Thursday, November 19, 2009

Macro Cosmos VS Dimensional Fissure, Revisited

Both do almost the same job, keeping monsters out of the graveyard, but each has its problems and weaknesses.

Heres another look comparing the two.

Macro Cosmos/マクロコズモス

Can remove from play Spirit Burner

Can be free-chained.

Can remove from play GB Chariot

Dimensional Fissure/次元の裂け目

Can be activated on the first turn you draw it

Wont be negated by Trap Stun

Cannot be negated by Oppression


  1. Lol, for the last sentence, do you mean decree instead of oppression?

  2. First-turn possible + Oppression not negatable = Supremacy

  3. Nope, I mean Oppression.


  4. Royal Oppression can negate Macro Cosmos because it can special summon Helios when activated. Which is hilarious because nobody plays Helios.

  5. LOL I never realized i could use opression vs macro its pure genius =D

  6. LOL poor macro it doesnt even use helios yet it can still get punished for it

  7. Well there isn't currently a ruling on this. However, we can extrapolate a ruling from those on other cards because Macro Cosmos does not always special summon a monster upon resolution, since its controller might not have a Helios left in their deck, or might just straight not play it...

    However, when we look at the rulings on Cyber Jar, we see that Oppression CAN negate it, even though Cyber Jar may not special summon any monsters.

    So yes, Royal Oppression can negate Macro-Cosmos - example bieng that Royal Oppression can negate the Special summons of D.D. Survivor and D.D. Scout Plane from the Removed From Play zone.

    In this case, since their Special summon has been negated, they remain removed from play (and do not activate in any subsequent turns)

    This is turn logically makes Dimensional Fissure the better card, since Oppression is played so heavily nowadays.

    The other reason for Oppression's Superiority is Speed. With D-Hero Zombies making an appearance due to the release of Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Boundary, it's better to be able to just play the Spell card from your hand so you can attack their Goblin Zombie of Pyramid Turtle that turn, rather than having to wait a turn setting Macro Cosmos.

    also since Decree and jinzo as of late have started appearing more in my local area - .. worrying as i play a Uria deck as of late - T_T - they are anti oppression cards and anti macro cards and since village of spellcasters and spell canceller hardfly see much play its more safer in lockdwon / effect negation terms to play fissure.

    anyway good blog post Rauzes - keep up the good work.