Friday, December 4, 2009

Duel Puzzle #11!

Life: 2000
Deck: 28
Hand: Heavy Storm, Phantom of Chaos, Foolish Burial, Level Stealer.
Field: Face Down Starlight Road, Faceup Treeborn Frog
Graveyard: Foolish Burial, Level Stealer, Reinforcement of the Army, Allure of Darkness
Removed from Play: Plaguespreader Zombie

フィールド:裏側 スターライト・ロード、表側 黄泉ガエル

Life: 5600
Deck: 26
Hand: Anti-Crow, Delta Reverse, Blackwing - Sirroco the Dawn, Blackwing - Blizzard the Far North, Blackwing - Vayu the Great Banner, Hanewata
Field: Facedown Blackwing - Vayu of the Great Banner, Dark Armed Dragon, Face down Icarus Attack, Face up Black Whirlwind, Face Down Treacherous Trap Hole
Graveyard: Blackwing - Shura the Blue Flame. Mystical Space Typhoon, Allure of Darkness
Removed from Play: Blackwing - Gale the Hurricane, Blackwing - Armor Master, Blackwing - Blizzard of the Far North

手札:デルタクロー アンチリバース、BFー暁のシッロコ、BFー北極のブリザード、BF-大はたのヴァ―ユ、ハネワタ
フィールド:裏側 BF-大はたのヴァーユ、ダーク・アームド・ドラゴン、裏側 ゴッド・バード・アタック、表側 黒の旋風、裏側 狡猾な落とし穴

It is currently the draw phase of your turn.

You have just topdecked:

One for One!

Even though you just yelled "HEART OF THE CARDS! ANSWER ME!!!", your deck gave you this crap.

Reduce your opponent to precisely 0LP this turn. Standard Duel Puzzle conditions apply(All cards, unless stated, can be anything you want, as long as they are within rules, your win doesnt depend on the opponent's misplay, etc), unless otherwise stated.

The opponent is NOT dumb enough to blindly open Icarus Attack to try to blow up your cards without a good reason to do so.
Keep in mind that with Icarus in the graveyard, you cannot activate Trecherous Trap Hole, so he will probally try to activate Treacherous first.


  1. Gambitto congrats for getting up early and solving this

  2. I don't think you need one for one.

    Heavy storm and starlight road effectively get rid of both treacherous traphole and icarus attack no matter what they do with them.

    Foolish burial a rescue cat and phantom of chaos it for panther and airbellun. Copy DaD's effect and kill off dad and vayu. (Vayu might be gone already, it doesn't matter)

    Then synch tree, airbellun, panther for a power tool dragon which will grab you a D.D.R.
    Play the D.D.R. to grab Rescue cat. Use it's effect to get 2 X-saber airbelluns and swing for game.

  3. Phantom of Chaos CANNOT copy Cat and grab its effect.

    Either way, YOu storm, they icarus, then you road, then they use Treacherous. Frog dies.

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  5. My guess is:

    activate Storm, logically opponent will chain with Icarus Attack, tributing his Vayu.
    Chain with Starlight ROad to negate the effect of Icarus and special summon Stardust Dragon.

    Use One for One to toss Level Eater from hand and special summon a Majestic Dragon.
    SYnchro stardust+majestic+frog for a Majestic Star Dragon.
    Copy DAD effect, kill DAD with Majestic Star effect.

    Foolish Burial a White Stone of Legend from your deck, resulting a Blue Eyes White Dragon moved to your hand.
    2 Level stealer eats Majestic Star's level
    Summon Blue Eyes by tributing 2 Eaters.
    Atk for game :)

  6. Only problem is that they have treacherous trap hole, which wrecks your frog. Your plan doesnt account for if they open trap hole, targeting vayu and froggy, for you to open road, for them to open icarus raping frog and something else like your activated road.

  7. Activate Heavy Storm, Opponent activates Treacherous Trap Hole targeting the face-down Starlight Road and the face-up Treeborn Frog, counter with Starlight Road summoning Stardust Dragon in the process, opponent uses Icarus Attack destroying Treeborn Frog by tributing Vayu. My Field:1 Stardust Dragon, Opponent’s Field:DAD

    Foolish For Cross Porter searching for Dark Panther, Summon Dark Panther copying DAD’s effect,activate One For One discarding Level Stealer and special summoning Copycat, Activate Copycat’s effect copying the Attack Power of DAD, remove from play Cross Porter in order to destroy the opposing DAD.
    My Field: Dark Panther(DAD)(1000), Copycat(2800) and Stardust Dragon(2500), Opponent’s Field:Empty

    Special summon two Level Stealers from the Graveyard by lowering Stardust Dragon’s level by two. My Field: Dark Panther(DAD)(1000), Copycat(2800), Stardust Dragon(2500) and Two Level Stealers(600*2).

    Declare an attack with all monsters for game (1000+2800+2500+600+600) Dealing 7500 Damage In Total!!!

  8. OPtion A.

    I storm they incarus, I starlight road, they treacherous traphole. The board is now my stardust dragon, their nothing. (Treacherous has to target 2 so dark armed is gone.)

    Foolish Burial Mercury person that brings out shine balls. pay Phantom of chaos and copy it. One for one discaring lvl eater to get mind master. bring out a level eater off of stardust then bring out a ball. synch for red dragon. bring out the two level eaters and swing for game.

