Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dark Valkyria Beat Playtesting

As you all remember, a while back I posted Dark Valkyria Beat, a Dark Valkyria based beatdown/destruction deck.

Quite a few players have picked this decktype up, and Ive managed to contact one player who picked up the deck and is currently running with it.

Here are his fixes he made to the deck, with reasoning.

FitzC. (on Pojo)

-3 shrink
-1 escape from the dark dimension
-1 Victom counter
-1 Sangan
I'll start with cards that I took out. The shrinks where very benefical at the beginning but a couple of test plays vs. Lightlords,blackwings, adn gladiator beast, I began to notice a pattern when they had card of multiply destruction I had a Valkyria and a set shrink which didnt do me any good so took them out. The same goes for the victom counters they helped stop solar recharges but Valkyria's Defense was to low to matter, so I took one out since it is still neccesary for the deck. As for the Escape two was just dead draw unless I went out of my way to remove it. Sangan Just so slow for my taste.

+1 Crimson Demon Fighter
+2 Krebons
+1 E-tele
+1 Future Fusion
+1 Choas Sorcserer
Now for those I added. Crimson Fighter- After a little bit a realized that two birthrights and a blaze wing butterfly werent enough special summon power, So I did wat any player does when there st***** for an Idea, I went to there I saw this card which at first i thought was a great solution but the special cost was a bit tough(a bought a day later I realized that i could just tribute summon him FitzC. Fail) and so he's in. Next is yet another tribute monster Caius He's in her because no with out shrink I was at a loss for monster desruction other valky so I decided since he can get rid of either back row or monsters. Now for the krebons and E-tele Just need more ways to get the powerful snychros there are ( got a couple after my Birthday) and krebons and E-tele where a favorite of mine plus he works with caius and crimson fighter. Chaos Sorc and Future Fusion These two are together beacuse they combo, plus F-Fusion always me to get Superalloy Raptinus and set my graveyard for both birthright plays and crimson fighter plays.

And I believe thats it for my changes If necssary I'll Pm you My current record. From 1 Duelist 2 another FitzC. Out

With all decks here, they merely illustrate concepts to happen, and have been initally balanced to fit testing, but if you want to take the decktype and run with it, it is important to make changes to fit to your meta and your own playstyle.

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