Friday, December 25, 2009

Deck Concepts: Draw Go Monarchs

I've stumbled upon a rather intersting deck concept recently, involving the utility of some commonly used card to a different level.

Instead of playing on your own turn, it tries to play on the enemies turn.

Whilst decks such as this have been around in the form of Counter decks, this deck doesnt strive to counter much,

By running Gorz, 3 Tragoedia, 3 Battle Fader, and 3 Bloody Teared Ogre, you can easily special summon some monsters on the enemy turn.

Then, with the utility of several traps such as Ultimate Offering, summon your Monarchs on their turn, during their battle phase.

Thus, you effectivly play not on your own turn, but instead pull off your comboes on the opponents turn instead.


  1. wow, now that is a combo worth noting. Really cool. oh ya, interested to see that black chocolate silk n milk thingy! hurry post! =)

    merry xmas rau.

  2. i really like it. i dont have battle fader yet, but when i do, im trying this concept.

  3. please add my blog in your links:

  4. I think some sort of method to regain lifepoints is needed in the deck too or your just going to run out too fast.

  5. @KingFrost:

    500 LP shouldn't be too much of an issue, especially considering you'll be packing those OTK stoppers, and it only takes a couple of timely monarchs to ruin an opponent's game (especially considering OTK-worthy fields are usually quite vulnerable to the play of a Monarch).

    Definitely like this idea, what with players often scared of enabling Gorz/making Trag stronger. Would like it better if Ultimate Offering were unlimited though...

  6. i built a deck list for this type deck and from the look of it it runs extremely smooths and can really suprise the opponent and throw their game off

    i just started the blog but theres the link if anyone wants to check the deck out

  7. What else does 'several traps such as Ultimate Offering' include?

    And Bloody Teared Ogre is, in my opinion, too bad to be run in a good deck. Everyone already attacks with the weaker monsters first because of Gorz, so he'd nothing on his own.

    I don't think this'll be that consistent if you only have 2x Ultimate Offering.