Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Cards to Hold Together

Some cards work well on their own, but work especially well with certain others.

For example: Cyber Dragon and Caius the Shadow Monarch.

People have a tendancy to hold both of these cards in their hand together, instead of playing them separately.

Which isnt so bad an idea, since Cyber Dragon wont be fielded if you do have something on your field, and Caius simply adds to that contingency plan.

What about other examples?

Giant Trunade, the Dark Creator, and Dark Armed Dragon come to mind.

So does Battle Fader and Raiza.

Holding some cards in your hand as a contingency plan isnt such a bad idea.

Any other examples people care to share? Comboes that can be held entirely in your hand and serve as a possible backup plan.


  1. For me and Zombies, it's the Graveyard. A Goblin Zombie (or PSZ) in my hand with a Mezuki and PSZ (or Goblin Zombie) in the graveyard serves as my backup plan when crap fails. Having Book of Life, Foolish Burial, Heavy Storm, Giant Trunade, MST, or set Solemn or Return from DD exhances that security.

    For strictly hand-based purposes, then Zombie Master + PSZ, as long as I already have a Zombie in graveyard. BTH or TT screws it all up though, but then again that can mess up the Cyber Dragon+Caius example too.

  2. i save 1 of my debris dragons for BRD if i need it

  3. Foolish and Celestia in LS decks :D

  4. Foolish Burial and Magical Exemplar with Night End in my deck. I love to pretend to its a fake top deck when I've been carrying the combo after an OTK attempt.

  5. Reinforcement of the Army and Marauding Captain - play ROTA - search for 2nd captain then play 1 captain followed by another

    Big Evolution Pill for my dino deck is another as is trade in - save trade in till i draw a level 8 dino play trade in draw 2 , ditch the dino, then play coth or somat else and presto

    Legendary Jujitsu Master / any DEF Bounce Effect Monster + Card Destruction is another simple yet common one -

    likewise Montage Dragon - i use in my BEWD deck - if i have a dead hand fo 3 BEWD i have Montage to back me up alongside Dragons Mirror and wham 2 beatsticks breathing down my opponents neck

    there are others but i'm too tired to comment on more

    anyway good blog post Rauzes / keep up the good work

  6. Rare Value and Crystal Blessing, Crystal Blessing and Crystal Beacon, or a combination of the love my Crystal Babies

  7. DoomGuy into DiscGuy, Frog, then LaDD
    of which DiscGuy is banned.

    Then Foolish into Cherubim

    4 Darks, Monster Reincarnation, pick a Dark, DAD nuke.

  8. Skill Drain and Barbaros. Normal summoning a 3000 ATK monster is a pretty good backup plan.