    Plan B:

    No chains to heavy storm. foolish Malicious. Use it to get another. One for one a copy plant. Synch for Power tool dragon. Get mark of the rose. Use it to get Dark Armed dragon. Remove 1 the phantom of chaos you discarded for one for one to destry vayu. Summon and special summon level eaters to kill.

    Plan C: Heavy Storm, they tracherous targetting vayu and frog. I Starlight they icarus. Do plan b's thing. Actually at this point it should be obvious how to win no matter what they do. Sorry I forgot that phantom can't use trib effects that was kind of stupid of me.

    But this thing can be solved lots and lots of ways. I mean in the B solving I am not even using the phantom, which I could, and A you can do things so many ways but I like shine balls. ^^

  9. play heavy storm, they chain either trap, chain road, they chain other trap, tree dies & vayu is gone.
    Stardust is summoned, -1 its level to summon Level Stealer. play 1-4-1 to ss cyber valley, foolish Earthbound God Cusillu, summon Phantom copying Cusillu.
    Attack DAD with Phantom/Cusillu, use cusillu's effect tributing valley to survive and 1/2 opp's LP
    Opponent's LP=2250 and dad dies, attack with Stardust and Stealer for 3100
    Opponent's LP=-850

  10. Excuse me but, Phantom of Chaos can copy Rescue Cat's effect.

  11. What if......
    I activate heavy Storm.
    Then Opp Chain Icarus attack,
    Then I chain Starlight Road
    Then He chain termendous traphole.
    leaving my field wif nothing but 1 stardust from starlight road,
    and his field wif dark arm.

    then next i acivate 1 for 1,
    dropping lvl stealer for cyber vary.
    stardust drop star, then take 1 lvl stealer back.
    cyber vary wif lvl stealer, out of play, then draw 2.
    this time. i drew 1x d-draw and 1x malicious
    then i D-draw and dropped malicious,
    draw 2, i get 1x emergency teleport and 1x kinka-byo.

    Now, i acivate Foolish, Drop savior dragon.
    then i out malicious, summoning 1 from deck.
    then i emergency teleport for krebons.
    then i synchro for red daemon dragon.
    then i summon kinka-byo, taking back saviour dragon.
    then i now, tune to saviour demon.
    saviour daemon dragon effect, gain dark arm dragon attack.
    then attack for game.
    4000 + 2500= GAME:D

  12. YOur solution is fine until the point until you start drawing. Your solutions cannot depend on you drawing X or Topping Y. They have to be 100%, so unless you Zombie Carrier'd something, any drawing of any card = invalid solution.

    But your right up til the summoning stardust against DAD.

  13. My bad, no your until the Stardust against DAD is NOT 100% correct.

  14. How aout..
    I heavy storm
    Oppopnent chain trecherous trap hole targetting vayu and my treeborn
    I chain starlight road
    Opponent chain icarus targetting my starlight road and frog

    my field 1 stardust and opponent field 1 DAD.

    then I activate 1 for 1 discarding level stealer summoning turbo synchron, I special summon level stealer by lowering stardust's level by 1, then normal summoning phantom of chaos
    synchro stealer, turbo synchron and phantom of chaos for brionac. Then I discard foolish burial to bounce his DAD.
    I special summon 2 level stealer by lowering stardust's or brionac's level
    My field = Stardust, Brionac, 2 level stealer
    Opponents field = none
    Attack for game (2500+2300+600+600 = 6000)

  15. Ok here is my little entery into this game

    Actually i have multiple answers but well take it one scenario at a time.

    Activate Heavy Storm, your opponent SHOULD activate Icarus Attack to destroy your treeborn frog and facedown card. Activate starlight road and let the chain resolve.

    With a Stardust Dragon and Treeborn Frog activate foolish burial. Send Cross porter to the grave to summon Neo spacian Dark Panther, using priority on his summon to copy DAD's ability.

    Remove Cross porter for Neo Dad's effect to Destroy DAD.

    Activate one for one, discarind Level Stealer, to summon Majestic Dragon. Synchro your Stardust, Magjestic and Treeborn to summon Savior Star Dragon (3800). Actiate BOTH level stealers effects in your grave to summon them to your field.

    Attack with all 4 monsters 1000 + 3800 + 600 + 600 = 6000 damage for game.

    Scenario 2.

    Pretty much the same thing save for the first one but dont actiavte Heavy Storm first....activate foolish burial...same end result really.

    I hope I'm right....its taken me forever to figure it out this far.

  16. Close, but no. Still pulls an OTK out of nowhere, but read the updates.

  17. tell u wad...
    5.6k damage.

    first activate storm then opp chain blah blah blah
    \till the part of 1 stardust and 1 dad left.

    then now Foolish for dark panther.
    summon phat of chaos, copy dark panther.
    remove lvl stealer, destory dark arm.

    then now, 1 for 1 for turbo synchron(dropping 1 lvl stealer)
    Special summon lvl stealer and tune phat of chaos, turbo synchron and lvl stealer to turbo warrior.
    special summon the lvl stealer agn.
    kill for game.
    2.5k + 2.5k + 0.6k=5.6k. GAME:D