer tommorow, but now that has changed.

Spreading to several blogs, the number of people going insane because of this has increased.

Heres a new hint: 1st Move: Terraforming Activate.

Everyone, keep going. I assure you you are further than many people out there.

Additionally, more people have started making their own duel challenges has increased.

This kinda gave me an idea, mostly because I couldnt be bothered to do all of them.

All of you whom have made a duel challenge by yourself, record the full situation.

One day, across the world, duelists will gather and set up their challenges, and other people would come and try to solve these challenges.

Not only would this be a great event to meet new duelists/test your own skills, but be a great way to spend a day and make new friends.

This is my idea for "International Duel Challenge Day".
Please comment with your ideas/thoughts/support/dislike of this idea.

Challenge Creators are suggested to rate their own challenges on a difficulty scale from one to ten, with ten being the hardest. For referance, my challenge would be on a level of ten.

Also, in challenges, rule such as the Rule of 3, Deck Limits, Forbidden/Limited etc, can all ignored, or only one or two ignored.

NOT ALL CHALLENGES NEED TO BE A LEVEL OF TEN. Easy challenges, such as the ones in games, can be used, and are reccomended also. They make people feel smart.
Having someone solve your challenge in two minutes is NOT a bad thing.

A piece of advice to challenge makers: Avoid including the following in your challenges:
Search cards like RoTA, Terraforming.
D.D. Crow, Hanewata, Kuribohs, etc, unless the situation calls for it.

Really, REALLY stay away from Gorz, because its timing of summoning will really screw up your challenge. Unless your challenge leaves something left on the enemy's field.
These cards tend to make the challenges needlessly complex.

While I am at fault for including RoTA and Terraforming in my own challenge, it is because any more card in the hand would change the challenge significantly.

In other news,

Junk and Debris in action.


  1. Sounds like a smooth and beneficial idea to me =)Just a question, when is IDC Day?

  2. No idea. Im just asking what people think of hte idea at the moment.

  3. Amusing pronunciation of words. xD (Debris made me laugh everytime)