Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Respect Duel: Practical Applications

Someone in the anime had some weird philosophy about "Respect Duel" or something.

Most people would watch, think "awesome cards", and sweep this bit into the "random crap spouted by the anime" category.

I'm here to tell you today about the practical applications.

Since its near to the new years, it would make a great resolution, right next to the "laugh at people who shelled out 20-30 USD for a starlight road because of its reprint" resolution.

So, what IS respect duel?

Most of the time, it isnt applicable because the good bulk of people who play the game have a heart and are considerate(until it comes to trading)

Respect duel is exactly what its titled, respecting the opponent and always seeing the opponent as equal footing as you.

So what?

Does that change what cards I draw?

Does that change the fact that Mirror Force will still ravage his field?

No, but I'll tell you what it DOES change: How you think.

It does change what kind of decisions you make.

Emotions get in the way of all sorts of decisions, and Yugioh is not exempt.

For example: Everyone hates to be on the receiving end of Neo Spacian Grand Mole. Thus, most players will overextend JUST to get rid of it(which makes sense, until you run up against Junk and Debris which doesnt care what happens to mole(or for that matter, any other monster))

By respecting and seeing the opponent as of equal or higher than you(not referring to skill level, just respect), you can eliminate many of these misplays or "bad decisions" made almost entirely on

How this works is because you are looking down upon the opponent, you dont think they can pull of a certain combo or trick, meaning you dont set things or play around it, even if you could.

Conversely, if you do look up to your opponent, you realize what tricks are valid plays, and you ready yourself for them.

Yes, some decks get affected by this more, but its mainly due to the amount of decisions that need to be made(GBs)

Despite many players to conciously try to mimic this, it is near impossible to consciously quantify the thought processes that go though your head as you feel a certain emotion

Of course, there's the obvious: If your an ass, nobody wants to play with you, and thus you dont learn.

And of course, the feeling of winning. Shooting a dragon out of the sky with a slingshot is MUCH more fulfilling than killing an ant with a hammer right?

The same goes for Yugioh. If you look down upon your opponent, you also shut out the fun of winning. Veiwing the opponent as of equal or higher respect simply gives you a better feeling of playing and winning.

Moral of the story: The second you look down upon your opponent, you more or less have lost.

Long story short:

Respect Duel doesnt change the fact you drew mirror force, nor the fact that mirror force will rip apart the enemy's field. What it DOES change is the fact that you set it.

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  1. This is very true. The more I respect a opponent in Yugi, the more I beat them, lol.