Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Getting in the Spirit: Christmas Giveaway

Hello all.

I apologize for lack of any updates on monday and tuesday. Life was a shitstorm as always.

Anyhows, I will be conducting a giveaway for this december!

This time, there will be only one prize(due to some problems last few giveaway times)

This is how the giveaway will work:

1: Anyone interested in receiving or participating in the giveaway will Email me, asking to join.

2: After a set date, a lucky draw will be held, and the winner announced on this blog, as well as have an E-mail sent to them.

3: The winner will send me their address and any other details, and I will send the prizes.

4: There is no step 4.

How to Apply:

- Email me the request at: "bakfun@hotmail.com". Make sure that you didnt copy the quotation marks.

- The words: Christmas Giveaway, or words to that effect must be included in the SUBJECT.

- With your request, include your INTERNET NAME

- This offer is FREE OF CHARGE.

- The closing day for this offer is December 25th Japan time. The drawing will happen on whatever day I feel like it.

- Although I have no control over this, please, NO DOUBLE applying. IE: Using more than 1 email address to apply more than once.

Thats all for today


  1. I'm not going to enter, but it seems awfully generous of you ^^

  2. I haven't particpated much so I'll leave it to others who deserve it more. ^^

    Although I will be sad if its random cool stuff from Japan... Oh well I'll be going there soon enough.

  3. Yes! Im entering.
    Hope the Prizes are good!

  4. It IS really generous..! So much that I don't feel like entering! :D

  5. Hopefully I'll get another free card :)