Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Price VS Practicality: Some decks just arent worth it.

I saw a decklist today for some guy.

Burial Sin Macro Synchro. (Yeah, I was >.> also.)

3X Burial From a Different Dimension
3X Return from a Dark Dimension
2X Allure of Darkness
3X Sin Red Eyes Black Dragon

Its great you want to play around with new concepts and all, but decks like this shouldnt have money wasted on it.

On a side note, Ragnarok is fun.


  1. Sure. And there are still a lot of excellent budget Decks available.

    By the way, I have a favor to ask: Could you include me in your Blog Link list?

  2. This why its nice to test in video games and yvd.
    So you can completly ignore price.

  3. WOW I would like to see the decklist of that deck, and how it works etc. Mind posting it up, rau? 3sin red eyes caught my eye =D