Thursday, December 17, 2009

Limited VS Semi Limited

As we all know, one of the main reasons several cards get limited or banned is either to curb or completely stomp out an endless loop or instant-win combo.

You know, like Twin Headed behemoth(Old ruling), Transmigration Prophecy(This actually merits near Semi Limited. Its amazing), or Night Asailant.

The other reason is obvious: Being absolutely broken, or almost absolutely broken, or absolutely broken in 3s but not in 1s.(Usually landing them in Semi Limit Land)(Examples include Malicious, and Dewloren)

Yet, in the past, cards such as Breaker, Nobleman of Crossout, and Malicious have danced between Limit/Ban or Limit/Semi Limit

Why is this so?

As for the environment/meta decks of the time, Malicous can be justified, but what about Nobleman of Crossout?

The more variable Sheild Crush nobody ever cared about is still the equal 1 for 1 trade, with the face up monster being valid targets(Dark Creator)

Is it just one of those cards nobody runs in 1s, but people do run in 2s?

What is the big difference between what determines Limited and Semi Limited Cards?

Another good comparison to be used could be DAD VS JD.

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  1. On Crossout/Shield Crush: Thanks to cards like DAD, JD, etc, Konami has released tons of cards that can do so much more (i.e. winning the game) than just merely taking care of face-down threats.

    Malicious can never be justified to 3... just IMO...